Top 24 Best Bars in Monaco you Need to Visit

Looking for the best bars in Monaco? You’re in the right place.

Despite its tiny size, Monaco is known all over the world and carries a prestigious reputation, closely associated with celebrity ship, wealth, glitz, and glamour.

For centuries, Monaco has attracted the world’s elite and aristocrats, wealthy individuals, and some of the world’s top celebrities. During the summers, the enormous yachts flock in the harbor and the surrounding waters, and all year round, luxurious sports cars cruise the streets of Monaco.

Despite the country’s small size, there is actually quite an impressive number of top-class bars in Monaco that will give you a bar experience out of the ordinary that you’ll remember. Of course, if you consider that in Monaco, only the best is enough, it might not be very surprising that Monaco is home to quite a few luxurious and amazing bars.

The bar scene in Monaco is quite impressive, and it is very much alive and kicking. When it comes to the bars in Monaco, the selection of bars doesn’t just consist of top-luxury bars where the dress code is a full suit just to get in. Because the reality is, you can have an amazing bar experience at the most laid-back and relaxed bar ever, just as you can have the most amazing bar experience at the most luxurious bar there is.

The recipe for a great bar experience comes down to preferences and atmosphere, and fortunately, the bars in Monaco vary in size, type, and atmosphere, so you can be sure that there is a bar in Monaco for all preferences.

In this article, we’re sharing a complete list of the top bars in Monac.

Best bars in Monaco

Saphir 24

Saphir is one of the bars in Monaco where the view is amazing.

The bar has big windows which overlook the stunning and azure blue Mediterranean sea, which gives you a complementary view to all of your drinks.

The bar is created in a chic and ocean inspired decor and offers a pleasant and unique bar experience. Its waterfront beauty is absolutely jaw-dropping and creates a bar experience out of the ordinary. When it comes to the menu, Saphir 24’s menu of drinks and cocktails is an impressive one.

The bar in Monaco is situated in the iconic and world-famous Fairmont hotel, which is situated at the iconic Fairmont hairpin, also known as the slowest corner of the formula 1.

What makes this bar one of the most unique bars in Monaco is that it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that you can go here no matter if you feel for morning champagne, lunch wine, daytime cocktail, and anything in between.


Sass Café

The Sass Café is not only a bar in Monaco, but also a restaurant and a perfect dinner spot. In the Sass café, you can enjoy a lovely dinner in this intimate café and listen to lovely live piano music while eating world-class cuisine. During the early evening, it is a traditional, luxurious and high-class dinner spot of an intimate character.

As the sun sets, and the night comes creeping in, the restaurant is turned into an animated nightclub which hosts a resident DJ who plays dance music late in the night.

The interior in this restaurant, nightclub, and bar is glamorous and luxurious, and due to its exclusivity and top-class experiences, many celebrities have been spotted here, such as Will Smith, Beyonce and Jay z. 

Since this restaurant and bar is one of the more luxurious ones, you’re advised to dress up before getting here. Make sure you look flawless and be ready for an evening and night out of the ordinary.


Brasserie de Monaco

This brasserie is partly bar, partly café, and part restaurant. It was founded in 1905, and the purpose of the Brasserie de Monaco  was to create a range of Monaco-brewed beers using organic, local malts in order to create a distinctive and original taste

The brewery was closed for 30 years, but in 2008, it opened its doors again, and since then, the Brasserie de Monaco has established itself as a drinking hub for locals and tourists. If you are a beer lover, in particular, this is simply a must-visit. Here, you can enjoy delicious burgers and beer (among much more) in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, sure to give you a great time.

The brewery makes beers with traditional brewery flavors, creating authentic craft beers that taste delicious.


Le Tip Top

This is definitely one of the top bars in Monaco. It is situated right next to the world-famous Casino de Monte-Carlo and is almost like a hidden gem in Monaco.

It’s not only a bar as it serves food and drinks, and at a, compared to Monaco’s prices, affordable price. It is a bar in Monaco with a laid-back atmosphere which is sure to give you a great and relaxing time.

The bar offers a big range of wines and spirits, including a number of Belgian beers on tap which is quite a unique addition to the bar’s drink menu, and which gives some contrast to the other cocktails, while also complimenting the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine which is served here.

Many people have Le Top Top as their starting or ending place for a night or evening in Monaco.


Le Bar Américain

The name of this bar in Monaco is quite revealing as it tells us that it is a bar of American influence. The bar is inspired by the traditional American culture, history, architecture, and interiors, more specifically, it is inspired by the 1920 and could very well be a scene fit for the characters of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

The bar is elegantly polished and interiorized with wood furniture, soft lighting, and refined charm. It has windows onto the sea, and the bar also collects vintage wines and spirits.

This is one of several bars which are owned by the iconic Hotel de Paris, and considering the hotel’s incredible reputation and luxury, you can expect that the restaurant compromises on nothing. It is a very chic and stylish bar which results in an old-school ambiance of glamour, creating a unique experience out of the ordinary.

The bar has live performances from local bands and music to further enhance the atmosphere and vibe of this place.


Bar Buddha

Bar Buddha or Buddha bar is one of the most iconic bars in Monaco. 

The bar is situated inside of a former 20th-century concert hall, which, of course, helps make this bar unique and a place out of the ordinary. The interior is absolutely stunning, with high ceilings and an Asian themed interior, resulting in an exciting vibe.

The Buddha bar especially comes alive during the Monaco Grand Prix, but it is also open all year around. There’s a great variety of different sections inside of Bar Buddha’s premises which creates a great selection of places to be depending on your mood and what you want to do. It’s located just around the corner from Place du Casino, in a  very calm part, which brings you away from all the crowds. It has a Zen attitude with amber lighting. Bar Buddha also has its very own terrace called Happy Lounge. This gives you a stunning view over the Mediterranean, one the Fairmont hairpin and the Fairmont hotel.

From 6pm-8pm Tuesday to Saturday, the bar’s signature cocktails are cheaper.


Café de Paris

Is there a more iconic café in Monaco tan the Café de Paris?

This is both a café as well as a bar since they serve alcoholic beverages. They don’t have the biggest drinks list among the bars in Monaco, but it is quite okay. Since it’s Monaco, you obviously have a wine and champagne list, as well as a  great set of refreshing cocktails, beer, and more of course.

Sitting at the café the Paris provides an absolutely beautiful atmosphere and beautiful views of the Casino and square in front of it. The atmosphere is very laid-back and relaxing, so come here, have a drink, and go people-spotting and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The café is open all year round, from breakfast to late at night.


Blue Gin

Blue gin is one of the best bars in Monaco. It has a lovely terrace from which you can watch the enormous yachts in the azure blue Mediterranean while enjoying a delightful drink.

The bar is situated in the famous and iconic Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort and is open in the early evening for aperitifs in its futuristic style bar. It has an unusual design, as well as a billiards room. The bar is obviously also open in the evening and night as it allows visitors to enjoy drinks, meet up with friends, play billiards in the games room, and just relax. This bar in Monaco is a place which you have to visit at least once due to the unique experience it offers. The lounge is very spacious and is a great place for drinks from their original drinks menu.

Their signature cocktail is called Le Purple cocktail and is a refreshing cocktail, a mixture of cranberry, raspberry, lime, and vanilla.


Bar du Quai

This bar is an extension of the popular fish restaurant Quai des Artistes in Monaco and is situated within a large canopy.

The bar enables visitors to drink outside all year, which might not be very places on other bar terraces in Monaco during the colder months. The bar is situated on Port Hercules, thus providing the bar with some amazing views. The bar offers a very relaxed and gives you a homely feel. 

Here, you can also buy fresh oysters and tapas in the evening and at night. It is the perfect bar in Monaco if you want to just relax, drink some wine, and eat some oysters.


La Note Bleue

This is a delightful and relaxed bar, restaurant, and jazz lounge, situated on the beach on Avenue Princess Grace. It offers a relaxing feel and provides an incredible view since its terrace stretches across the waterfront, adding complimentary sea view to all your drinks. 

The bar is centrally situated, yet despite this, has quite moderate prices if you consider the fact that it is situated in Monaco.

The bar has live music and regular concerts, held by some of the best musicians in Monaco. It is popular both among tourists and residents of Monaco and is a perfect place if you are looking to have a drink and just relax while soaking in a beautiful view, as it is known for its relaxing vibes. It has a stunning bar and restaurant as well as an atmospheric jazz lounge, so you can have a good time, no matter what mood you’re on.

They have a magnificent tapas menu and a great selection of drinks.


Hôtel Metropole

The Metropole hotel is one of the most iconic hotels in Monaco, Inside, you’ll find a delightful bar.

Mainly locals come here, but also clients of the hotel.

The bar and lobby have been designed by the designer Jacques Garcia, resulting in an absolutely incredible, warm and lively, atmosphere, truly out of the ordinary.

Here, you can sot and enjoy a small dish, enjoy a drink, and just relax with friends.

The bar and lounge have a musical ambiance which has been created by Béatrice Ardisson. From the bar, you can buy a wide range of cocktails and teas, but also pastries, as well as a food menu, made by Joël Robuchon.

Small dogs are welcome to the Bar.


Nobu, Fairmont Monte-Carlo

The iconic Nobu restaurant can be found in the, almost equally iconic Fairmont hotel in Monaco.

While Nobu is mainly a restaurant, mixing traditional Japanese dishes and South American spices and aromas, it also has a delightful bar, 2 exclusive private lounges, and a stunning and unique terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. At Nobu, you’ll have an experience out of the ordinary which will be an experience that you won’t forget.

Nobu bar and restaurant is open every evening, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

It has happy hour with 50% reduction on the new menu cocktail which has been created mainly by their mixologists.

On Friday and Saturday, the DJ plays Envy Soul live music and dinner until midnight.

The Nobu restaurant is open to both guests and non-guests of the hotel. It can also be privately hired.



Jimmy’Z is not just a bar in Monaco but a full-on nightclub. It is one of the most, if not the most iconic and legendary nightclubs in Monaco and the whole Riviera which has been open for more than 30 years.

Jimmy’z is not just any nightclub but a nightclub of great luxury, which attracts some of the world’s most wealthy and famous VIP people.

Some of the top DJs and electronic dance musicians have played here, including the likes of Robin Schulz, Michael Calfan, Lost Frequencies, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar, and many more.

The nightclub underwent a complete makeover and reopened its doors at the end of June 2017.  The nightclub has a dance floor, lush garden and a delightful and friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, it has a floating Summer Bar on the lagoon and new open-air tables with a direct view of the club. The club is equipped with the best sound system in Europe, sure to give you a night out of the ordinary.


Restaurant Société Nautique de Monaco

At this restaurant, you can enjoy delicious food and great cocktails.

It is situated right on the quay of Monaco’s harbor Port Hercules and allows for a relaxing time sitting outside.

It isn’t mainly a bar, but a restaurant, but also serves cocktails and drinks.

It has parking and serves breakfast, lunch, drinks, and coffee.


Bar Salle Blanche

The Bar Salle Blanche is situated at the Casino de Monte-Carlo and is a comfortable and relaxing lounge bar, one of the more relaxed bars in Monaco. It is situated in the famous and iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo which further enhances the experience of this bar.

Casual Chic until 7 pm / elegant Dress starting from 7 pm with a jacket recommended

  • From 18 years of age, it’s free entry.
  • Entry from 18 years of age
  • No reservation needed except for special events.
  • Location


Wine Palace Monte Carlo,  Yacht Club de Monaco

This isn’t really a bar, however, it is the ultimate place for wine lovers. At Wine Palace, you’ll find rare bottles of wine, beautifully situated in the majestic Yacht Club de Monaco.

It has a cellar with more than 2,300 wines, champagnes, and spirits, located in a beautifully interred venue. You can enjoy drinks on site, take away, or have them delivered to your yacht. The wine place is the place for dinging exclusive, rate, and high-quality bottles.


Coya Monte-Carlo

Coya Monte-Carlo is a gourmet restaurant situated in Monaco, just a stone’s throw from Jimmy’z. The restaurant offers Latin American cuisine in Monaco’s festive spirit, and while it isn’t solely a bar since it serves food, it serves great cocktails and drinks which you can enjoy there. In fact, it is considered one of the best bars in Monaco/places where you can enjoy drinks, and here, signature cocktails and top-notch tequilas and rums are a given at COYA’s Pisco Bar & Lounge.

The restaurant has traditional furnishings and a Peruvian artisanal piquancy, creating a warm and welcoming sense, and the food is light and healthy.


Crystal Terrace

If you’re ranking the top bars in Monaco based on their views, Crystal terrace certainly won’t disappoint you. Crystal Terrace has an absolutely stunning panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, Port Hercule and the Rock of Monaco from its terrace. From there you can enjoy delicious cocktails and drinks in a cozy lounge atmosphere and enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery. The Crystal Terrace is one of the top bars in Monaco for drinks before or after dinner, and it also offers a selection of cigars to enjoy with your drinks.

This bar in Monaco offers:

A great selection of fine wines and vintage champagnes by the glass.

  • Selection of cigars.
  • A Menu of light snacks, such as sampling trays and ice-creams



Situated on the iconic an beautiful port of Monaco – the Port Hercules, Le Pattaya is a café, Brasserie, and bar in Monaco which serves food and drinks in a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, just by the water. Le Pattaya is open throughout the year and has a delightful terrace lounge, which can be found right on the famous chicane of the Grand Prix of Monaco (for you Formula 1 nerds).

The place has a great wine and drink menu and is a perfect place to sit and enjoy in a nice venue, and not having to worry about being an under-dressed tourist since it is located right by the harbor, and therefore, many other tourists find their way here.


Stars ‘N’ Bars

This is one of the most iconic bars in Monaco. Stars N’Bars is beautifully situated by the Port of Monaco, which contributes to its unique atmosphere.

The bar looks like a sports museum, with things like Grand Prix cars, F1 helmets and an enormous number of signed photos of sporting superstars.

This bar is all about interior and details, and remarkable decor is truly something out of the ordinary.

While the atmosphere is an important aspect, this bar has a great selection of great beers, American themed food, and other drinks that you’d expect at a bar. Here, bands and DJ’s play regularly to add some extra flair and vibe to this bar in Monaco.


Gerhard’s cafe

Gerhard’s Cafe is the place to go if you’re looking for a café and bar in Monaco with great service and a lovely welcoming atmosphere.

Here, you’ll find all types of people, from locals, yachters, and tourists.

It is situated in the Fontvieille, which means you won’t stumble upon it if you follow the regular tourist’s path, but instead have to take a detour to get here. However, once you get here, you won’t regret it.

The cocktails at Gerhard’s café and bar in Monaco are absolutely amazing. Then, of course, you’ll find all of the other regular drinks here as well.


La Rascasse

This delightful nightclub/bar in Monaco is situated in a Grand Prix corner. It is all about late nights, loud music, and dancing and partying until early in the morning.

Here, you can listen to live music, such as pop and electronic music and dance to it under bright lights and in confetti.

If you’re all about partying, then this is a great place to go, but if you’re more about enjoying a nice view and some delicious drink, it isn’t the place for you if you come late. Because if you come early, you can still enjoy this place since the dinner service is on until midnight, and the volume isn’t tied all the way up yet. Also, on their lovely aura terrace, you can enjoy an aperitif on their airy terrace from 4 pm. This is also when the drink prices are lower.

If you want to go clubbing here, you should come here late, at about midnight as that’s when the real party starts.



If you’re looking for the bars in Monaco with a unique character, this is a great place to go to. McCarty’s is Monaco’s only Irish Bar and is definitely worth a visit.

This bar in Monaco is beautifully situated on the F1 circuit before the Monaco tunnel. When entering, it gives a sense of an authentic, traditional pub-atmosphere, and has a scrumptious menu, such as Irish Breakfast and Sunday lunch. All of this makes for a unique and traditional bar experience in Monaco.

Also, the food here is very good, and quite fairly priced if you consider the fact that it is in Monaco. 

It also has a big screen for sports, as well as a nice outside terrace area. Furthermore, ti also has regular wine-tastings.


Jack Monaco

This is the place to go to if you want to enjoy delicious cocktails and food, enjoy listen to great music, and enjoy magnificent views.

This restaurant and bar in Monaco are located on the port of Monaco. It is open from noon until three in the morning an welcomes you in a warm and joyful atmosphere.

It’s a restaurant and bar, where you can get delicious drinks to your meal. If you eat lunch, you can sit inside out outside on the terrace.

In terms of food, the restaurant has something for all tastes, from pizza to appetizers, to Asian dishes, and much more. The place is more of a restaurant at day and is then turned more into a bar in the evening and night. The bartender chef Alessandro offers a rich selection of his personalized cocktails, and of course wines, beers,  Champagnes and alcoholic beverages. In other words, everything you may want from one of the bars in Monaco.

Jack Monaco provides some of the best views of Monaco harbor and has happy hour taking place every day from 6-8pm.

It’s open a long time, so you can sit down for many hours and just admire the view.


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