The complete list of The Best Beaches in Nice

Looking for the best beaches in Nice?

When you think about the French Riviera, you probably think of azure blue water, lots of sunlight, beautiful beaches, and lovely pine and palm trees.

And if you are going to think of a city on the French Riviera, chances are, you’re going to think of Nice.

Of course, that’s no coincidence.

Nice is the largest city on the French Riviera, and therefore, it is also the city on the French Rivera that attracts the most tourists.

Nice is home to the third largest airport in France, as well as lots of other amazing museums and attractions.

But one of the main reasons that so many tourists find their way to the French Riviera is because of its incredible weather and pleasant climate. And those two things often go and in hand with beaches, and relaxing by the ocean.

The French Riviera is one of the most iconic beach places in the world, and with Nice being the largest city there, plenty of people will find their way to see the beaches in Nice.

But how many beaches in Nice are there, where are they located, and most importantly, which are the best beaches in Nice?

In this post, we’re listing the best beaches in Nice that you should be visiting.

Beaches in Nice

Best beaches in Nice

Nice is notoriously known for having pebble beaches and not sand, which most other beaches on the French Riviera have.

Of course, the majority of people prefer sandy beaches due to the comfort of walking and laying on sandy beaches rather than pebble beaches, however, that doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands of people, including tourists, to head to one of the several beaches in Nice for a nice relaxing day on the beach.

Because who says you can’t have a pleasant day on a beach on the French Riviera just because it has pebbles?

Now, Nice is mostly famous for its enormous beach that stretches a whopping 7 kilometers long along the world-famous Promenade des Anglais, and somewhere along this beach, that’s where most people will be going.

Now, you might be thinking, but if there’s really just one really long beach in Nice, how can there be ”best beaches in Nice” if it is just all the same?

But firstly, the long beach is divided into a number of beaches and consists of a whopping 25 public beaches and 15 private. Moreover, there are also an additional few beaches outside of the “main” beach.

For the most part, Nice has something for all preferences when it comes to beaches.

It has, as mentioned, both public and private beaches, and for the private beaches, it has sunbeds, restaurants, and cafés in all price ranges and preferences.

Even when it comes to the public beaches, the facilities that are offered vary.

Now, in general, the best beaches in Nice are one of the private beaches. The vast majority of people don’t enjoy lying on hard pebbles, plus, the public beaches of Nice can get very crowded during summer, so if you don’t like to lie crammed into a tight spot, the private beaches will unarguably be the best choice for a relaxing and calm day by the beach.

If you’re less picky and don’t have anything against laying on pebbles, there’s nothing that will stop you from enjoying a day on the beach there as well, and do so while not having to pay a single dollar (or euro).

As for the private beaches in Nice, you rent your sun bed for a whole day or half a day, and while the prices vary between the different plages, it costs roughly 20 Euros to rent a sunbed for a whole day. If you’re going to rent towels, it will cost you extra, and renting a towel costs about €5 to €7.

Many people consider renting a sunbed well-worth it since it will allow for great comfort from the hard pebbles, and moreover, it will also bring you more calmness, as the private beach isn’t as crowded as the public beaches can be during the high season.

Moreover, the water outside of the private beach area will be less crowded too, which means you can normally enter the water without having to zig-zag through the crowds.

The private beaches also offer for greater security with your bags, and there are normally better facilities such as changing rooms, toilets, and showers, compared to those offered (or not offered) on the public beaches in Nice.

The private beaches in Nice also have restaurants and cafés, which allows you to order in food or drinks whenever you feel like it. Doing so on the public beaches in Nice will obviously be a little tricky, so most people just bring what they need with them.

Of course, staying a day on a private beach in Nice, a whole day, and then ordering food and drinks on top of that can quickly add up to a large bill, and if you are going to do it frequently, it will add up to quite a sum.

This is why, many people who are coming to Nice and want to enjoy the beaches there, including the best beaches in Nice, mix their experiences by spending one or a few days on a private beach, and then the rest of the days on the beaches in Nice that are public and free.

Best beaches in Nice: Public beaches

Of course, if you compare the best beaches in Nice based on standards and experience, the private beaches will always win. This is because of all the comforts that I presented earlier.

But at the same time, comparing public beaches and private beaches can be like comparing apples to oranges, since in one case, you’re paying, what most people consider quite a lot of money for a day at the beach, and in the other case, you’re paying zero. Nada.

But don’t think that just because they are public beaches in Nice that they are equally good, because there are best beaches in Nice, and there are worse beaches in Nice, even when it comes to public beaches, so let’s look at them now, and see which beach(es) you should head to, if you want a great day on a public beach in Nice.

La Reserve

La Reserve is one of the best beaches in Nice, at least when you’re comparing public beaches.

It can be found close to the city center, and you’ll find plenty of teenagers and locals.

This beach isn’t located on the main large beach of Nice, and this means that there will be substantially fewer tourists here, and the majority of people will be locals, thus allowing for smaller crowds compared to the beaches of the main Nice beach. At the same time, the beach is quite small, which means that on good days, it can get crowded.

La Reserve is located within a walking distance from Nice and has a ladder down into the water, which means you won’t have to risk hurting your feet or slipping on the rocks, both when getting in and out of the water.

It has a diving board, which really is off-limits, but still used by daredevils, which allows for great entertainment watching other people watch, unless you want to jump yourself of course.

You’ll find a limited amount of kiosks and restaurants in the area, so this is obviously a minus, but at the same time, the beach is public, and the vast majority of locals wouldn’t have bought from them anyway, so this is one of the reasons.

Moreover, since the beach is located in Nice, expect pebbles and not sand. Therefore, laying on the surface is rough, so make sure you bring proper footwear and a thick towel.

Accessing this beach is simple.

Just follow the sea walking past the port of Nice, and walk until you see the diving board.

Coco Beach (public beach)

Coco beach is another public beach in Nice, France, and ranks among the best beaches in Nice in the public beach category.

The beach is quite similar to La Reserve, which means that it is small and hosts mostly locals. Also, since it is a beach in Nice, it doesn’t have sand, but it doesn’t have pebbles, either. Instead, there are sea-worn rock platforms.

 The best option is to find a suitable rock that’s flat and comfortable (as comfortable as a rock can be), and then roll out your towel there. If there are any free rocks, that is.

You’ll find this beach a bit further from La Reserve beach, but unlike La Reserve, Coco Beach has showers and a restaurant which is closed on Sundays. What’s more, Coco Beach doesn’t have a ladder nor diving board, which means getting in and out of the water can be a little more tricky.

Since it is a beach that attracts mostly locals, you’ll find that the majority of people who are eating are bringing their own picnic.

During the summer months, there’s a lifeguard here, which is always nice and appreciated, as you can feel a little safer, however, the currents are especially known to be quite strong, and the water deep, so be careful when taking a swim.

The water is one of the reasons that Coco Beach is one of the best beaches in Nice, as it is crystal clear. Sometimes, you are lucky if you visit, and there’s close to no-one here. At the same time, if you come at ”the wrong time”, it can be super crowded. This depends on the time of which you are there, the weather, what day it is, and so on.

You’ll find one of the most stunning views here, showcasing scenery of the entire Baie des Anges all the way to the Esterel mountains.

Coco Beach is the absolute best place to enjoy the stunning sunset, and therefore attracts lots of picnicking people in the evening.


Another public beach you can find is the public beach of Villefranche-Sur-Mer, and while it isn’t technically a beach that is situated in Nice, a mere 15-minute bus ride will bring you there. Plus, the bus ride there isn’t that bad, considering you’re going along the coast, allowing for stunning views along the way.

The best part about this beach is that it has pebbles rather than large pebbles or rocks, and these very small and fine pebbles are closer to sand than they are rocks, which means they are very comfortable to sit on and walk in.

This public beach must be in the very top among the best beaches in Nice (even though it is in Villefranche-Sur-Mer) because many tourists find their way here during the summer, and it is often completely packed at the peak months.

The public beach here has a number of great restaurants close by, as well as ice cream kiosks and cafés.

Best beaches in Nice: Private beaches

Let’s move on to the next category of the best beaches in Nice.

Obviously, private and public beaches don’t play in the same category, and so, let’s list the most popular private beaches in Nice.

Choosing a private beach is often a great idea if you plan on spending a whole day on the beach, as it allows for great comfort which you don’t have while lying on the hard and rough pebbles, but if you plan on just lying on the beach for a couple of hours or spend a large number of days laying on the beach, then the public beaches are a better alternative for your wallet.

Neptune Plage

The private beach Neptune place in Nice is the winner of the Qualité Tourisme badge, which means it is voted one of the best beaches on Nice, not just assumingly one of the best beaches and chosen by random without many facts.

Different from other beaches in Nice, Neptune has a pontoon and a ladder into the lovely azure blue Mediterranean. The beach has a very relaxed Mediterranean vibe and atmosphere.

The restaurant of this place serves traditional Mediterranean dishes, with local fresh ingredients. You’ll find this delightful private place in Nice across the street of the iconic Hotel Negresco with its pink dome.

Beau Rivage

This is another high-ranking beach as one of the best restaurants in Nice, and similar to Neptune place, it has been awarded the Qualité Tourisme label by the local Chamber of Commerce.

You’ll find absolutely extraordinary food here, and it also has very friendly staff, great condition facilities, high-quality food, and drinks, as well as great cleanliness and comfort.

In other words, everything you may need for a perfect day on the beach.

Beau Rivage is one of the few beach restaurants in Nice that are open all year around.

If you’re curious about the price for hiring chairs, they are not too high if you compare with other beaches in Nice.

Miami Beach

Miami beach is, despite its name located in Nice, along the Promenade des Anglais.

It is situated a bit west of the promenade, but due to its high standards, and being one of the best beaches in Nice, it is a popular place due to its high standard.

It has a restaurant which serves high-quality food at a reasonable price, not more expensive than the other beach restaurants in Nice.

You’ll be met with great service (even though the Frenchmen aren’t generally known to provide the best customer service).

If you’re going to hire a sun chair, it’s going to cost you €16, including an umbrella. This is quite a good price if you compare with other beaches in Nice.

If you come with children, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a small playing area which will keep them entertained and happy.

Blue Beach 

Blue beach is yet another beach that is considered to be one of the best beaches in Nice.

It has gotten its Qualité Tourisme label of approval, and one of the things you can expect if you visit is amazing food with a lovely service.

You’ll find sun chairs at a fair and reasonable price. You can learn more about Blue Beach here.

Blue beach is located close to the five-star Hotel Palais Mediterranée if you need a benchmark for finding it.

Castel Plage

Castel beach is considered to be among the top one or two best beaches in Nice, but since there is no official award for just that, it will be impossible to actually prove it. You simply have to experience it, together with all of the other top best beaches in Nice in order to make a conclusion.

Castel Plage can be found at the very end of the beach, hiding in the corner.

Its location helps contribute to making this one of the best beaches in Nice since it is away from all of the huge crowds and the stress in the center of Nice.

You’ll find comfortable sun beds here, as well as some absolutely delicious food.

Ruhl Plage 

Ruhl Beach is another private beach in Nice, which ranks quite high in terms of standards. and beach experience.

What’s unique about this place is that it has its very own swimming pool beside the sea, making it a popular beach for families. Moreover, the page has its very own lifeguard, which means you can feel quite relaxed coming here.

You can, of course, rent comfortable sunbeds here.

Ruhl place is not only one of the best beaches in Nice, but it is also one of the oldest, established in the 1920s.

Opera Plage 

At Opera Place in Nice, France, you can rent a lounge chair with a mattress and umbrella for €16 for a day, which is quite cheap compared to most other private beaches in Nice.

It is considered to be one of the most price-worthy beaches for renting lounge chairs in Nice since it is also one of the most central beaches

While Opera Plage isn’t considered to have the best food or service, it is considered to be one of the best alternatives if you wish to rent a lounge chair but are on a  budget.

Forum Beach 

Forum beach is a beach in Nice that is considered to have everything you may ask for from a beach.

The pebbles are the smallest in the middle of the Baie des Anges, and largest at the east and west ends. Therefore, you’ll be happy to hear that Forum beach is situated in the center, and therefore has smaller stones that are much more comfortable to walk on.

It is a wide beach which doesn’t slope as aggressively into the water as some other places on the Baie des Anges do. This allows for easy access to the water.

At Forum beach, you’ll find public facilities you may need, and the beach is also considered to be quite safe since it has a number of lifeguards that work during the summer months.

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