95 Interesting Facts About Monaco (#5 will surprise you!)

Cannes Estate/ March 3, 2020

Interested about the facts about Monaco? It’s safe to say that Monaco is a country that plays in a separate league. Monaco is one of the most iconic and mythical countries in the world, and despite being tiny, it has been able to build a reputation for itself and become not only one of the most iconic cities on the

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What is the Difference Between Monaco and Monte Carlo?

Cannes Estate/ September 29, 2018

Despite Monaco’s tiny size, it is a country that is internationally famous and has established a strong and prestigious reputation. It attracts the rich and wealthy, and it is a country where only the best is good enough. But people aren’t always sure about what Monaco is. It’s no secret that Monaco and Monte Carlo are associated with each other,

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Climate in Monaco: Seasons, Weather, and Best Time To Visit

Cannes Estate/ September 22, 2018

Monaco is a tiny micro-state situated in Europe, surrounded by France. It is maybe most known for being a tax haven and a place of glitz and glamour. The sheer beauty of Monaco is ever present. Monaco may be small, but it offers incredible scenery and plenty of old and iconic buildings that you can visit and admire. Maybe most

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28 Best Restaurants in Monaco you Need to Visit

Cannes Estate/ August 6, 2018

Monaco has long had a reputation of being the place for living a comfortable luxury life of glitz and glamour. It is the country where many movie stars, celebrities, the right and the famous come to  live a life out of the ordinary. Everyone has got to eat, and since the world’s ultra-wealthy doesn’t compromise on quality and only satisfies

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31 Powerful Reasons to Visit Monaco On The French Riviera

Cannes Estate/ July 26, 2018

Monaco is one of the most iconic countries in the world. It is home to some of the most special and world-acknowledged events in history, with the Monaco Grand Prix in particular, and despite its tiny size, the nation has quite a lot going on all year round. Every year, Monaco attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

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Top 20 Monaco Souvenirs You Need to Get

Cannes Estate/ July 13, 2018

Are you looking to purchase Monaco souvenirs? Monaco is one of the most iconic countries in the world, grabbing the place as the second smallest countries that exist after Vatican city. Despite its tiny size, it has been able to build a reputation of itself, attracting many of the world’s rich and famous every year. Furthermore, Monaco attracts millions of

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The 31 Best Top-Rated Cafés in Monaco

Cannes Estate/ July 10, 2018

Hate walking around in a city and not knowing which café you should go to? Don’t want to try your luck but instead go to the best places instead of guessing and hoping? Want to experience the best cafés in Monaco? Walking around and not knowing which cafés are the best is always frustrating, as you have no idea if

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The Ultimate List of 37+ celebrities Living in Monaco

Cannes Estate/ July 6, 2018

Curious about the celebrities living in Monaco? Monaco is one of the most iconic countries in the world. Despite having an area of only 2.020 km2, It is known all over the world. Monaco has a reputation of glitz and glamour, and most importantly, for being a tax haven which offers its citizens a generous zero-income tax. Monaco is despite its

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Top 24 Best Bars in Monaco you Need to Visit

Cannes Estate/ July 3, 2018

Looking for the best bars in Monaco? You’re in the right place. Despite its tiny size, Monaco is known all over the world and carries a prestigious reputation, closely associated with celebrity ship, wealth, glitz, and glamour. For centuries, Monaco has attracted the world’s elite and aristocrats, wealthy individuals, and some of the world’s top celebrities. During the summers, the

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The 11 Best Museums in Monaco You Need to Visit

Cannes Estate/ June 28, 2018

Want to experience the culture of Monaco? Want to take a trip down memory lane in Monaco by visiting some of the museums in Monaco? Monaco’s history is long and rich. The small city-state also has, despite its small size a rich culture. Monaco proudly bears a reputation of glamour luxury, and wealth, but with that, something that almost falls

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38 Top Things to Do In Monaco (With Photos and Videos)

Cannes Estate/ April 7, 2018

Looking for things to do in Monaco? Don’t worry, when it comes to the things to do in Monaco, the list is never-ending, despite the country being so small. Monaco is an internationally recognized country, famous across the whole world for where the rich and famous come to live their lush lives, the Grand Prix, and much more. But most

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The Complete History of Monaco, Monte Carlo

Cannes Estate/ March 17, 2018

The history of Monaco is long and rich and has made Monaco into the popular and unique country it is today. Monaco is 0.8 square miles in size, making it the smallest state in the world after Vatican City. It is beautifully situated at the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by France on three sides, and with a large mountain at its

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Tourism in Monaco: The 20 Best Attractions in Monaco Monte-Carlo

Cannes Estate/ February 25, 2018

tMonaco does not enchant travelers. And yet, this mini-country (second smallest independent state in the world, after the Vatican) on the French Riviera, known for its climate, for its circuit of Formula 1 and for its casino, can surprise – and disorient you – more than one time. In the article I talk about things to see and do in Monaco

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Your Guide to Monaco Monte Carlo

Cannes Estate/ February 9, 2018

General about Monaco Monaco, the small country between France and Italy full of fortunes and luxury. Monaco is famous for its low taxes, luxury lifestyle and world-renowned events such as the Monaco Grand Prix. Here you can enjoy luxury shopping, world-class restaurants and the beautiful beach that Monaco has to offer. In the evening, enjoy an elegant dinner at one

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