Apartments For Sale in Cannes

    4 Bedrooms Apartment For Sale in Cannes! Cannes, Boulevard Croisette

    Cannes, Boulevard Croisette

    This luxurious 4 bedrooms apartment has everything you can ask for in an apartment and much more.
    The 4 bedrooms apartment is located in Cannes, Boulevard Croisette, which is the most sought-after area in the whole of Cannes. The apartment is completely renovated and implements all kinds of luxury materials. The apartment is modern and luxurious, and every single detail is carefully planned.
    This is an apartment on Cannes Boulevard Croisette which welcomes lots of light, making it feel incredibly spacious and bright.

    The apartment is located in a luxury residence with a caretaker, as well as a park situated opposite to Port Canto.
    This stunning Cannes Boulevard Croisette apartment has 4 spacious bedrooms, and the whole apartment is at 140m ².
    It has a large living room with a spacious kitchen of 54 m².
    The apartment has a sunny terrace with an incredible sea view. It has a shower room which is completely fresh and newly renovated, and it is also sold with an attractive parking space in the garage.

    Price fees included : 2 595 000 €
    Fees : % TTC*
    Price fees excluded : 2 455 000 €
    *Fees paid by the buyer.
    Charges : 450 €
    Tax : 2 052 €

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    Why purchase property in Cannes?

    There are a million reasons why you should buy property in Cannes, some directly focused on you, and some less relevant to you. First off, we have the fact that Cannes is the city that it is. Cannes is located in an idyllic place along the French Riviera in the region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. Cannes is one of the most, if not the most famous city of the whole French Riviera, known to attract lots and lots of celebrities and wealthy people. Cannes is known to be a luxury resort on the French riviera that offers amazing weather with around 300 days of sun per year, pleasant temperatures, stunning scenery, its lovely azure blue mediterranean, popular beaches, and stunning Croisette. Buying a property in Cannes means that you are buying into the glorious lifestyle of this city, allowing you to take part of the many benefits that Cannes brings. Cannes is truly a city where there are a million opportunities, and a city which both offers pleasant calmness and relaxation, or, lots of activities and events, so you can choose exactly what to do. Cannes film festival and Cannes Lions are just two of many events that take place in Cannes throughout the year. It isn’t a city that dies out and goes into hibernation during the winter, either. While many tourists leave as winter comes, and Cannes moves into a slower pace, there is still plenty to do, and lots of people who are enjoying this beautiful city. Buying a property in Cannes does not only limit you to this particular city, though. In fact, due to its perfect location, Cannes can work as a stepping stone to an array of different places within close reach, such as the alps, Monaco, and Italy. The climate is probably what attracts most people to buy property in Cannes, whether it be for retirement or as a summer property. Cannes is a sun-drenched city which offers an incredible mediterranean climate climate. It is characterised by long, hot summers, and short, mild winters. Rainfall is infrequent This makes Cannes not only a city to spend time in during the summer, but all year around. Due to Cannes’s relatively small area, and the huge popularity of property in Cannes, as well as an increased interest in Cannes, and an incraased number of tourists going here, and falling in love in the beautiful city, the demand for property has increased. This has of course made it easier to sell apartments, but also that the prices of your properties often increase after you’ve bought it, making it a perfect place to buy property for investment purposes. Since Cannes attracts tons and tons of tourists - not only during the summer but all year around, Cannes is the perfect place to buy property to rent out, as the demand almost always is there. Especially during the summer, the rent is quite high, which can make your property into a money-making machine.

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