The 31 Best Top-Rated Cafés in Monaco

Hate walking around in a city and not knowing which café you should go to? Don’t want to try your luck but instead go to the best places instead of guessing and hoping? Want to experience the best cafés in Monaco?

Walking around and not knowing which cafés are the best is always frustrating, as you have no idea if you’ll succeed immensely and have a wonderful café experience, or stumble upon a café that offers less than a pleasant experience.

To help you ensure that you have great café experiences every time in Monaco, we’ve created a list of top-rated cafés in Monaco, so you can choose from a large variety of top-notch cafés and know that you’ll only get the best.

Monaco is one of the most special countries in the world. It is known for its glitz and glamour, and its notoriously wealthy inhabitants and luxury lifestyle, but that’s not all there is to it.

Most tourists who come to Monaco and want to enjoy a nice coffee or something small to snack on, and where do many people end up? At the iconic Café de Paris.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s an amazing café that offers great service and choices, however, many people find themselves at that café in Monaco because it’s a safe bet and they just don’t know the alternatives.

Fortunately, the cafés in Monaco are many, and so the selection is quite big. Furthermore, the number of cafés in Monaco that are actually good and hold a high standard are quite a few as well.

It’s easy to default into things we recognize and feel comfortable with, but sometimes it can be fun to explore new things and widen your world-view of what is out there. In other words, explore something new and not turn towards the most obvious and common tourist activities and attractions.

Maybe you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere, maybe your number one criteria are delicious coffee, or maybe, it’s the view that decides which café you generally choose. Monaco isn’t really any different from any other country or city in the sense that it offers a large variety of cafés of all types. The standard, however, is known to be quite high for many cafés in Monaco.

In this article, we’re therefore listing some of best cafés in Monaco that you should try.


Okay, some people argue that when they are abroad, they don’t want to eat at places which they can find at home, and this is a valid point, and if you are one of those people, continue to the next point, however, don’t scroll until you’ve factored in the incredible view which Starbucks offers. Obviously, if you are a Starbucks addict who is obsessed with Starbucks and looking for a café in Monaco, you’ll be happy to hear that your famous type of cafe can be found in Monaco. In fact, there are two.

Best of all, Starbucks in Monaco is absolutely amazing. The menu which the café offers doesn’t vary too much from any other Starbucks that you’d go to, however, it is the location that makes this Starbucks so special. There is two Starbucks in Monaco, but the one that is especially worth going to is the one located on the roof of Ni Box which makes for an amazing atmosphere and one of the most incredible views – this is the Starbucks which you see at the top of the map above.

The view from the rooftop café offers a stunning sea view and a great view over the city and the buildings.

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to go to places which you can go to at home, this Starbucks is definitely worth visiting.

Gran Caffè

Another highly ranked café in Monaco is this one.

It is a café that is great for vegetarians and which offers delicious food of top quality.

Gran Caffè can be found right at the station entry of the train station.

Brasserie du Cafe de Paris Monte-Carlo

How could we possibly write an article about the best cafés in Monaco and not include the iconic Café de Paris?

It’s safe to say that the Café de Paris is one of the most, if not the most iconic cafés in Monaco.

If you haven’t been there, it’s a must visit!

Café de Paris Monaco

You have to be prepared on the fact that it is very expensive, but what you’re paying for is a wonderful atmosphere and the lovely view of the gorgeous Hotel de Paris and the iconic Monte Carlo Casino.

The history of this café stretches far back, and just sitting here and relaxing truly is a special feeling.

There’s no need to show where the location of this iconic café is. Just go to the casino and you won’t miss it.

Monte Carlo Beach Cafe

Situated on Prom. du Larvotto, 98000 Monaco, this is another popular café in Monaco.

As the name suggests, the café is situated on the beach, which means sitting here comes with a complimentary beautiful view of the azure blue Mediterranean.

If you want to enjoy a café in Monaco of true Mediterranean atmosphere and just relax in the sun, this is it.

Le Loga

Situated on 25 Boulevard des Moulins, this café and bistro is rated as one of the top cafés in Monaco.

It offers food of all types, from lunch, dinner, and much more.

Le loga creates amazing food, but also great café snacks and coffee.


This café in Monaco is known to make delicious coffee.

Here, you’ll find breakfast, lunch, coffee, and drinks. It accepts walk-ins, take Out, catering, and more.

Just a great café in other words! The café is situated inside the shopping center Metropole which makes for a great atmosphere with lots of things going on around it.

Café du Cirque de Monte-Carlo

This café in Monaco serves breakfast, lunch, drinks, and coffee.

The Café du Cirque is a cozy restaurant and café, paired with the main entrance to the famous Chapiteau de Fontvieille.

Gerhard’s Café

This café in Monaco is located directly on the quay in Fontvieille. It is a popular stopover for fans during the Formula 1 and for the yacht travelers the rest of the year.

The café is, and strive to be a place ”where you can be yourself, enjoy good food, drinks and have a good time!”. This café welcomes you with a slower pace than Monaco’s otherwise high pulse, and this makes it a great place to relax and breathe out for a minute.

Sass Café

This café accepts cash only. It is especially known for its great cocktails, but also serves everything you’d expect from a café. Furthermore, the café also has outdoor seating so you can enjoy the lovely scenery and weather.

It offers a parking lot and valet parking, serves dinner, is good for groups

Quai des Artistes

This restaurant and café in Monaco has been open since 1999. It is a luxurious brasserie with a Parisian style, located on the iconic Port Hercules in Monaco.

The restaurant is equipped with 120 seats and is decorated in the tradition of the great Parisian brasseries. You’ll find a terrace under the arcades, as well as a large terrace overlooking the stunning harbor. This gives a magnificent complimentary view of the royal palace, the yachts, and the Principality.

There’s parking available in front of the restaurant and as for the menu, you’ll find traditional seasonal cuisine which is inspired by the Mediterranean. This means local fish, locally produced ingredients, and an amazing seafood restaurant.

The restaurant is open every day throughout the year.


Sphere is a top-class restaurant and café in Monaco. It is considered to be one of the best cafés in Monaco.

Sphere café is situated inside Le Metropole Shopping Centre on 17 Avenue des Spélugues which makes it an amazing place to go to if you just want to relax in the cool temperature of the shopping center, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This café offers everything you may want – from coffee to delicious food, but one thing is for sure, it’s a café in Monaco worth visiting.

Casa del Caffe

This is an American Bar and café in Monaco. It is ranked 4 out of 5 on Tripadvisor. It is considered to have the best or among the best coffee in Monaco, and the staff is always professional and welcoming. The food is simple and is made using fresh and healthy ingredients.

Emilie’s Cookies Monaco

This is a cute and cozy little café located in Monaco where you can get everything you’d expect from a French Café. Coffee, sandwiches, and most importantly, as the name suggests homemade cookies & muffins and a big selection of drinks. This café in Monaco is the perfect place for a good time with friends.

If you want to enjoy coffee and cake or some other pastry, you should definitely pay a visit.

Emilie’s café has a huge selection of hot chocolate, as well as absolutely delicious smoothies. If you feel for a bite to eat, the café has a great selection of bagels.

Maybe most importantly, it has amazing coffee.

Pantone Café

Pantone is a seasonal pop-up café which serves a simple yet bold menu.

In 2016, Pantone was entering its second year as a café in Monaco. The café offers a stripped-down menu of coffee, drinks, sandwiches, and desserts. This café is unique in the sense that it is all about colors and exercises the color psychology and heightening all the senses when being there.

What’s unique about the café is that it has a color-coded menu which features items that have been named after its color or specific ingredient


Ariston has an absolutely amazing service and serves amazing well-made food at a high quality and at a fair price.

It has a number of lighter snacks if you aren’t feeling for a complete meal. The café also has great salads, and many people even find the food here is better than other, more expensive restaurants and cafés in Monaco.

Snack bar La Pampa

This snack bar and café offer a great atmosphere and service.

It’s a great place to stay for cold drinks and is a perfect café if you like to sit down and relax and enjoy great scenery and people-spotting.

The restaurant is situated facing the Prince’s palace, so the sights at this café are amazing.

Bilig Cafe

With a parking lot, this is a cozy café in Monaco just a stone’s throw from the marina. It has a friendly, helpful, and welcoming staff, great food, and all of this at moderate prices.

The staff speaks English, and for bein a café in Monaco, the prices are very fair.


At Lina’s café in Monaco, you can find a selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, drinks, desserts, and more. You  can enjoy it on site, take away or have delivered in Monaco and neighboring districts


At the bottom of Caroline’s street in Monaco, you’ll find this delightful salad bar.

It’s a great place to enjoy a salad made with fresh ingredients-

If you enjoy going to cafés for people spotting, this is a terrific place. The staff is warm and inviting, and the views from this hotel are amazing.

The food is considered to be quite average, but it is certainly the location that makes this café so great.

Boulangerie l’Epi d’Or

This is a wonderful Patisserie in Monaco that offers an amazing service and a pleasant café experience.

The café has a seated area as well, which means you can actually enjoy the cakes in the manner they should be, rather than just as you’re walking around!


As the name suggests, this café in Monaco is focused on snacks, especially gelato (idea cream)

They have a wide selection of great snacks, including hot chocolate, breakfast, pancakes, and more. Furthermore, the café also offers a full selection of cafeteria products. such as espresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, etc.

The cafeteria has everything from italian espresso and cappuccino to the typical Italian cafeteria offering. The coffee that is served is made from 100% Arabica beans and holds a high standard.

This café is especially good for breakfast, and biscuits, and pancakes.

For breakfast, the café has croissants, pastries, pressed juices and coffee products that you can choose from.

Hot chocolate:

In terms of hot chocolate, this café saves an absolutely delicious hot chocolate that is made in-house.


This café serves a great selection of biscuits that have been prepared with the same high-quality ingredients that they use for preparing their gelato.

Pancakes are served any time of the day, and here,  you can enjoy crepes, with delicious chocolate topping, ice cream or the traditional sugar and lemon.

If you want, you can also order from this café for parties or other things.


Situated on 1 Rue des Orangers | Monaco, La Condamine 98000, Monaco, this snack place in Monaco, known as Tatti’s Snack Baris a great place for a coffee or a bite to eat.

Eat Me By L’Inattendu

A café in Monaco which serves breakfast, lunch, drinks, and coffee. It’s a great place for groups and is situated very locally. The café is situated just right around the corner from hotel Hérmitage and is a cute little café and restaurant. The restaurant is super nice and welcoming, and the price is fair if you compare it to Monaco’s standards of prices.

Here, you can expect fast service. It’s a great place if you just want a quick but relaxing stop at a central café in Monaco.

A Roca

This café offers a great selection of sandwiches, salads, and quiches which are great if you are in a rush. The food is fresh, and the prices are reasonable from a Monaco perspective. There aren’t really any seating options, and as such, it is mainly a takeaway place. The café also provides business catering and can deliver a series of different platters to your office.

Its goal is to create a regional gastronomy to satisfy a clientele diverse and globalized clientele.

Sweet Therapy

As the name suggests, This is a terrific place for a great time. One might call it a therapy café where delicious food is the therapy. It offers amazing chocolate, beautiful candy, and more. It’s is a small restaurant and café which offers top-quality coffee and service.

It is a popular place for kids as well as for adults, and the flowery terrace, decorated with care. The staff is very welcoming and kind. This café is best as a  continues to improve. The staff as well as the managers are very pleasant and smiling. We recommend this place for a breakfast or a snack as well as for candy compositions as good as original

ICI Salad Bar & Pâtisseries 

As the name reveals, this is a café in Monaco which is all about salad. The café strives to be good, nice and healthy, and that is what you can expect from this café.

Apart from just salads, you can dig into pies or soups.


Flashman Bar & Restaurant is situated in Monaco, just a few steps away from the famous Monte-Carlo Casino welcomes you 6 days a week and 22 hours a day in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Flashman Bar & Restaurant in Monaco


Valentin is a great restaurant and café in Monaco. It is an amazing perfect coffee stop for when you want to snack on a selection of pastries.

It is an iconic and different Italian inspired café which offers an Italian relaxing atmosphere.


100% organic coffee makes this café in Monaco unique.

It offers plant-based alternatives in Monaco for dining which is very unique not only in Monaco but everywhere. 

This café and restaurant is all about nature, and where, you can enjoy delicious burgers, cheesecakes, soups and more.

The restaurant offers a nice feeling as it is light and airy and has unique decor as well as an attractive terrace.


This is an ultimate spot for beachside drinks.

If you’re haded towards s Larvotto Beach, you’ll stumble across Le Baobab. It is a simple yet high-quality beach-side bar which offers an amazing calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The food here is more affordable than the rest of Monaco.


Chez Edgar is a popular restaurant in Monaco and considered to be one of the best cafés in Monaco.

It is situated just off Monaco’s Hercule Port and offers great service and a warm welcoming.

The prices are a little cheaper than Monaco’s general prices as it isn’t situated in the heart wow Cannes, but due to its location, it is calmer and more relaxing. The location doesn’t make the café any less attractive either.


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