A Few of the Latest Green Energy News

Saving the planet earth from destructive habits is the joint responsibility of everyone. This is because what affects the earth affects everyone at large. So, we all must be open to ideas and actions that will keep the planet in the right state and shape.

On that note, we need to transition from non-renewable energy solutions to renewable options for meeting our power supply needs. The reason is that the use of fossil fuels as energy sources comes with a lot of downsides.

For starters, the resources used are not going to be there forever. So, we can do well to keep them around for as long as possible. This is what resource preservation is about. Also, relying on green energy sources would mean that we have very little or nothing to worry about as regards leaving behind carbon footprints.

Here we present you some of the latest news as it concerns green energy. You are advised to keep reading to be up to date with developments in this area. 

Celebrity Figures Are Advised to Encourage Transition to Solar Energy

Celebrities have a lot of influence and this is no news. This is considering how people like to imitate them and pay attention to what they have to say.

Bearing this in mind, concerned stakeholders in the solar industry are advising celebrities to use their influence for the good of everyone. This is by making repeated statements stressing the need for people to use solar energy or other green and renewable energy solutions.

This advice came after seeing the result of an Indian celebrity towing this path. Chinmayi Sripaada, who happens to be a very popular and loved Indian celebrity, posted a photo of her in-law’s home that uses solar energy to meet their power needs. This generated a lot of questions from her huge fan base.

As a result, a lot of her fans are showing interest and some have started taking steps in the right direction. Many concerned stakeholders in the green energy sector believe that actions like this from celebrities will save our planet. For more news about this, you can check here.

Some Money Conscious States and Companies Fighting EPA’s Effort to Make the Country Greener

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is having a hard time keeping the country in the right state environmentally. This is no thanks to some conservative and money-conscious states that have legally attacked the agency on its power to issue policies geared toward limiting the emission of carbon.

These states generate a lot of revenue from coal production and things that center on this non-renewable resource. As a result, they have chosen to view the Environmental Protection Agency as a threat to their ability to generate revenue to keep their state functional. This is especially as the country at large is still recovering from the negative economic realities brought about by the pandemic.

This has caused the states in question and some companies that share their views to bid the Supreme Court to pass verdicts enforcing their autonomy against the dictates of the agency.

An environmentalist noted that “these states and the concerned companies have a valid point as far as the law is concerned. However, the law is full of so many loopholes that would affect our joint green earth goals. This is why the Supreme Court needs to come to terms with the realities beyond the law on this one”.

The current national administration is committed to combating climate change but threats from the regional level such as this one are major issues that need to be sorted out. This is why all parties have to see the need to move forward in this regard. One of the ways this can be done is by investing in and promoting the use of renewable energy for various applications.

On a Final Note

We have shared two of the latest news making the rounds as far as green energy is concerned. You can check out solargraf for more updates.

It is also important that we all play our part in combating climate change by making the world as green as possible. This is why renewable energy sources such as solar energy need to be well-spoken about and encouraged as many people as possible.

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