95 Interesting Facts About Monaco (#5 will surprise you!)

Cannes Estate/ June 12, 2018

Interested about the facts about Monaco? It’s safe to say that Monaco is a country that plays in a separate league. Monaco is one of the most iconic and mythical countries in the world, and despite being tiny, it has been able to build a reputation for itself and become not only one of the most iconic cities on the

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38 Top Things to Do In Monaco (With Photos and Videos)

Cannes Estate/ April 7, 2018

Looking for things to do in Monaco? Don’t worry, when it comes to the things to do in Monaco, the list is never-ending, despite the country being so small. Monaco is an internationally recognized country, famous across the whole world for where the rich and famous come to live their lush lives, the Grand Prix, and much more. But most

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The Complete History of Monaco, Monte Carlo

Cannes Estate/ March 17, 2018

The history of Monaco is long and rich and has made Monaco into the popular and unique country it is today. Monaco is 0.8 square miles in size, making it the smallest state in the world after Vatican City. It is beautifully situated at the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by France on three sides, and with a large mountain at its

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Tourism in Monaco: The 20 Best Attractions in Monaco Monte-Carlo

Cannes Estate/ February 25, 2018

Monaco does not enchant travelers. And yet, this mini-country (second smallest independent state in the world, after the Vatican) on the French Riviera, known for its climate, for its circuit of Formula 1 and for its casino, can surprise – and disorient you – more than one time. In the article I talk about things to see and do in Monaco

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Your Guide to Monaco Monte Carlo

Cannes Estate/ February 9, 2018

General about Monaco Monaco, the small country between France and Italy full of fortunes and luxury. Monaco is famous for its low taxes, luxury lifestyle and world-renowned events such as the Monaco Grand Prix. Here you can enjoy luxury shopping, world-class restaurants and the beautiful beach that Monaco has to offer. In the evening, enjoy an elegant dinner at one

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