104 Beaches on the French Riviera: A Complete List

Looking for the best beaches on the French Riviera?

When you think about the French Riviera, chances are, you think of the stunningly beautiful Azure blue water of the Mediterranean, the gorgeous coastline, and a climate that is warm and pleasant. And thinking that is not too far from the truth when it comes to the French Riviera because that is exactly what the French Riviera has to offer, among much else, of course.

As a result, the French Riviera has since a long time back been a popular place for bathing, swimming, and sunbathing, on the beautiful beaches on the French Riviera.

In the history, the French Riviera has been a hideout location for aristocrats, often coming from Great Britain, Paris, and Russia for the lovely weather, and often also for the beautiful beaches on the French Riviera.

Later in the history, the beaches on the French Riviera, and the beach life was glamorized by people like Coco Chanel who was caught on photographs when she was in Cannes, having caught plenty of sun during her time on the French Riviera. In fact, it is said that she might have invented sunbathing, at least in the form we know it as today.

For many, a vacation on the French Riviera equals tanning and bathing, and luckily, the French Riviera has no lack of places to do that on.

The beaches on the French Riviera are many, all of which are equally beautiful in their own way.

The beaches in this list of French Riviera beaches are identified using a broad definition of the French Riviera, as there are no clear, exact borders where the French Riviera begins and ends. If you are looking to explore the beaches on the French Riviera, you’ll be glad to hear that there is something for everyone. The French Riviera offers large sandy beaches with private plages if you are looking to rent sunbeams and spend a day on the beach in calm and comfort, it offers small and hidden beaches with few visitors, where you can enjoy absolute calm, it has pebble beaches, both large, and small, cheap beach beds you can rent, very expensive beach beds on plages, and much, more more.

In terms of spending a day on the beach on the French Riviera, it truly is a place with endless opportunities.

In this post, we’ve compiled a complete list of beaches on the French Riviera, so you can get more from your tanning vacation than just going to the nearest beach, and discover new hidden gems along the coastline on the French Riviera.

The beaches on the French Riviera are many and vary in size, nature, popularity, and more. Therefore, when it comes to the beaches on the French Riviera, there is something for everyone – which probably has helped the French Riviera establish itself as one of the top beach places in the world.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on the beaches on the French Riviera, not each individual plages, as there can be a large number of private plages located on the same beach. Some popular plages will, however, be included in this list of beaches on the French Riviera.

Escalet Beach (Ramatuelle)

This beach on the French Riviera can be found on the southern side of Cap Camarat. L´Escalet beach, which it is known as in French is a small beach which is half-sand, half-pebble.

It is a remote beach, but despite this, it has all the facilities you may need for a day on the beach, including toilets, showers, and a lifeguard.

If you’re hungry, you can find a number of snack kiosks, but apart from that, there isn’t a lot else.

There is a paid parking space close by, and there is also free parking spots along the road.

La Calanque de Figuerolles (La Ciotat)

This is the perfect place if you enjoy hiking. It is a popular beach to go to if you enjoy the sunset as it offers some stunning scenery.

Plage de Pampelonne

Pampelonne is one of the most iconic beaches on the French Riviera.

It is the crown jewel of beaches, especially in Saint-Tropez. The beach is actually located in Ramatuelle, but it is often referred to a beach in Saint-Tropez.

The beach offers close to five kilometers of fine white sand, contrasted by the lovely azure blue water of the Mediterranean.

It is a beach which offers natural beauty and isn’t partly artificial like many other beaches on the French Riviera.

The beach of Pampelonne is quite a contrast to the luxury reputation of Saint-Tropez as it is more laid-back and bohemian, bringing you closer to the calm of nature,

On the beach, clothes are ”optional”, thus making the beach a very natural one. It has no promenade, no souvenir, or snack stands.

Behind the beach are lovely dunes which separate the beach from the paved parking. Then, you’ll also find bush, grass, and vineyards, before you reach the commercial zone

Pampellone beach is the busiest beach in Saint-Tropez, located in a stunning sheltered bay.

It is divided into public areas, and beach clubs where you can hire lounges, mattresses, parasols, as well as dine.

The beach is especially crowded during the months of July and August, but normally, finding a spot won’t be an issue.

It has public toilets, showers, first aid stations, and lifeguards, who are operating from mid-June to mid-September.

Plage de l’Estagnol (Bormes-Les-Mimosas)

The president of France has used this stunning place, located three miles south of Bormes-Les-Mimosas

It is a popular beach among families, as it has clean and shallow water. It offers delightful warm silver sand.

Juan les Pins Main Beach (Juan-les-Pins) – Grande Plage Beach

This is the main beach of Juan Les Pins, and also the widest among the beaches here.

It is a large sand beach with beautiful scenery and a great energy from all the people who come here during the summer.

The beach is completely public, has good facilities, and is only a short walk from town.

Not ideal if you dislike large crowds, as this beach, due to its popularity and location attracts tons of people.

Dogs are forbidden on this beach mid-April and 1 October

It has great crystal clear waters, as well as lifeguards during the summer months.

It is also a popular beach for children.

Port Grimaud Beach (Port Grimaud)

At the end of the ‘Avenue de la Mer, you’ll find Port Grimaud beach. It has stunning sand and absolutely beautiful views

It is a popular beach for families and smaller children, and it also has a lifeguard during the summer months, and it offers a relaxed atmosphere.

Plage de Cavaliere (Le Lavandou)

Among the beaches on the French Riviera, this is located about 7 km away from the city center of Le Lavandou.

You’ll find parking along the road or in the big parking if you are willing to pay. On Sundays, however, it welcomes the flea market.

It is a popular beach for families with children as there is a sailing school there, as well as the opportunity to go parasailing, go do jet-skiing, play beach volley, rent paddle boats, and more.

You can bring food to the bach, as well as rent mattresses. There are plenty of things close by, such as shops, hotels, and restaurants, which means you don’t have to go far for amenities.

Plage de l’Almanarre (Hyeres)

This is a delightful beach that mixes pebbles, small stones, and sand, and offers delightful clear water.

You’ll find no boulders in the water, making it pleasant to walk in.

It can be hard to find parking if you aren’t early, but before sunset, the parking gets a little less crowded.

It offers clean sand and is a meeting point for kitesurfers.

The beach is large and has stunning scenery.

Paloma Beach (St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat)

This beach is open every day from easter all the way to the end of September and is one of the most iconic beaches on the French Riviera.

It is a private beach which, if you visit, will give you an incredible beach experience.

It costs 26 € for the day ( 9:00 AM til 19:00 PM ) which includes mattress, warm shower, and changing room. A towel costs 7 €.

Paloma beach is frequently voted among the top 10 most beautiful beaches on the French Riviera, and even in the whole of France by TripAdvisor.

The beach, however, is a pebble beach, so it is appropriate to bring proper footwear.

The whole beach isn’t private though, so if you don’t want to pay for a sunbed, you can bring your own towel and enjoy a day on the beach for free. Since the beach isn’t that large though, and the public parts of the beach certainly aren’t, the beach gets very crowded during summer from July to mid-August, so this is something you need to be prepared for if you visit at this time. Parking can be especially difficult at this time. The beach, however, is incredibly stunning, and this is also the reason why so many people find their way to it.

It is recommended that you go early in the morning if you plan on going during the high season, as this ensures that you get a spot, both on the beach and for parking if you travel by car.

The beach is named after the daughter of Pablo Picasso and has a very laid-back atmosphere.

Castel Plage (Nice)

This is a public beach located in Nice, which means that it isn’t a sandy beach, but instead has pebbles.

It has, however, a private beach-restaurant by the name of Castel Plage.

It is the beach located the very furthest east on the Quai des Etats Unis, right under the Parc du Chateau.

The beach is long, wide, and large, but if you are going to go here, ideally you should have thick towels and shoes.

The water is normally calmer compared to the other side of the Nice beach since it is protected from east winds.

Plage des Marinière, Villefranche-sur-Mer

The beaches in Nice are often crowded during the summer months, but if you want to go to a  beach that is a little more calm, yet close to Nice, this is a great place to visit.

The beach is located in the town of Villefranche-sur-Mer and is about one kilometer long, but not very wide.

The beach has lifeguards July and August, which makes families come here. It also has pleasant, warm sand.

Plage du Casino

This beach on the French Riviera is narrow and rocky, located close to the Menton Casino. You can find some street parking, but during summer months, you should come early in the morning to find parking close by. The facilities here also include wheelchair access.

Plage du Marché 

On this side of the Menton beach, the rocks get smaller, making them more comfortable to walk on. Place du Marché is an extension of Plage Casino.

Plage de Cabasson (Bormes-Les-Mimosas)

This is a wonderful beach with stunning clear water, and a delightful tranquil Bay, which gives you a beautiful view of the Fort. It is a wide and clean beach. If you come by car, know that the parking can be quite expensive. It has also been reported that there can be a lot of thieves by the cars, so be careful.

It is quite a small beach.

Plage du Borrigo

This is the westernmost beach of Menton and is narrow and rocky. It is frequently used by locals, and not so much of a tourist beach as other beaches on the French Riviera.

You’ll find parking nearby, as well as beach showers here, but note that the parking is small. The beach is located after Casino beach in Monaco, in the direction of Roquebrune Cap Martin.

The beach gets narrower and narrower the closer you get to Cap Martin.

Plage de la Nartelle (Sainte-Maxime)

This is a popular and picturesque public beach with free parking. If you are in the center, you will need a car to get here, but you’ll be able to find free parking up until roughly 10.

It is a great beach for children and has plenty of parking spaces along the whole coast, so you’ll most likely be able to find parking somewhere.

The water is clean, and there is a couple of rocky parts which is great for snorkeling.

Plage de la Courtade (Porquerolles Island)

This is a beach on the French Riviera popular for families since it has hollow waters in the first 300 meters. It is the largest beach of Porquerolles and has delightful fine white sand, crystal clear water, and stunning scenery.

The eucalyptus smell is very pleasant.

Blue Beach (Nice)

This beach is located in Nice and is located between Neptune and Sporting beaches. It contains the private Blue Beach restaurant, and you’ll also find the watersports center Glisse Evasion which is perfect if you want to have a day on the beach that consists of activities, such as parasailing, wakeboarding, kayaking, water skiing and more. If you choose to go parasailing, you’ll get the most stunning view over Nice.

As you probably know, the beach of Nice has pebbles and not sand, which is why it is recommended to have proper footwear.

Here’s what parasailing in Nice can look like:

Plage Rondelli

This is an incredible, sandy beach located in a shallow cove. It is a perfect beach for families since the water is calm and has a lifeguard. Most of the beach consists of private beach restaurants, but it does, however, have a small public part, but since it is a popular beach, it is quite crowded during summer.

It is an artificial beach which means that it has a concrete bottom with sand on top.

The fine sand is delightful to walk on, but if you bring an umbrella, planting it can be a challenge due to the concrete.

You’ll find a number of shops and restaurants close by, and you can also buy snacks and drinks on the beach if you feel like doing so.

Plage de l’Ange Gardien

A portion of this beach is allowing pet owners to bring their dogs, which is great if you have your dog with you.

Plage de Gigaro (La Croix-Valmer)

Place de Gigaro is among the beaches on the French Riviera a calm beach, with lots of children and elderly people.

This makes this beach perfect if you want to have a relaxing time at the beach, but due to its popularity, it will get quite crowded during the day in the summer.

It can be good to know that the beach often has seagrass.

The beach is long and often have waves. There are restaurants nearby.

Grande Plage du Lavandou (Le Lavandou)

This is a wonderful beach with fine sand, making it suitable for the whole family. The beach is edged by palm trees, which contributes to making it more picturesque.

If you come by car, you can park along the road, but have in mind the blue zone from April to October.

There are a number of private as well as public beaches here, and if you’re hungry, you can buy snacks and drinks, or dine at one of the restaurants.

You can rent mattresses to make your day on the beach more pleasant, but if you want to be more active during your day on the beach, you can also rent pedal boats, canoes or kayaks. The beach faces south-west, and you also have WC and showers close by. There is also accessibility.

When surfers come to play in the wind, you’ll also have a free live show to watch.

Plage Cros Dei Pin

This is a public beach located next to the port and overlooks the beautiful bay of  Beaulieu-sur-Mer. You have a small nautical center, as well as a slide for children.

You’ll find parking at the southern tip if you come by car.

Plage de Grasseuil

Among the beaches on the French Riviera, this beach is narrow, and located close to Villa Euphrussi de Rothschild. The beach is lined with vegetation which gives some shade to the beach. If you come by car, you’ll be happy to hear that there is a parking lot nearby. From the parking, you have a walking path which leads you to the beach.

Palmes Beach (Menton)

A pebblestone beach at Palmes Beach. It is a popular hub for divers, and plenty of tourists find their way here to enjoy the beautiful underwater from Italy to Monaco. If you’re diving and are lucky, you’ll be able to see one of the several wrecks and drop-offs.

With beautiful turquoise water, you can enjoy a day on the beach and in the water. The beach is located a short distance from downtown which means that it is close to all amenities including restaurants, ice cream shops, and cafés.

It’s a clean beach which doesn’t allow smoking.

You’ll find a private, paid area on the beach where you can rent sunbeds, parasols, and lounges, as well as enjoy a meal. If you’re here in the evening and afternoon, you’ll find locals having picnics while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Plage de L’Argentiere (La Londe Les Maures)

The water at this beach is generally not as clear as it is on other beaches, however, the beach is very beautiful.

You’ll find a few trees which give some shade to the beach where you can seek shelter if the sun gets too warm.

If you want a parking spot and a spot on the beach, you should go early in the morning as this beach can get quite crowded during the day.

The beach has a few restaurants, toilets, and showers, and there’s free parking.

The sea has small pebbles the first meter or so.

Plage de Renecros (Bandol)

This beach is considered one of the best in the region. It has stunningly beautiful azure blue water, with an amazing beach with fine sand.

The beach is situated in a stunning environment that is sure to give you a delightful beach experience, however, due to it being one of the best in the region, it is also highly crowded

The teenagers and children can be dominating, but nothing that will harm your beach experience. The water isn’t too deep, making this beach great for children and families.

You’ll find several nice restaurants in the area, and the city is within a walking distance.

The water is clean and fresh.

Promenade du Soleil (Menton)

The promenade du Soleil is among the beaches on the French Riviera located in the western part of the city of Menton.

You have a large number of restaurants close by, as well as picturesque and typical French cafés.

The view over the ocean is magnificent. The beach is public, which means that it is free. It is rocky, so you might want to bring appropriate footwear.

During the summer months, there are also lifeguards so parents can feel safe.

Plage de la Faviere (Bormes-Les-Mimosas)

Plage de la Faviere is a beach on the French Riviera that is wide and long and has wonderful fine sand.

During summer, it is due to its high standard very crowded and packed, so make sure you come early in the morning if you want a spot during the summer months.

Plage de la Grande Mer (Cassis)

Among the beaches on the French Riviera, this beach is the biggest beach in Cassis which can be found downtown. The beach is roughly 200 meters long (which is very little if you compare that to Nice’s 5km). It has a lifeguard in the summer so parents can be calm, and it also has a mixture of sand and gravel.

There is a small parking lot behind the beach

Plage de la Darse

This is the second beach in Villefranche, located at the western end of the bay, next to Port Royal de la Darse.

There is no parking here, so you’re best off if you come by foot.

The beach is a tranquil beach in a wonderful setting, but it is not as crowded as other beaches on the French Riviera since it doesn’t have sand, but large, and even pointed rocks. If you aren’t picky, you’ll enjoy the beautiful calm and scenery by just laying on a towel, but if you want to lie more comfortably, you’re better off picking some other of the beaches on the French Riviera instead.

You’ll find a shower here, but apart from that, you won’t find much more.

Plage de Passable (St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat)

This is a small yet cozy beach located on the northwest side of the peninsula and faces Villefranche-sur-Mer.

The sun is strongest in the afternoon since it faces west, thus, that’s when you should be coming here if you are in the hunt of sun.

Plage de la Ponche (Saint-Tropez)

This is a small beach on the French Riviera, located more specifically in Saint-Tropez.

It is small, and for the most part visited by readers and photographers, but of course also swimmers and sunbathers.


The beach is located closely to the yacht entrance to the port of Saint-Tropez, so you can’t swim too far.

It is a small town beach, close to the buildings of the old town, working as a hideout away from the masses at the port.

To get to the beach, you need to walk round a coastal path.

The beach doesn’t have sand, and the ground is instead made up of small pebbles that are combined with sand.

Lying here is quite comfortable, though, if you bring a towel.

Plage des Esclamandes (Saint-Aygulf)

The fact that this beach has fine golden sand makes it more popular than some of the pebble beaches on the French Riviera. The beach is absolutely beautiful, protected by barriers of rocks. If you want to protect yourself from the heat of the sun during the day, you can seek shelter under the shade of the palm trees. You’ll find a small restaurant which sells snacks, sandwiches, and drinks here, and if you need to use the toilet, you’ll find them on the road close to the beach. There is also a shower on the beach next door.

Plage Fosses and Plage Fossettes

These are two public beaches on the French Riviera, which are essentially adjacent to each other.

Place Fosses is a lot longer than Plage Fossettes, but they are both wonderful and popular.

The beaches offer a mixture of sand and gravel, and they also offer some level of shade if you find your way close to the pine trees.

You’ll find showers here but no lifeguards.

There is parking available along the streets close to the beaches, and since there are no real parking lots dedicated to the beaches, it can be difficult to find parking spaces during the summer, so you want to come early if you come in the summer months.

Plage de la Bergerie (Hyeres)

This beach located in Hyeres is situated after the village of La Capte.

The beach stretches from the beginning of the peninsula of Giens, and consists of magnificent sand. The beach is quite narrow, but being 3km, it’s quite long.

Disabled people can access this beach, and during summer, it is also monitored.

Due to the beautiful settings of this beach, and the wonderful sand, the beach gets crowded during the summer, so if you want a good spot, you need to come early.

The water of this beach is shallow, making it suitable for kids, but when the wind blows from the east, swimming can get difficult, and sometimes even impossible.

Plage de Jean Blanc (Le Lavandou)

This beach has everything you’d expect from the typical beaches on the French Riviera.

It has wonderful sunshine (most of the time), beautiful pine trees, and the stunningly beautiful azure blue Mediterranean. And maybe most importantly (for many), is that it is a sandy beach.

Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach that is situated approximately 5,5 km from the city center of Lavandou.

Plage Mace (Cannes)

This beautiful sandy beach is run by Cannes municipality, which means that it is quite a high-standard beach compared to many other beaches on the French Riviera. You’ll have some great services such as lockers, toilets, changing rooms and showers.

Moreover, you’ll also have chairs and umbrellas which you can hire at a reduced cost, compared to the chairs of the private beaches situated along the Croisette beach of Cannes.

There is a lifeguard here so that you can be calm when your children are playing in the water. Since the beach is run by the municipality, there is no restaurant or place to buy snacks, however, there are plenty of cafés and places where you can buy snacks and drinks located along the Croisette.

Right next to this municipality beach, you have the public beach which is free, but during the summer, this beach gets incredibly crowded.

There are showers here, too.

Eden Plage Mala (Cap d’Ail)

In Cap d’Ail, you’ll find this beach, where sun chairs and parasols can be rented, as well as towels.

There is a great restaurant here, and if you want, you can also have a cocktail or two.

To make you feel safer, there is a lifeguard on duty, and WIFI is also available.

There’s live music every Saturday and Sunday night, making it a great place to hang out, even during the evenings.

Plage du Martinez (Cannes) – Z- plage

In Cannes, along the Croisette, you’ll find the private beach of Hotel Martinez called Z-Plage.

It has stunningly beautiful white sand, contrasted by the blue Mediterranean. It has a great beach restaurant, and you can (have to) also rent sunbeds with parasols.

The bar and restaurant is open from the morning to sunset, but since the place belongs to a five-star hotel, you have to be prepared on quite a pricey bill, especially if you’re going to be spending the whole day here, rent chairs, and eat.

The food, however, has the highest standard and is absolutely delicious.

Plage d’Aiguebelle (Le Lavandou)

Aiguebelle Beach has wonderful sand, where dogs are not allowed.

The beach is located approximately 5 kilometers away from the city center of Le Lavandou. Around the area, you’ll also find restaurants, hotels, and private beaches.

You can rent umbrellas, as well as purchase meals, snacks, and drinks.

Parking is available nearby, and there are also WCs and showers.

Plage de la Coudouliere (Six-Fours-les-Plages)

This is one of the most busiest beaches on the French Riviera, or at least on the resort.

The beach stretches all the way from the port of Coudouliere to Pointe du Carabinier.

The least popular part of the beach is the place closest to the port, and the reason is that the water sports centre is located here, and thus, the jet skis can make some noise.

You’ll also find private beaches here.

The beach has gravel and sand, and which you’ll have depends on which part of the beach you’re on.

If you come by car, you’ll be happy to hear that there is a car park located above the beach.

Eze Sur Mer Strand (Eze)

In Eze, you’ll find a long narrow beach by the name of Plage d’Eze. The beach is mostly rocky, but it has some parts with gravel, so ideally, you should bring appropriate footwear.

The backdrop with the mountains is absolutely stunning.

Plage de Sylvabelle (La Croix-Valmer)

This is a very pleasant beach close to Saint-Tropez, but without the large crowds of the beaches of Saint-Tropez.

You’ll have access to parking along the road, and to get to the beach, you have to take a roughly 10-minute walk along a path which has some quite steep staircases.

The beach is quite protected as there are rocks on both sides of the beach, making it perfect for snorkeling.

In the middle of the rocks, you have a delightful sand beach in the middle of a surveilled swimming area.

Plage des Oursinieres (Le Pradet)

This is considered to be the most easterly beach of the beaches on the French Riviera, but again, it depends on how you measure since the French Riviera has no official boundaries.

It is a perfect family beach, highly popular in the summer due to its easy access and great parking just in front of the beach. Do note, however, that the parking is paid in the high season.

The beach offers a mixture of sand and gravel, making it great for children to play in.

You’ll also find a second beach here, located to the right which consists of pebbles.

Coco Beach (Nice)

This stunning beach on the French Riviera is located more specifically in Nice and is a popular hangout for the locals since it is not as crowded as the beach of Promenade des Anglais.

You’ll find a few showers here, but apart from that, there are no other facilities to be found here.

Therefore, it’s generally not a beach where you spend the whole day, due to the highly limited access to amenities.

To get into the water, you enter by climbing down ladders which lead into the water.

If you dare, you can, of course, jump right in.

It’s not ideal for children since the water gets deep quickly

During the summer months, there are, however, lifeguards here.

It’s essentially not much of a beach, but you’ll be able to find some flat rocks which you can lie on.

Plage du Corton (Cassis)

This is a small beach located next to the largest bay of Cassis. It has a large public parking, which is great if you come by car. There is a beach bar, but it’s not always open. If you come here during the summer months, it should be open, though.

Proper footwear is to recommend since the rocks at the shore can be slippery when getting in and out the water.

Plage de la baie des fourmis (Beaulieu-sur-Mer)

This beach located in Bealiau-sur-Mer is a great family beach, as well as less experienced swimmers. The water is shallow, and the beach is also close to other amenities.

The majority of the beach is supervised by lifeguards, too.

You have small pebbles here, which are quite comfortable to walk on.

Plage des Chiens Ciotat (La Ciotat)

This beach stretches more than 7 kilometres, making it one of the longest beaches on the French Riviera. It is sandy and a great place to enjoy a swim at.

There are three specific beaches here which have some small differences. Here, you’ll also find a beach that is accessible by wheelchair, and it is also the first smoke-free beach of Europe.

If you want to bring your dog, you can do so if you go to Capucins Beach.

Plage des Salins (Hyeres)

This beach has free parking which makes it great if you come by car.

Not the largest or most popular beach of the French Riviera, but certainly a beach that is well-worth the visit.

Plage de la Baie des Milliardaires (Antibes)

This beach was for a long time only accessible by boat, but since 2011, there is a little path which you can take to access this beach.

The beach is absolutely stunning, but it is a stone beach, so make sure you bring proper footwear.

The beach is very idyllic and calm, and allows you to get away from the large crowds on the major beaches on the French Riviera.

Certainly a personal favourite. 

Plage du Fossan (Menton)

This is a stunning wide beach on a curve of sand, pebbles and rocks.

The beach is quite sheltered compared to many other beaches, and thus, it offers calm waters, making it perfect for children.

There is also a play area on the eastern side of the beach where kids can be entertained.

It is a non-smoking beach, and if you want to hide from the sun, you can find protection under the shade of the trees.

Plage des Marines (Cogolin)

This is a lovely beach consisting of 400 metres of sand. The beach is wide and offers a stunning view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

It is far from the noisy traffic, yet is still close to facilities you may need, such as restaurants, beach volleyball court, showers, and a large car park which is shaded.

Plage du Capelan (Bandol)

This small beach consists of pebbles and rocks, similar to the vast majority of beaches of Bandol.

It is situated approximated 1.3 kilometres from the Bandol centre, but if you come by car, note that there is little parking close by.

You’ll be able to find the two restaurants Le Mediterraneen and Lou Pescadou here, too, if you’re hungry for a bite.

Plage des Canebiers (Saint-Tropez)

Situated 4 kilometres from downtown Saint-Tropez, this 200 meter long sand beach is the most popular beach of the local Saint-Tropez inhabitants due to its easy access, as well as being partly shaded by the pine trees. It has free parking along the road of the beach, and during summer, there is a lifeguard here.

Plage du Midi (Golfe-Juan Vallauris)

This beach attracts lots of people in the summer, including many families and children. It is a sandy beach with beautiful blue waters, but if you access by car finding parking can be very difficult, if not impossible. At least if you are hoping to park nearby.

Plage D’Agay (Agay)

The main beach of Agay, located in the city centre. It offers a stunning view of Dramont, and the beach itself stretches for about 800 meters.

It is sandy and supervised by lifeguards during the summer months

You’ll be able to find restaurants and private beaches on the right side of the beach, but apart from that, the beach is completely public.

You’ll find parking along the road, and there is also a small car park located to the left.

Big Pine Beach (Grimaud)

This is a wide beach with magnificent sand located in Grimaud, protected from the traffic. It has no lifeguard except from the summer months, like most beaches on the French Riviera.

Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach, but there is, however, a public shower and WC, but you need to pay.

You can loan a wheelchair and access the beach, too.

Florida Beach (Nice)

This beach is located between Poincare and Voilier beaches.

It has two parts, one public, and the other one being the private Florida Beach beach and restaurant.

The public part of the beach is small but wide, and the restaurant is to be found west.

Plage du Fort Carré

Large shingle beach located east of Antibes, stretching to the train station of Biot. If you come by car, you’ll be happy to hear that there is free parking. There are also beach showers to be found here.

Plage de l’Arene (Cassis)

If you want to have a nice beach and swimming experience in Cassis, without walking all the way to Calanques, this beach is perfect.

It is located 5 minutes from the centre of Cassis by car, and at the beach, you’ll also find a few parking spots.

The water here is clean, and it is a great beach if you want to get away from the large crowds.

Plage du Centre Ville (Sainte-Maxime)

Plage du Debarquement (La Croix-Valmer)

A long beach with beautiful clean and clear water which also has parking.

Plage du Bestouan (Cassis)

This beach has a stunning view of Cassis. It has parking opposite of the beach which is paid, but do know that it is often full during summer, so make sure to come early.

Plage de la route de la Bord du Mer

This is a magnificent long and narrow beach which includes Plage La Siesta , Plage de la Brague and Plage de la Fontonne.

You’ll find free parking along the beach, but if you come here during the summer, finding a parking spot can be tricky.

The beaches are, due to their location often exposed to lots of wind, which makes the water more lively. You’ll find beach showers as week as kiosks here.

Plage de l’Anglade (Le Lavandou)

This is a long sandy beach which connects Le Lavandou and Bormes-les-Mimosas. There are restaurants here if you want to have a bite to eat.

Royal Beach

This is a private beach and restaurant, and for a lounge chair and parson, you’ll have to pay €20/day. The main courses at the restaurant start at around €20.

Plage des Graniers (Saint-Tropez)

A small yet beautiful and sandy bay beach which has surrounded by stunning trees, a well as a few villas.

The beach overlooks the Saint-Tropez harbor, and you’ll also be able to find a restaurant which serves fresh grilled fish.

The beach is quiet and offers both free and paid options. If you want, you can also hire umbrellas.

During summer, it’s not necessarily all that calm, though, since it gets quite busy.

Pavillon Beach

Pavillon beach is a private beach restaurant which offers lounge chairs and parasols to rent. it is quite exclusive so you have to be prepared to open the large wallet.

The cost for a lounge chair and parson is €27, and if you want a main course, they start at approximately €21.

Beach of Nice

Nice has a main beach which it is mostly known for. It consists of five kilometres of pebbles, and as the waves come in, they’ll make a very satisfying and memorable noise.

It is one of the longest beaches on the French Riviera and located in the capital of the French Riviera.

Walking on the Promenade des Anglais, along the beach from one side to the other will take you about one hour.

Due to its sheer size, and the size of Nice, this beach attracts tons of people, especially during the summer months.

While a large part of the beach is public, you’ll also find numerous private beaches, as well as beach restaurants.

Plage de l’Almanarre

This beach is located in Hyères and runs from the coast to a rustic peninsula town called Giens.

The beach is especially popular for wind and kite surfers.

You’ll find beautiful blue waters here, as well as lovely pine forests around the beach.

La Petite Plage 

The city beach stretches along Boulevard Guillaumont  and has both restaurants and cafés.

La petite place is one of the private beaches there which is quite popular. It offers either a table on the terrace, or on the beach, where you can have your feet in the sand. It offers an amazing view over the Mediterranean, which, all in all, will make for a wonderful meal.

Plage Keller

Plage Kellers is situated in what is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

It has a nice beach and swimming area and delightful food at the restaurant.

It has natural fine sand and a stunning view. You’ll find a restaurant here by the name of César which is panoramic which belongs to a private beach.

La Mala, Cap d’Ail

This beach is a stretch of fine white sand and pebbles, located between the rocks of Cap d’Ail.

On the eastern side of the beach, you’ll find Cap Mala and on the western side rising cliffs on the western side.

You’ll find a number of private beaches here which are beach-restaurants.

The two ends of the beach are both public, but the left side is sandier.

Plage de la Galiote (Saint-Aygulf)

Among the many beaches on the French Riviera, this particular one can be found just before the harbor in Saint-Aygulf.

It is a sand beach surrounded by numerous cafés and restaurants, and it is very popular during summer, so space can be limited.

Finding parking can certainly be a challenge, and since there is a road just nearby, it can be a little disturbing to some.

During the summer, there’s also a lifeguard.

Beaches on the French Riviera: Iles de Lérins

Just outside of Cannes are the Lérins islands. The Lérins islands consist of 4 islands, which all have shorelines around them.

The two largest are Sainte-Marguerite Saint-Honorat.

From Cannes, you can take the ferry, which will only take you about 15 minutes. These depart regularly every day, several times per hour.

Saint-Marguerite is the most popular island of the Lérins island to visit, and here, you can find lots beaches everywhere you look.

No matter which island you go to, you will find wonderful beaches and be able to enjoy them in calmness, away from the large crowds of Cannes.

Enjoy a wonderful day on a calm beach among the delightful pine trees and enjoy the beautiful clear blue waters.

Visiting the beaches on the French Riviera on the Lérins islands is truly an experience out of the ordinary’

Cannes boulevard de la Croisette

Cannes has multiple beaches, and a ton of different private plages.

It has private beaches, private restaurants, plages managed by the municipality, as well as completely public beaches. This means that there is something for everyone when it comes to the beaches on the French Riviera in Cannes.

French Riviera Beaches

One of the most famous beach among all the beaches on the French Riviera is the beach along the Boulevard de la Croisette.

During summer, the whole beach is tremendously packed, and especially the two public parts of the beach, located on both ends of the beach.

It has wonderful sand, plenty of showers, as well as many lifeguards.

Plage de la Gravette

This is the widest beach of all beaches on the French Riviera, which means there are lots of space for you, at least if you’re here during the off-season, considering a lot of people seek their way to this beach in the summer.

Plage de Ponteil

This is a long and sandy beach on a sheltered cove.

Plage de la Baumette (Agay)

This magnificent beach has wonderful crystal clear water and stretches about 300 meters. If you want, you can rent paddleboards as well as other outdoor equipment.

It is a great family beach as it is sheltered from the wind. The left side of the beach is the widest part, and it gets more narrow on the right side.

You’ll find some private beaches as well as restaurants here, too.

Plage des Fourmis

This beach on the French Riviera can be found on the western side of the Beaulieu port. It is a fine gravel beach which offers zero shade, but an absolutely marvellous promenade where you can seek shade under the pine trees.

Plage des forums is one of the beaches on the French Riviera which is perfect for families as it has shallow water, but allows the older people to swim at greater depths farther from shore.

There’s also a lifeguard here which can make you feel safer if you come with children.

There are two beach restaurants here: La Calanque beach-restaurant and Royal Riviera Plage, which serve food, coffee, snacks, and everything you’d expect at a typical French Riviera restaurant plage.

Finding parking close to the beach will be tricky, so your best bet is to look in town.

Plage des Sablettes

This delightful beach in Menton can be found between the Old Port of Menton and Port Garavan.

The beach has fine gravel, and it is a perfect beach for a day of relaxation. The beach was reclaimed from the sea in the 20th century.

The beach offers an absolutely wonderful morning sun, where you can see it illuminating the hill-rising Vieux Menton.

Plage Petite Afrique

This is a stunning stretch of beach which can be found on the eastern side of the port of bealieau sur mer.

The majority of the beach is public, but you’ll also find Zelo’s beach here, which is a private beach where you can rent sun chairs and dine.

It is beautifully protected on a cove and has gravelly sand. If you want protection from the sun, you’ll be able to find certain shade under the palm trees.

You’ll find public parking on the eastern side father beach, but during the summer, it fills up quickly, so come early.

Plage de la Batterie (Cannes)

Plage de la Batterie is reserved for nudists, and it is the only beach in Cannes which is dedicated for nudists.

You’ll find the beach along the highway between Gulf Juan and Cannes.

If you come by car, you need to park along the road, but during summer, this can be quite tricky to say the least.

Plage de la Batterie consists of three beaches, and the first is located just at the exit of the tunnel.

The beach is made up of sand and stones, and offers a beautiful view of Juan les Pins bay.

Cap Taillat

This stunning beach is only accessible  by the coastal path or by boat only. You can access the beach by walking from the Escalet or Gigaro Bay, which will take you about 20 minutes.

It is a sandy beach with a number of coves and large rocks. You’ll find a large degree of nudism here.

With white sandy beaches and calm of the area, it is the ultimate place for relaxing among the beaches on the French Riviera.

Plage des Cigales (Grimaud)

In Grimaud, you’ll find this lovely sandy beach with views of a lighthouse and beautiful pine trees.

There’s limited space here, however, it is a wonderful place to relax on if you find a good spot.

Plage du Buse, Roquebrune-Cap Martin 

This beach is almost completely left for nature, and is in its natural state. It is a small beach, roughly 400 metres of sand, gravel, and pebbles, with one small beach restaurant

It has delightful pine trees, and to access it, you need to take the stairway which, for some, can be a little challenging.

Plage La Capte (Hyeres)

This beach on the French Riviera has wonderful sand, and stretches nearly 4 km. The waters are shallow, making it great for children.

Plage du Vieux Moulin (Grimaud)

This is almost a hidden beach, located 50 meters from the Vieux Moulin Bay.

Parking is almost impossible and non-existent, so bike is the best option.

The beach isn’t located too far away from downtown, yet still, the beach isn’t that well-known, making it perfect if you want some calm since it isn’t as crowded as many other beaches on the French Riviera.

The beach is located on the edge of a pinewood, has marvellous sand, and faces St-Tropez.

You’ll also find toilets and a shower here.

Calanque de Maubois (Saint-Raphael)

At this beach, you’ll find amazing scenery. It descends to the cove of the beach through a long staircase, and the sea is absolutely marvelous wit crystal clear water

The beach has incredible red sand and pebbles, and the beach of the beach is sheltered from the wind which means the water and the wind is calm.

Plage Robinson (Mandelieu-la-Napoule)

Here, you’ll find a public sandy beach which stretches about 1 km.

The part of the beach closest to the port has tourists facilities such as hotels and campsites, but dunes protect the beach from any disturbing noise.

In the next part of the beach, you come away from civilisation as there are no houses, only a road.

It can be hard to find parking here, but it is definitely a place worth visiting. You’ll find a small car park before Sète and the INRA.

Valras Plage

This is a popular and great all-around beach among the beaches on the French Riviera. The beach is large, which means it holds a lot of people, without it being crowded.

You’ll find all necessary amenities here, such as restaurants, toilets, bars, etc.

Plage Heraclee (La Croix-Valmer)

This delightful beach can be found in La Croix Valmer, west of Gigaro Beach.

It is a beach which stretches about 400 meters, consisting of sand.

There are two zones of the beach, where one is private, consisting of two private beaches and restaurants, and one is public.

You can find a small paid parking lot here.

Plage d’Heraclee (La Croix-Valmer)

This stunning beach offers absolutely incredible scenery.

It has beautiful mountains, hills, trees, and more.

The parking here is small and so is the beach.


At this sandy coast of Theoule-sur-Mer, you’ll find the red-tinted Esterel mountains dipping down..

There are seven public beaches of Theoule-sur-Mer, all connected together by a promenade.

Plage de la Salis 

Plage de la Salis is quite long, but at the same time narrow. It is a sandy beach located at the foot of Cap d’Antibes.

Plage noire du Langoustier (Hyeres)

This beach on the French Riviera has, believe it or not, black sand, and thereby, it has gotten its name ”the black beach”.

The dark red colored sand is a result of the old factory of sodain the 19th century by the old factory of soda.

The beach is sheltered from winds, and therefore a popular place for boaters to anchorage.

It is a roughly 300-meter long cove, which has either black or red sand, depending on which part you’re at, and during summer, you can find shade under some pine trees.

Marinieres, Villefranche-sur-Mer

This is one of the most popular beaches on the French Riviera for having a beach party or picnic. It has comfortable gravel, and in the cove, the winds are calm.

It offers an absolutely stunning view of the Villefranche bay is outstanding.

Abel Baliff Beach

This beach can be found roughly 1.5 km from the port of Miramar.

The beach has small red pebbles, which is typical for beaches in Esterel. If you’re going to swim, ideally, you should have proper footwear.

The beach isn’t supervised, and it is accessed by stairs, which makes it hard to access for the less agile.

There is no car park here, so if you are going to park, you need find parking along the county road.

Plage du Bacon (Antibes)

This beach is located some 15 minutes from Port de la Salis, which consists of two beautiful coves by the name of Bacon.  The two coves are located a short distance from each other, and has stunning waters.

Plage des Ondes 

This beach can be found n the western side of Cap d’Antibes. It is a small, yet delightful sandy beach, sheltered from the wind on a tranquil cove sheltered from harsh winds on both The beach faces west, making it perfect for sun.

Plage de la Mere Dieu (Bormes-Les-Mimosas)

This is considered one of the most beaitful corners of this beach, and it is located about 20 minutes from the small parking Cabasson. Since it is located 20 minutes from the car parking, it isn’t a very crowded beach, yet still, it has wonderful and comfortable sand.

Plage de L’Oratoire (Agay)

This beach can be found jut outside of the centre of Agay. It is accessible by the public park, and is about 50 metres long, but is still very beautiful due to it being sandy.

The beach isn’t supervised, and finding parking space is almost impossible. Therefore, if you come by car, it is best to park in the car park located at Aiguemarine Beach and then walk about 250 metres by foot.

You’ll also find a playground for children so they can keep themselves busy.

Plage de Vergeron (La Croix-Valmer)

This is one of the least known beaches on the French Riviera, or at least in La Croix-Valmer. The two gravel beaches that are to be found here are calm, even during the high season, which makes the perfect for a day of relaxation.

The beaches are quite protected from the wind, and to the right, you’ll find the smaller beach, with the larger beac located to the left.

You can access this beach by taking the coastal path by foot, which will take you about 15 minutes, or, you can cross private property.


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