French Riviera in October

French Riviera in October? Should you visit?

The French Riviera is a place which needs no further introduction. Situated in the south of France, in by the Mediterranean, it is known for its mild climate, stunning scenery, and for being a hideout place for the rich and famous. The French Riviera became popular due to the British aristocracy starting to go to the French Riviera in order to escape the cold and dark winters back home. Eventually, though, the French Riviera turned

French Riviera by Helicopter

Why do They Call it the French Riviera? Here’s the Answer!

Do you wonder why it is called the French Riviera? What does it mean and how did the name French Riviera come about? That’s exactly what you’ll get the answer to in this article. What is the French Riviera? The term French Riviera is used to refer to an area in the south of France. The catch, however, is that the French Riviera has no official borders, and as a result, there’s plenty of debate

Why is the French Riviera Famous And What is it Famous For?

Why is the French Riviera Famous And What is it Famous For?

Why is the French Riviera famous? And what is it famous for? There is a great diffrence between being famous for something and why you are famous, and these are the two questions we’ll answer in this article. Known all over the world for its stunning climate and beautiful scenery, and reputable for being a place where the rich and famous come to spend their vacation, the French Riviera has become the go-to place for

French Riviera Travel Guide

Travel Guide to The South of France: a Complete Guide

Many people believe that the south of France consists only of the French Riviera, but that’s not the case. Yes, the French Riviera is in the south of France, but there are several other regions that are included in the definition ”south of France”. When talking about the south of France, we talk about just that: regions. It’s not always that the French Riviera is mentioned, but instead, people talk about the region in which

Difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo

What is the Difference Between Monaco and Monte Carlo?

Despite Monaco’s tiny size, it is a country that is internationally famous and has established a strong and prestigious reputation. It attracts the rich and wealthy, and it is a country where only the best is good enough. But people aren’t always sure about what Monaco is. It’s no secret that Monaco and Monte Carlo are associated with each other, but there’s still a lot of confusion of the difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Climate in Monaco

Climate in Monaco: Seasons, Weather, and Best Time To Visit

Monaco is a tiny micro-state situated in Europe, surrounded by France. It is maybe most known for being a tax haven and a place of glitz and glamour. The sheer beauty of Monaco is ever present. Monaco may be small, but it offers incredible scenery and plenty of old and iconic buildings that you can visit and admire. Maybe most well-known is the Monte Carlo Casino, which has been featured in James Bond movies several

Michelin Star restaurants Cannes

Complete List Of Michelin Star Restaurants in Cannes

French cuisine is known all over the world. In fact, France is one of the most well-respected countries when it comes to food and food history.  If we are to be more specific, the part of France which is situated along with and close to the Mediterranean is an especially famous region in France because of the sometimes unique, but also careful selection of local ingredients. We’re obviously talking about Mediterranean cuisine. France is considered

Gare de Cannes

How Far is Nice from Cannes?

Both Nice and Cannes are two iconic cities on the French Riviera. They’re also the two most popular cities on the French Riviera, and where most tourists who choose to visit the French Riviera stay. The good news is that on the French Riviera, the distances between the different cities, places, and towns are quite short, and this gives tourists a great opportunity to explore and experience everything much of what the French Riviera has

French Riviera in October

65 Celebrities That Have Visited the Cannes Film Festival

Curious about which celebrities have visited the Cannes Film Festival? Cannes Film Festival is one of the most prestigious events on the French Riviera, and even in the whole world. Cannes Film Festival is often compared to the Oscar’s, and when it comes to the city of Cannes, the film festival has helped bring huge exposure to the city and give it the glamorous and exclusive reputation that Cannes has today. As Cannes Film festival

Transport on the French Riviera

Transport on the French Riviera: How to Get Around the Riviera in the Best Way

What if you could effortlessly and seamlessly transport yourself when in another country and new place? The French Riviera is one of the most iconic places in the world. It is known for its stunning azure blue waters, its stunning palm trees, beautiful landscapes, and then, of course, for having been a hideout place for the wealthy for a long time. Every year, the French Riviera attracts millions of tourists.  20 million tourists to be

Best bars in Cannes? 21 Bars You Need to Visit

Cannes is a city of great prestige which has built for itself a reputation of glitz and glamour, much thanks to its iconic annual Film Festival which attracts some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Cannes is a classy city which tends to attract people of wealth who are looking to live the good life on the Riviera. As such, Cannes has plenty of great bars and places to enjoy a drink or two. For the

Where to Stay on the French Riviera? Here are The Best Places!

Where to Stay on the French Riviera? Here are The Best Places!

When you plan to travel to a new place, or even when traveling to a place you’ve visited before, it’s hard to know where to stay. Which city or town is the best to stay in that suits your needs and wants? So where to stay on the French Riviera? Sometimes, you just wish that there would be just one place to stay in, which also happens to have a five-star ranking and offer top-class

28 Best Restaurants in Monaco you Need to Visit

Monaco has long had a reputation of being the place for living a comfortable luxury life of glitz and glamour. It is the country where many movie stars, celebrities, the right and the famous come to  live a life out of the ordinary. Everyone has got to eat, and since the world’s ultra-wealthy doesn’t compromise on quality and only satisfies with the best, you can expect that there are many top-class restaurants in Monaco. Many

45 Reasons to Visit the French Riviera Now

Every year, millions of people visit the French Riviera.  More precisely, 10 million tourists visit the Riviera every year, thus making it the second leading tourist destination in France, after the Parisian region. Now obviously, if there wouldn’t be any reasons to visit the French Riviera, people wouldn’t be visiting, and so if there are reasons to visit the French Riviera, enough to convince 10 million people every year, you would think that there are

Best 8 Cannes Souvenirs You Need to Buy

Best 8 Cannes Souvenirs You Need to Buy

If you are looking for Cannes souvenirs to purchase, you’re in the right place! Cannes is a city on the French Riviera of great prestige. Much thanks to the iconic Cannes Film Festival which is held every year, it has been able to build itself a reputation as a city of glamour and luxury. Accordingly, Cannes attracts many of the world’s celebrities and wealthy every year, as well as millions of tourists. Cannes offers some