If you plan to rent a house in France, here are some facts about the country.

Area: 643 801 km²
Population: 66.9 million (2017 est.)
Currency: Euro
Capital: Paris
Language: French, but there are many regional dialects. In Brittany, for example, Breton, Corsica Corsican and Southwest, Basque White is widespread.
Geography: In northern and western France, the landscape is characterized by lowlands or soft hills. The rest is the land is mountainous with the Pyrenees in the southwest and the Alps and the central massif in the southeast. In France there is also Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc with its 4 808 m. Due to its form, France is called l’Hexagone (Hexagon).
Country code: +33

Holidays in France

January 1st – New Year’s Day
Easter and Easter easter
May 1
May 8 – Friday’s Day
Whit Monday
Ascension Day
July 14th – National Day
August 15th – Maria’s Heavenly Day
November 1st – All Saints Day
November 11th – The Holy Martin of Tours
25th of December – Christmas Day
Depending on where you choose to rent houses in France, the climate can differ slightly.

Temperature climate in the north, continental climate in the northeast. Precipitation year round, snowfall in winter. In Lorraine relatively mild climate. Mediterranean climate in the south of the Riviera, in Provence and Roussillon; In the mountainous regions it is cooler in winter, heavy snowfall can occur.

The summer can be very hot and sunny on the west coast. Precipitation year round. Inland, the climate is mild, the French Pyrenees are known for almost constant precipitation.

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