Your Guide to Monaco Monte Carlo

General about Monaco

Monaco, the small country between France and Italy full of fortunes and luxury.

Monaco is famous for its low taxes, luxury lifestyle and world-renowned events such as the Monaco Grand Prix. Here you can enjoy luxury shopping, world-class restaurants and the beautiful beach that Monaco has to offer.

In the evening, enjoy an elegant dinner at one of Monaco’s Michelin restaurants, play at the casino or experience some of Monaco’s stylish nightclubs. In Monaco, the day never ends and for those of the right age there are always a lot of pleasures to enjoy.


For those who want a great experience of food and drink, Monaco Monte Carlo is the perfect place, with dishes from around the world you can have an unforgettable dining experience in most price ranges.

Enjoy a luxurious lunch at any of the beach clubs, have a nice snack at the casino or visit one of the city’s top-class restaurants. For a real connoisseur, we recommend visiting one of the country’s fine Michelin restaurants where you can be served world-class food and drinks while enjoying the beautiful view of yachts and fine buildings.

Attractions & Excursions

There are lots of attractions in Monaco, most within walking distance to each other.

Here you can visit certain places such as Casino de Monte Carlo, the Royal Palace of Monaco, Port d’Hercules Port, the Museum of Antique Cars and the Grace Botanical Garden of the Princess.

For those who like new experiences, there are lots of interesting excursions for the whole family with starting point in Monaco. From here you can do everything from excursions to markets in Mentón, go on a day sightseeing, experience a lovely luxury cruise along the river and get a night view of Monaco.

Sun & Bath

With 300 days of sunshine a year, Monaco offers a mild climate all year round and in the summer months, the temperature is between 22-32 degrees. During the winter months, it is cooler and the temperature is usually around 7-16 degrees.

Monaco is located right on the Mediterranean Sea, which means that the water temperature in the summer months is very pleasant and the beaches are quickly filled up in Monaco. The largest beach is Plage du Larvotto, on this beach, there is the possibility to rent loungers and also have lunch at various beach clubs.

For those who want to sunbathe and swim on a beach that is not as crowded, we recommend taking the train just across the border to Cap d’Ail. In Cap d’Ail we recommend the beach Plage Mala, where there are sun loungers for rent as well as beach clubs that suit the whole family.


In Monaco you can enjoy luxury shopping, the country is filled with big and luxurious shops on virtually every street.

If you are in front of the central shopping area “The Monte-Carlo Pavilions” you can find stores such as Alexander Mcqueen, Balenciaga, Chanel, Chopard, Yves Saint Laurent, Piaget, Bottega Veneta and Lanvin. Just a stone’s throw away, you can find shops on the Casino de Monte Carlo streets such as Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Prada, Valentino, Hermés and Gucci.

For those who do not want to spend so much money on luxury products and want to keep a more casual shopping, the Metropole Shopping Center fits perfectly. There you will find stores like Hugo Boss, Kenzo and Sephora.


Monaco’s entertainment is great and you can choose freely for your own taste, if you have a wallet that allows it so to speak.

You will find Michelin restaurants, high-class bars, exclusive day parties to big nightclub events filled with celebrities and other wealthy people.

For those who do not know how to spend so much of the travel fund on entertainment, but still want to have a drink or two with friends, there is, of course, a chance. Monte Carlo has a variety of bars and pubs, where everyone can enjoy a drink, regardless of the size of the wallet.


Monaco Monte Carlo is home to several major and world-famous events. Here you can visit Monaco all year around to experience events such as Top Marques, Monte Carlo Rolex Masters and the year’s main event, the Monaco Grand Prix where the world’s best formula1 drivers is making up the victory in the world’s richest city filled with people, the media and luxury boats.

For those who want to experience a bit calmer event, we recommend visiting Monaco in the late summer, when events such as the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival and the world-renowned Yacht Show occur when many of the world’s largest boats gather in Monaco for 4 days.

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