Riviera Travel: French Riviera Holidays 2018

The French Riviera is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and the airport in Nice is the country’s second most busiest. Here you can read about how to get to the Riviera, travel by car or plane.

To the French Riviera you can travel in several ways from Sweden and the northern countries. For example, with the Norwegian airline you can fly directly from Arlanda to Nice. At the same time, Ryanair offers two destinations near the Riviera, namely Toulon / St Tropez and Marseille. These destinations are reached directly from Ryanair’s airport in Skavsta.

The Riviera and Provence are perfect for those who want to rent a car. Car hire is available at all airports and the region’s roads are of very high quality, if the summer is well-trafficked.

Car Rental on the French Riviera

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To Drive on the French Riviera

The roads of the French Riviera are numerous in number and are of high quality. There are two main roads that run parallel to the coast, a highway (A8) and a slower coastal road (N7). On the highway you travel quickly between the resorts of the River, while the coastal road takes a bit longer and instead offers beautiful views.

On the western part of the French Riviera, at St Tropez, there is no highway and during summer time these narrow roads can be very busy and take a long time. Perhaps something to think about if you had lunch at the affluent Club ’55 outside St Tropez!

Between Nice and Monaco, the landscape is very steep. Here, three roads run parallel to each other, namely the Basse Corniche (at the waterline), the Haute Corniche (at the top of the mountains) and the Moyenne Corniche (in between). These roads are among Europe’s most beautiful and have a breathtaking view.

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Flights to the French Riviera

The French Riviera’s main airport is next to the main city of Nice. Here it is convenient to arrive because the famous resorts of the river are close. You also have the opportunity to fly to Marseille and Toulon, two cities west of the French Riviera.

Vacation on the French Riviera

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