Our Top 5 Favorite Places to Visit on the French Riviera

Many certainly associate the French Riviera with luxury, and certainly, there are lots of luxury. But there is so much more than that, and it does not have to be more expensive here than elsewhere.

There is much to see and do, ranging from small cute, quaint villages to larger cities like Nice and Monte Carlo. Here are our 5 picks of our favorite and best places to visit on the French Riviera.


Lavish hotels along the Croisette and beautiful beaches. On the beaches, the beach clubs are varied with public beaches where you bring your own towel. The beaches that go a little further away from the city, west out are a great spot to go to.

Avoid going to, depending on what you like, Cannes at the end of May when it’s a film festival and full of people and you want to relax. In the summer there are also a lot of tourists here and the beaches are full.

Cannes Carlton Intercontinental

Photo: Julie Laurent


Rivera’s “capital”. There is a lot to see and do here. In the old town is mosty restaurants, very touristy, but nice and cozy. In Nice you will find good shopping, from the larger chains and from smaller stores.

The beach in Nice is rocky which makes the water very clear and blue, though it becomes solid deep and is a little difficult to go down to bath in. Bathing shoes that are stuck on your feet are a tip!

Nice France

Photo: Seb. F

Eze Sur Mer and Cap d’Ail

From Nice you can easily reach the train to Monaco to the small towns of Eze Sur Mer and Cap d’Ail.

The train takes about 15-20 minutes and costs about 4 euros. Cap d’Ail is a fantastic walkway all around the mountain, right by the sea. Stay and take a dip in one of the bays. When you reach the beach there are some cozy restaurants. One tip is Le Cabanon on the beach Plage Mala.

In Eze Sur Mer is the beach long and almost always full of people in the summer. The water is clear and shallow. On one part of the beach there are some restaurants, which due to lack of competition are quite expensive. A Magnum ice cream costing up to € 5.

Eze Sur Mer and Cap d'Ail

Photo: Ingolf


Monaco is always worth a visit. Continue by train from Nice and you will end up in Monaco. A great day trip. It’s an experience to watch the folklore and the luxury that moves around the casino and the Hotel de Paris where luxury cars resolve each other and people go in and out.

Monaco is nicely framed by high mountain massifs. Stroll around a turn and treat yourself to a cold drink at the Cafe de Paris which is next to the casino.

Monaco Montecarlo from above

Photo: Matthew Peoples


Biot is one of all the small and cozy mountain villages located just above the river.

It’s good to take the bus up to Biot. Then it’s a bit to walk and the village is on a hill with many ladders and small alleys. Here you can have a glass of wine, a cafe or a peek in the small local shops and of course enjoy the view.

Biot France

Photo: bpalandri

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