What is the Difference Between Monaco and Monte Carlo?

Despite Monaco’s tiny size, it is a country that is internationally famous and has established a strong and prestigious reputation.

It attracts the rich and wealthy, and it is a country where only the best is good enough.

But people aren’t always sure about what Monaco is. It’s no secret that Monaco and Monte Carlo are associated with each other, but there’s still a lot of confusion of the difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo.

In this article, I’ll, therefore sort out the difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo, because unlike what many people think, they’re not the same.

What is the difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo?

There’s quite a lot of confusion about the names Monaco and Monte Carlo, and many people use them as if they were the same thing, but is that really the case? 

There is a difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Monaco is the name of the country. Monaco is a tiny, independent city-state, country and microstate, It refers to the whole of its borders. To some, it comes as a surprise that Monaco is a country, but despite being so small, it is, in fact, a country, and it is the second smallest country in the world after Vatican City. Monaco has essentially everything you’d expect from a regular country. It even has an own royal family which is the Grimaldi family. Furthermore, it is also a full member of the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

This is the difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo, though.

Like any other country and city, Monaco is divided into neighborhoods. Monaco is divided into four districts/neighborhoods, which are Fontvieille, La Condamine, Monaco-Ville, and lastly, Monte Carlo. Monaco also has “wards” and if you are to count these, there are seven:

  • 01: Monte Carlo
  • 02: La Rousse
  • 03: Larvotto
  • 04: La Condamine
  • 05: Monaco-Ville
  • 06: Fontvieille
  • 07: La Colle
  • 08: Les Révoires
  • 09: Moneghetti
  • 10: Saint Michel

In other words, Monte Carlo is not the whole country, but rather a neighborhood inside Monaco. The reason why you hear Monte Carlo the most and not the other districts is that Monte Carlo is situated in the heart of Monaco. It is the district where most people live, and the place where most tourists visit. Monte Carlo includes the most iconic and famous places such as the Casino, Café de Paris, Casino Square, and more of the go-to places where tourists tend to spend the most time.

Difference Monaco and Monte Carlo

Is Monte Carlo the capital of Monaco?

No, Monte Carlo isn’t the capital of Monaco. Again, Monte Carlo is a district inside of Monaco, and Monaco doesn’t have a capital.

Yes, you read that right!

But another reason why some people have a problem understanding the difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo is that they assume it to be the capital of Monaco as it is what they hear the most, but again, Monaco doesn’t have a capital.

In fact, Monaco is a city-state so the capital of Monaco is Monaco. The reason why some people refer to Monte Carlo as the capital of Monaco, however, is that it is the most crowded, modern, and popular area of Monaco. Almost like a hub. But it isn’t an official capital.

The district that comes closest to being a capital is Monaco Ville. The reason is that Monaco Ville includes the rock of Monaco and the old town of Monaco, and it is the founding of today’s Monaco. It is also where the Prince’s Palace is, as well as several government institutions.

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