38 Top Things to Do In Monaco (With Photos and Videos)

Looking for things to do in Monaco?

Don’t worry, when it comes to the things to do in Monaco, the list is never-ending, despite the country being so small.

Monaco is an internationally recognized country, famous across the whole world for where the rich and famous come to live their lush lives, the Grand Prix, and much more.

But most importantly, Monaco is unique for being the second-smallest and most densely populated sovereign state in the world.

For tourists who come to the French Riviera is a must, and those who go there seldom regret it, because Monaco truly is something out of the ordinary, with its stunning architecture, beautiful seafront location, rocky mountains, and its stunning views.

For tourists who visit the French Riviera, getting to Monaco is effortless, with the train stopping right inside of the country.

But if you are going to visit, you probably want to know a few things to do in Monaco.

And don’t worry, Monaco might be small, but it certainly doesn’t lack things to do and visit.

In this article, we’re listing the most popular things to do in Monaco, things to visit, and sights to enjoy.

We’ll be listing the most popular things, but also gems that fewer people do, but are well worth doing.

Things to do in Monaco: Visit the Monte Carlo Casino

This is no doubt the most iconic building of Monaco and on the list of the vast majority of tourists’ list of things to do in Monaco.

The building is art itself, with stunning architecture and incredible details.

It truly is an icon for Monaco, as it has been featured in numerous movies, including James Bond.

The outside reflects what you can expect on the inside because the interior is equally stunning as the exterior.

Things to do in Monaco

If you visit the casino, you do want to dress up, though especially if you visit the casino in the evening.

It is definitely not the largest museum, but definitely worth the visit.

THere’s an entry fee of €10, so if you want to enter, you need to pay. Most tourists say that the 10 dollars are well worth it, though.

Something worth knowing is that the citizens of Monaco aren’t allowed inside the gaming rooms of the casino, as the citizens aren’t allowed to gamble.

Casino square

If you have made visiting the Monaco Casino part of your list of things to do in Monaco, you’re on the square which is called the casino square (for obvious reasons).

This is the place where you’ll find most tourists, working as a starting point for most people.

Around casino square, you have not only the casino, but you also have Café de Paris, Hotel de Paris, and plenty of shops and stores close by.

Just taking a stroll around the area of casino square is always appreciated as the buildings and scenery are just stunning, and you’ll be able to get a nice picture in front of the casino.

Mont Agel

Mont Agel is a mountain located on the border between France and Monaco.

The mountain begins in Monaco, and the ascent is 16.35 km long. The mountain is 959 meters high.

As you can expect, the views from Mont Ages are just incredible, with views over the blue Mediterranean and stunning Monaco.

Making visiting Mont Agel among the things to do in Monaco is a good idea if you enjoy hiking and outdoor life. Since the walk is quite long, and the ascend is quite high, it’s not for everybody. But hiking the trails is appreciated by people who enjoy hiking as it allows you to embrace the calmness of nature, and get away the crowds of Monaco.

Visit Louis II Stadium

Monaco has a very own football stadium, and it also has its very own football team known as Monaco FC.

It hosts international football matches, and it was opened in 1939.

Visiting the Louis II Stadium is definitely not among the most tourist-like things to do in Monaco, however, if you are interested in football and want to have a Monaco experience out of the ordinary, why not attend a match?

Musée de la Chapelle de la Visitation

Located in the beautiful location of Le Rocher is this stunning Chapelle de la Visitation – a beautiful 17th-century Baroque chapel which now has been turned into a museum.

Things to do in Monaco

Here, you’ll not only find an absolutely stunning building in which the museum is located in, but you’ll also find an impressive collection of sacred works of art that have been donated by Mrs. Piasecka Johnson.

There are plenty of art pieces and paintings, some of which painted by Rubens, Zurbaran, Ribera, and other individuals from the Baroque period.

The chapel is a Roman Catholic chapel, and it is located in Monaco-Ville.

Monaco Cathedral

The Monaco Cathedral is sure to give you a true French cultural experience.

The cathedral is the most popular in Monaco, and a reason is that it contains the grave of Grace Kelly.

The history of the place stretches far back to the 13th-century, but the cathedral you can find there today is from the 19th century.

The cathedral is absolutely stunning inside, and you can find lots of stunning, luxury elements, such as white marble, and gold paint.

It is simply a must-visit if you want to be a true tourist.

It is built in a stunning light limestone from La Turbie, and from September to June every Sunday at 10 a.m., mass is sung by the Choir of Monaco Cathedral.

Helicopter Tour of Monte Carlo

If there’s something that Monaco is known for, it is that it is a country for the rich and famous. And what better way for the rich and famous to transport themselves than with helicopters?

If you want an experience out of the ordinary, there are a number of different helicopter tours you can take to experience Monaco and the French Riviera from the sky, giving you some of the most incredible views there is.

Things to do in Monaco

From the helicopter, you’ll be able to see everything from the casino to the Prince’s palace, and of course, the stunning blue Mediterranean.

Enjoy the beaches of Monaco

There are three beaches in Monaco which you can visit. They aren’t huge, but perfect for a dip. During summer, they’re often crowded, but there’s always room somewhere.

The beaches are Plage des Pêcheurs, The Solarium on the New Sea Wall, and The Larvotto Nature Reserve.

Things to do in Monaco

The Plage des Pêcheurs beach is a natural sand beach which generally isn’t that crowded. It is unsupervised, and there are rocks nearby, so be careful at times when the water is rough.

Then, we have the  Solarium on the New Sea Wall which is an artificial beach. It is unsupervised and at times when the sea is rough, swimming is not allowed. The water is also deep, so be careful.

The Larvotto Nature Reserve is the only supervised beach in Monaco and is the most popular beach. Here, you’ll have a pleasant beach day at the waters of Monaco.

Monaco Harbor

Monaco being a hideout for the rich and famous, you can expect enormous yachts that are beautiful sights for the eye. The harbor of Monaco is one of the most iconic harbors in the world, and especially if you’re interested in yachts, you can easily go around this port for hours, admiring the stunning and enormous yachts.

You’ll see plenty of tourists taking photos here, and this is a great place if you want a new profile image with the stunning backdrop of the harbor.

Visit the Moneghetti District

The Moneghetti District can be found to the west of Monaco and is known for its steep inclines, its stunning palatial villas, extraordinary gardens, and parish church.

If you feel like exploring Monaco, the Moneghetti District should definitely be on your list of things to do in Monaco.

Here, you’ll also find the only railway station in Monaco, known as the Gare de Monaco-Monte-Carlo, which, for many, is the way to come to Monaco.

Prince’s Palace Of Monaco

Apart from the Monaco Casino. visiting the Prince’s Palace is on the list of things to do in Monaco of most tourists.

It is a stunning Monaco palace, located in the old town of Monaco, which is the palace of the prince who lives there today.

Things to do in Monaco

The palace has been the housing of the Grimaldi family for a long time, and it truly is a building that has an incredibly rich history.

The palace was built in the 12th century, and since it is located on a massive hill, it offers absolutely stunning views of the Mediterranean and the rest of Monaco.

In order to visit the Place, you have to pay €8 per adult and €4 per child.

Jardin Exotique De Monaco

If you enjoy gardens, visiting the Jardin Exotique De Monaco should definitely be on your list of things to do in Monaco.

The garden opened in 1933 and has a huge variety of succulent plants.

With the ticket to the Jardin Exotique, you’ll also be able to visit the Observatory Cave and the Prehistoric Anthropology Museum.

The tickets cost  €7. 20 for adults and €3.80 for children from 4-18 years’ old.

Japanese Garden Monaco

Also known as Jardin Japonaise, this is a Japanese garden, located right in the middle of Monaco. Many people don’t believe their eyes when they discover this beautiful Japanese garden which is discretely located right at the center of Monaco.

The entrance is completely free, and visiting this garden is not only a good idea if you want to explore plants and flowers, but it is also a delightful idea if you want to get away from the large crowds of Monaco and sit down on now of the many benches you’ll find there. It truly is a relaxing and beautiful experience to visit.

Princess Antoinette Park

This park promises a lovely relaxing and calm stroll in the beautiful surroundings that it offers. The admission is free.

The park is an open-air park located on Boulevard de Jardin Exotique, names after Princess Antoinette of Monaco.

You can enjoy the calmness of this park, have a picnic, or just enjoy the beautiful views and surroundings. It is known to have a stunning entrance.

Fontvieille Park and Princess Grace Rose Garden

This stunning park consists of a park and a rose garden. it is located in the Fontvieille district of Monaco.

Combined, they make up for an area of 4 hectares n size, and they are open daily.

The park has a delightful trail you can stroll in, and beautiful objects t look at.

The Princess Grace Rose Garden was created in 1984 as a memorial to Grace Kelly who was the wife of Prince Rainier III.

Princess Grace Kelly has her very very own statue in the rose garden, and in the rose garden, you’ll find 4,000 roses.

Larvotto Beach

Larvotto beach should definitely be on your list of things to do in Monaco if you want to have a beach day in Monaco.

The Larvotto beach is free to the public and located just a short distance from the center of Monaco.

The beach has, however, pebbles and not sand, which can be a little uncomfortable, however, the water is amazing and the scenery beautiful, which still makes it one of the most popular beaches in Monaco.

It is a popular beach as the waters are calm and it has clean beach facilities.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

This is one of the most, if not the most iconic museum of Monaco.

The museum was founded in 1910 by Prince Albert I and is located in the old town of Monaco, near the Prince’s palace

Things to do in Monaco
Photo: Julie Corsi

The building itself in which the oceanographic museum is located in is an incredible sight itself, as it is located at the cliffside, right next to the Mediterranean.

The building is high, especially if you measure it from the sea, as it is located on a cliff. This is why the rooftop of the oceanographic museum is popular, as it gives absolutely incredible views over the Mediterranean and the whole of Monaco.

On the rooftop, there’s a playground which is popular for children, and there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy a nice meal.

If you are contemplating on which museums you should visit in Monaco, this should definitely be one of them.

In order to create this oceanographic museum, the prince went on a large number of expeditions. One of the most magnificent sights inside of the museum is the skeleton of a whale which you’ll find in the ceiling of the museum.

Being an oceanographic museum, you can expect that it has quite some extraordinary aquariums.

In fact, it is considered one of the best in Europe and has over 90 tanks, including a shark lagoon.

It took 11 years to build this stunning building and building it demanded 100,000 tons of stone from La Turbie.

Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo essentially translates to”The Sea Baths of Monte-Carlo” and is a spa located in central Monaco, close to the Casino.

It is a spa which has essentially everything you can think of, and making this part of your list of things to do in Monaco is sure to give you a Spa experience out of the ordinary.

It has everything from a gym, treatment rooms, restaurants, bathtubs, saunas, and much more. Thermes marine consists of four floors, packed with things to experience.

It has a large number of Spa treatments, but considering you’re in Monaco, you’ll have to be prepared that it’s going to cost you.

It has a lovely indoor pool, as well as a delightful outdoor Jacuzzi, giving you an incredible view over the harbor.

The spa is located right beside Hôtel de Paris.

Watch a live performance at Fort Antoine

Fort Antoine can be found near the harbor of Monaco, and it is a military fortification. It has now been turned into a stunning outdoor theater.

Things to do in Monaco

During the summer months, a number of performances take place here, and the outdoor sitting spaces can seat up to 350 spectators.

If you’re fond of history and a culture, watching a show at this fortified place is certainly an experience out o the ordinary, and soul most definitely be on your list of things to do in Monaco.

Museum of Antique Automobiles

This stunning museum is perfect if you are interested in cars, as it is the private car collection of Prince Rainier III, which consists of nearly 100 vehicles.

The museum has a wide range of cars which are both very old and more new. The museum also showcases the Rolls Royce that Grace Kelly rode in on her wedding.

The museum has everything from horse carriages to race cars and formula 1 cars.

Admission to the museum is 6.50 euros. It is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nouveau Musee National de Monaco

The nouveau musée national is, as the name suggests, the national museum of Monaco.

The museum showcases a delightful collection of contemporary art, including paintings and photography.

The museum also works with restoration and conservation of work.

La Chocolaterie de Monaco

Not the most common among the things to do in Monaco, but definitely well worth the visit.

This is an official chocolate maker of Monaco since 1920 which sells various handmade chocolates created with traditional Provence ingredients, such as lavender, pistachio, and much more. The chocolates come in delightful porcelain boxes.

Saint-Martin gardens

Visiting the Saint-Martin Gardens are considered well worth the visit.

Located right at the edge of the coastline, from here, you’ll have the most stunning view of the Mediterranean.

During summer, you’ll be glad to hear that the Seabreeze makes this place more enjoyable, and it is also a highly popular place for picnics.

There are lots of benches, and during summer, you can find plenty of shade to escape from the warm sun.

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the guard is a tremendously popular activity among tourists when visiting Monaco, and it takes place right outside of Prince’s Palace.

At the Place du Palace, every day at 11.55 a.m, the traditional ritual of the Changing of the Guard takes place. It’s a great experience and very interesting to see.

To see if you think that it is worth it, you can take a look at how it plays out here:

Le Métropole shopping center

This is the largest shopping center in Monaco and has plenty of shops that carry a lot of things you might need.

Among regular, smaller French stores you’ll also find more well-known stories, including luxury stores, considering you’re in Monaco.

The shopping center has a luxurious marble staircase, incredible chandeliers, and much more.

In other words, everything needed to provide a luxury shopping experience, as you’d expect when shopping in Monaco.

It is great to visit in the summer when the sun is too warm, as the shopping center, of course, has air conditioning.

The shopping center consists of three floors, parts of them located underground.

The Sculpture path

Close to 100 sculptures can be found around in Monaco, and if you want, you can explore the sculptures which it has displayed, completely for free.

You can explore the sculpture path by heading to the Fontvieille quarter as this is where the majority of sculptures can be found, along with the pedestrian walk.

Sainte-Dévote chapel

This stunning chapel is located in Valley of the Gaumates, close to the harbor of Monaco.

The chapel is dedicated to Saint Dévote, the patron saint of Monaco.

Café de Paris

Undoubtedly the most iconic café in Monaco, located on casino square, right next to Monaco Casino.

It offers plenty of outside sitting tables, but don’t take for granted that there will be spaces during summer and high-season, as it is the most popular café in Monaco.

It is popular to just sit here and enjoy the magnificent view, the beautiful cars driving by, ad the stunning architecture of the surrounding buildings.

Things to do in Monaco: attend the Grand Prix

The Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is the largest event of the Year in Monaco.

Large parts of the city are completely shut down and locked, and the only way to get around large parts of the town is by boat.

The event takes place every year in May and is truly a unique experience and an event that is incredibly extensive, considering the racetrack essentially goes through a large part of the country.

The race is probably the most iconic in the world, as it has been in operation since the beginning of the 20th century.

Monaco Harbor Port Hercules

Port Hercules is located at the foot of the cliff in Monaco and is a harbor that is full of jaw-dropping yachts that cost far more than most people’s houses.

Things to do in Monaco

You’ll find an incredible piece of modern architecture at the harbor, known as the Yacht Club of Monaco, located in front of the marina. The yacht club has the shape of a yacht and has more than 1,600 private yacht owning members from 66 different countries.

The yacht club was founded in 1953 by Prince Sovereign Albert II, but today’s yacht club building was just finished a few years ago.

It is an absolutely stunning place to stroll in, which has a number of restaurants and cafés, too!

If you want, you can also add a full-day boat trip to your plans of things to do in Monaco, to some close-by towns, such as Nice or Cannes.

Stroll the old town of Monaco

The old town of Monaco is everything you expect from an old French Riviera town. It has small, narrow streets, alleys, and gorgeous houses.

In the old town of Monaco, you won’t just find stunning architecture, incredible buildings, and churches, but the view from here is also absolutely incredible.

There are also numerous picturesque cafés which you can sit down at and enjoy the beauty which the old town of Monaco has to offer.

Jean Charles Rey

Quay Jean Charles Rey can be found on the water, on the opposite side of Le Rocher. It is a popular place for drinks, and it has a number of cafés which overlooks the quay, giving you

an absolutely stunning scenery.

Brasserie de Monaco

Monaco’s only microbrewery is something that not a lot of tourists add to their list of things to do in Monaco, however, if you’re interested in beer, it is well worth a visit.

It has a number of organic lagers and ales, and they, of course, service the beers they are making.

Watch a show at the Opera de Monte Carlo

If you want to have a Monaco experience out of the ordinary, you should definitely watch a show at the Opera de Monte Carlo.

The opera is located on Place de Casino and was built in 1878. You’ll notice plenty of red and gold decorations inside, which adds to the luxurious feeling.

If you like opera, this is the epitome of opera experiences.

International Circus Festival of Monaco

Monaco has an international circus, which has taken place in Monaco over 40 years. The circus takes place in Monaco in January, and if you are in Monaco at that time, you should definitely visit.

Monaco Naval Museum

This museum can be found overlooking the marina, giving absolutely beautiful sceneries.

It was first opened in the 1990s and has plenty of maritime-related memorabilia. Many of the items you’ll find here are items that belonged to Prince Rainier III and donated to the museum from his private collection.

Inside the museum, you’ll find everything from beautiful Roman ships,  Viking longboats, a model of the Titanic, and much more.

Monaco Open-Air Cinema

Not a lot of people know that Monaco has an open-air cinema, but it does.

You can watch (mainly) English movies under the stars in the evening in June and July at 10, and in August and September at 9 pm. There’s no need for reservations, but be here a bit before it opens.

Pierre Geronimi

Not the most crowded place for tourists, but it is a highly popular local place for delicious ice cream and sorbet.

There is a whole array of interesting ice cream and sorbet flavors you can try, but you can expect them to be delicious, as it is considered the best ice cream place in Monaco.

International Fireworks Festival

The last thing among the things to do in Monaco is to attend the International Fireworks Festival in Monaco.

The international firework festival, the annual International Pyromelodic Fireworks Competition is a firework competition that takes place in a number of cities on the French Riviera, including Monaco, Cannes, and Nice.

The competition runs four nights throughout July and August,

Since 1966, the pyrotechnical competitor has proceeded

The competition consists of four global teams that all perform a  20-minute show on separate nights.

The performances are then ranked by a  jury, consisting of members from Monaco’s Municipal Council.


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