Your list of the best Michelin-guide restaurants in Nice, France

Looking for a great restaurant in Nice, France?

France is known for its top-class cuisine and its beautiful wines that often accompany the meals.

On the French Riviera, the French cuisine is influenced by the surroundings, the sea, and the crops that can be grown on the steep mountainsides.

Mediterranean French Cuisine often include fish and locally produced vegetables.

France has a reputation all over the world for its world-class cuisine,  and if you are looking for great restaurants in Nice, on the French Riviera, you can be sure that there are quite a few.

In fact, there is certainly no shortage of Micheline star restaurants in Nice, and restaurants that are featured in the Michelin guide.

In this post, we’re looking at Michelin star restaurants in Nice, France, on the French Riviera, and restaurants in Nice that are featured on the Michelin guide.


 L’Aromate is a restaurant in Nice which can be found on 2 rue. Gustave Deloye, 06000. Their dishes start at roughly €34, up to about €72.
This restaurant moved to a place near Place Masséna a while back, but despite this, the Michelin guide approves this restaurant in Nice and has awarded it one Michelin star, and considers the restaurant ”worth a stop” due to its perfection, and usage of top quality ingredients and dishes with distinct flavors.

Le Bistrot des Viviers

Another Michelin guide-approved restaurant is Le Bistrot des Viviers. This restaurant in Nice can be found on 22 rue. A.-Karr, 06000.

Their dishes start at about €44 all the way up to €101.

This restaurant is the annex of the famous seafood restaurant Rolancy’s, and what Le Bistrot des Viviers offers is a more simplified version of the main restaurant’s expertise. 

The restaurant has great high-quality fish and seafood which is brought in directly from the Vendée and Brittany.

Le Rolancy’s

Another Michelin guide restaurant in Nice is Le Rolancy’s, located at 22 rue. Alphonse-Karr, 06000.

The dishes go from about €25 to €55.

This restaurant in Nice is known to have a cozy atmosphere, and to be one of the top restaurants for seafood cuisine. Most of the fish comes from Brittany.


L’Atelier is a Michelin guide-approved restaurant in Nice, France, situated on 17 rue. Gioffredo, 06000.
The dishes go from about €24to €57.

The restaurant has a great wine list, fresh, and delicious food. All in all, a great, enjoyable restaurant in Nice.

Les Sens

Les Sens can be found on  37 rue. Pastorelli, 06000 Nice, and their dishes go from about €31 to €58.

It is a popular great restaurant which reminds of a New York loft with its red-brick walls, bare lightbulbs, and more.

Everything in this restaurant is home-made and approved by the Michelin guide.

Mon Petit Café

Mon Petit Café is a restaurant in Nice which can be found in 11 bis rue. Grimaldi, 06000.
The dishes go from about €75 to €130.

The restaurant/café has a delightful blue interior, but it is the food that you want to come here for.

They serve delicious, fresh crab, and much more of course, and does this in a lovely restaurant atmosphere.


This restaurant in Nice can be found on 25 rue. Gubernatis, 06000.

The dishes go from about €31 to €56.

This restaurant is run by three friends, which consists of two brothers who operate in the kitchen, and a third friend.

It is a restaurant in Nice with great character that serves delightful, classic food, with a touch of exotic.

This restaurant in Nice is so amazing that it is awarded two Michelin stars and considered well-worth a detour.

The chef is incredibly skilled, and the team can craft perfect dishes.

Le Séjour Café

This restaurant in Nice is located on11 rue. Grimaldi, 06000 and offers dishes that go from about €27 to €60.

It has a lovely interior with bookshelves filled with books, paintings, photos, and more.

When inside the restaurant, it feels like being in the living room of a private home.

Most importantly, it serves amazing, market-inspired cuisine.

Les Épicuriens

This delightful restaurant in Nice can be found on6 pl. Wilson, 06000 and seven dishes that go from about €29 to €81.

It is, according to the Michelin guide a ”worthy representative of the gastro-bistro movement”.

It has great traditional cuisine with inspiration from the Cote d’Azur region.

Moreover, the restaurant has a lovely terrace which overlooks a small square, as well as a great wine list that can accompany your meals.

Les Deux Canailles

Found on 6 rue. Chauvain, 06000 Nice, this restaurant serves dishes that start at about €24 and up to €50.

It is run by two business partners who create fresh and modern French cuisine with finesse, and since one of the business partners are Japanese, it also has a few Japanese dishes.

Café Léa

This restaurant in Nice can be found on 31 rue. Gioffredo, 06000.

Its dishes start at about €22 and goes up to about €50.

It is a refurbished bistro with a friendly atmosphere and service. It serves simple, yet incredibly dishes, with some hidden complexity, such as such as risotto with gorgonzola and pear.

L’École de Nice

This restaurant is situated on 16 rue. de la Buffa, 06000 Nice and has dishes that start at about €25, up to about €55.

This restaurant is in association with a famous city gallery, where works from the renowned Nice School art movement decorate the interior of this bistro.

It serves traditional food and has a few Japanese touches. The restaurant also serves lovely estate wines.

Le Canon

In this restaurants, you’ll find dishes that vary in price, with dishes between about €30 to  €100.
You’ll find this restaurant on 23 rue. Meyerbeer, 06000.

This restaurant in Nice serves dishes like roast leg of suckling lamb, and uses carefully hand-picked local suppliers, and takes some inspiration from the Mediterranean.

It has a great list of delightful wines, which are 100% natural, after advice from the owner.

Keisuke Matsushima

This Michelin-guide approved restaurant in Nice can be found on 22 ter rue. de France, 06000 and serves dishes that range from about €27 up to about €75.

It has a Japanese minimalist decor style but it has typical French cuisine.

The food is made with mostly regional, high-quality ingredients.

Le Bistro Gourmand

At the Le Bistro Gourmand, you’ll find dishes ranging from between roughly €32 to €41.

You’ll find this restaurant in Nice more specifically on 3 r. Desboutin, 06000.

It is a lovely, always-full bistro, and for a reason of course.

The restaurant opened in 2010 and has since then been able to establish itself as one of the best restaurants in Nice, France.

Each dish is cooked to perfection with an immense detail and expertise. The dish includes lots of market-fresh flavors.


Piexes restaurant in Nice can be found on 4 r. de l’Opéra, 06000 and serves dishes that range from about €30 to €40.

The restaurant can be found located close to the Nice opera house and town hall.

The restaurant offers a very traditional Mediterranean, French Feel, and is focused on fish and seafood cuisine, which is served in the form of tapas.

La Merenda

At La Merenda, you’ll find dishes that range from about €28 to €47
It is situated at 4 r. Raoul-Bosio, 06000 and is an old-fashion establishment.

The restaurant has a vintage charm and feel and is run by Dominique Le Stanc, the former two-star chef of Hotel Negresco.

Here, you’ll find succulent regional dishes, such as tripe à la niçoise, chard pie, etc.

The chef prefers guest drop-ins, so don’t call. You’ll have to hope that there is a table available.

Fine Gueule

On 2 r. de l’Hôtel-de-Ville, 06300, you’ll find the Fine Gueule, a restaurant which offers dishes that ranges between €26 and €50.
The restaurant can be found in the old town of Nice, opposite of the hall.

The restaurant has a loft feel, with exposed stonework and cement tiles.

The food is the important part, though.

Here, you’ll find traditional French and Mediterranean dishes, including fish, of course.

Carré Llorca

At this restaurant in Nice, located on 3 r. de la Préfecture, 06300, you’ll find dishes that star at about €30 up to €45.

The restaurant is located in a former bakery and can be found in one of the many narrow streets in the old town of Nice.

It has a menu which consists of dishes made of regional recipes with ravioli, tapenade, and more.

In other words, a true iconic French Riviera restaurant.

Comptoir du Marché

You’ll find this restaurant at 8 r. du Marché, 06000 in Nice. It has dishes that start at about €30 up to about €42.

It is a retro-style bistro run by the young chef, Loïs Guenzati.

The restaurant is often full, which isn’t very strange considering its top-class food.

Bar des Oiseaux

At 5 r. St-Vincent, 06000, you’ll find Bar des Oiseaux which is situated in a small corner house.

It serves dishes that start at about €31 up to about €50.

On the menu, you’ll find fine French traditional dishes, delicious artisanal pasta and more.

With the quality of the food in mind, it is considered to be a restaurant with very reasonable prices.

Olive et Artichaut

At this restaurant, you’ll find dishes ranging between €31 and €52, made with local ingredients. The chef originates from Nice and makes absolutely delicious food that is inspired by the seas and the mountains.

Bistrot d’Antoine

A more expensive restaurant in Nice with prices that range between €130 and €230.
The restaurant can be found on 27 r. de la Préfecture, 06300, and the food served is hearty bistro cuisine with southern French accents.

Le Chantecler

On 37 promenade des Anglais, 06000, you’ll find Le Chantecler – a restaurant with dishes that range between about €82 and €168. The restaurant has a regency decor with stunning interior details.

But it is the food you come here for in the first hand, not the interior.

It uses wonderful ingredients, and the chef is inventive.

This restaurant has been awarded a whopping two Michelin stars for its excellent cooking and is considered to be worth a detour.
The chef and the team are true experts and make expertly refined and crafted dishes to perfection

On 12 rue Lascaris, 06000 Nice, you’ll find a restaurant which has dishes that go from about €27 to €76.

The restaurant is awarded one Michelin star for its high-quality cooking, and it is considered to be worth a stop.

The restaurant users top-quality ingredients and serves dishes with distinct flavors that are carefully prepared to a consistently high standard.

The restaurant is run by a Jan Hendrik, a chef on private yachts in Monaco. The restaurant is small and romantic and sits near the port of Nice. The food you’ll find on the menu is creative and contemporary cuisine.

L’Âne Rouge

L’Âne Rouge is located at 7 Quai Deux-Emmanuel, 06300 in Nice and has dishes that range from about €50 to €75.

The restaurant is right on the port of Nice, and it has a chef who loves fish, and therefore create dishes using Mediterranean treasures. The restaurant has a great wine list and sources it fish from small-scale fishermen.


Aqua is located on 41 bd Stalingrad, 06300 in Nice and has dishes ranging from about €38 to €133.

It is a bistro close to the port of Nice which is run by the brothers Alexis and Serge.

YOu’ll find lots of delightful seafood cuisine here, prepared in a perfect way.

The restaurant has a lovely friendly atmosphere.

La Réserve de Nice

On 60 bd Franck-Pilatte, 06000, you’ll find La Réserve de Nice, which has dishes starting at about €48 up to about €133.

It is an elegant art-deco restaurant in terms of its interior. Food-wise, it serves amazing food and offers complementary views of the Bay of Angels and the Estérel.

Le Mesclun

This restaurant on 215 av. de la Californie, 06200 Nice is run by two true professionals.

It has absolutely lovely wines, with expert advice from one of the co-owners, and the restaurant offers a lovely warm and friendly atmosphere

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