What to Know About Private Lending and Private Mortgage Lenders

You found your dream villa, and all you need now is financing. Read more about financing and mortgages when you click here. Sure, you are confident that you can pay for the mortgage no matter what the economy is. But when banks tell you “no thanks” when you apply for the loan, it’s time to consider private financing. In the world where there’s constantly changing rules regarding mortgage financing, you need to find a lender

Facts about Monaco

95 Interesting Facts About Monaco (#5 will surprise you!)

Interested about the facts about Monaco? It’s safe to say that Monaco is a country that plays in a separate league. Monaco is one of the most iconic and mythical countries in the world, and despite being tiny, it has been able to build a reputation for itself and become not only one of the most iconic cities on the French Riviera but also a recognized country all over the world. That Monaco offers its

Dissolving Assets To Get More Cash

Dissolving Assets To Get More Cash

Many people come to a crossroads at a certain time in their lives, when they have to move on to something better. Whether it’s because they’re moving, emigrating, or because they just want some extra money; one of the ways to do that is by dissolving every asset that they don’t need. This can be done in several ways. What does it mean to dissolve assets? Another term for it is to liquidate everything physical

The Most Incredible Sights to See When Traveling in France

There are reasons people fall in love with France so easily. When you’re there, something takes over you and you feel like you have to find a way to stay a bit longer. Just a stroll down one more street, you’ll tell yourself, a bite of one more delectable pastry. France has it all when it comes to quality living. There’s great food, incredible wine, rich culture, and fantastic sites and scenery to behold. You

5 Emergency Essentials Every Home Should Have

5 Emergency Essentials Every Home Should Have

“Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I’ll spend four hours sharpening my ax.” This is a quote that is often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, and it goes to underline the importance of preparation. Naturally, humans are tempted to brush the possibility of calamities in their life. Understandably so, however, the possibility of fire, break-ins, earthquakes, hurricane, or any other calamity could strike your home.  And if it does, having a little

The Best Golf Courses in France

The Best Golf Courses in France

Glitzy resorts and glamorous islands are often the reason why tourists choose France as their vacation destination. However, sandy beaches, romantic views and French croissants are not the only reason why this country is one of the most popular ones among travelers. As you might know, golf is extremely popular among the French, and fans of this sport all around the world are coming to the land of the Franks to play a round of

Cool Outdoor Activities on the French Riviera

If you desire to spend your vacation in a vivacious and luscious place, enjoy in splendid surroundings and delve into extravagant charms that the place can offer, then you simply must head out to French Riviera. Besides gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, and exquisite bars and posh shops, there are innumerable memorable activities that you could do both for fun and relaxation. Throughout the Riviera, you will encounter amazing activities that will either leave you out

reasons to visit Monaco

Everything you Need to Know Before Buying a Home

There are a lot of factors to think about and consider when buying a home. New or second-hand, knowing the value of the property can be decisive when negotiating the cost of the new house.  In order to avoid economic contingencies, mortgage payments should not exceed 40% of the family unit’s income The neighborhood in which it is located, the proximity to the center, the connection with public transport, the services available, the common areas,

3 French Riviera Spots Worth Exploring By Boat

3 French Riviera Spots Worth Exploring By Boat

Tourists across the globe don’t claim the  French Riviera as the top boating destination for no reason. Numerous iconic films use The French Riviera as their backdrop, such as To Catch a Thief and Magic in the Moonlight. But, this isn’t the only reason why people have been flocking along the Mediterranean coastline to get the taste of glamour that the French Riviera has to offer. Because roads are not always available in the region, sailing is the best way


Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates, is the largest city in the country with nearly 1.6 million inhabitants. Capital of the emirate in which it is located, the emirate of Dubai, it is not the political capital of the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi). Discover my tips for visiting Dubai as well as the essentials of a visit to the city of excess. Dubai remained a small city in the Persian Gulf for a

Why is the French Riviera Famous And What is it Famous For?

5 reasons to invest in European real estate crowdfunding

Real estate has always been a solid, safe investment with good potential for high returns. Whilst this remains true, finding investments with high returns (over 8%) is becoming more difficult each year. With the introduction of services like AirBnB and new borrowing opportunities (i.e. p2p), as well as an increase in online resources, more and more of the public looking to become a landlord. Many markets are saturated for that reason. More sophisticated investments are

French Riviera in October

French Riviera in October? Should you visit?

The French Riviera is a place which needs no further introduction. Situated in the south of France, in by the Mediterranean, it is known for its mild climate, stunning scenery, and for being a hideout place for the rich and famous. The French Riviera became popular due to the British aristocracy starting to go to the French Riviera in order to escape the cold and dark winters back home. Eventually, though, the French Riviera turned

French Riviera by Helicopter

Why do They Call it the French Riviera? Here’s the Answer!

Do you wonder why it is called the French Riviera? What does it mean and how did the name French Riviera come about? That’s exactly what you’ll get the answer to in this article. What is the French Riviera? The term French Riviera is used to refer to an area in the south of France. The catch, however, is that the French Riviera has no official borders, and as a result, there’s plenty of debate

Why is the French Riviera Famous And What is it Famous For?

Why is the French Riviera Famous And What is it Famous For?

Why is the French Riviera famous? And what is it famous for? There is a great diffrence between being famous for something and why you are famous, and these are the two questions we’ll answer in this article. Known all over the world for its stunning climate and beautiful scenery, and reputable for being a place where the rich and famous come to spend their vacation, the French Riviera has become the go-to place for

French Riviera Travel Guide

Travel Guide to The South of France: a Complete Guide

Many people believe that the south of France consists only of the French Riviera, but that’s not the case. Yes, the French Riviera is in the south of France, but there are several other regions that are included in the definition ”south of France”. When talking about the south of France, we talk about just that: regions. It’s not always that the French Riviera is mentioned, but instead, people talk about the region in which