The Best Provinces in Spain for Buying a Vacation Home

Did you know that Spain is the healthiest country in the world? In addition to the amazing health, the relaxing Spanish lifestyle, warm culture, and gorgeous sites make it an excellent place to own a vacation home.

Read on to learn about the best provinces in Spain to own your vacation home!

For Beach Lovers: Alicante Region

Located on the eastern coast of Spain, Alicante is a gem that foreigners flock to when buying a holding home in Spain. The 200 kilometers of sandy beaches will allow you to get accustomed to the relaxing Spanish lifestyle. 15% of Alicante’s Spain are foreigners, so you will fit right in.

Alicante has a Mediterranean climate, keeping the summers balmy and the winters mild, with temperatures in the mid-sixties. Buying a holiday home in Spain may seem daunting, but Alicante will be a perfect home away from home.

For Golfers: Costa Del Sol

Is swinging a golf club a key part of your experience while vacationing? Costa Del Sol is one of the best provinces in Spain for this! World-class golf courses attract people from all around the world, with leisurely communities built around them.

When you are taking a break from the course, you will enjoy sunning yourself on Costa Del Sol‘s gorgeous beaches or walking through its idyllic, historical streets.

The All-Time Best: Marbella

Marbella is an amazing gem on the southern coast of Spain. Filled with the sun each day, this town offers its residents both historical charm and a modern chic haven for creativity. In addition to beautiful beaches, there are wildlife and theme parks to enjoy some family fun.

Marbella offers amenities like yacht clubs and trendy shops, all against a historical backdrop with white-washed buildings and a famous roman bridge. With a population of around 140,000, its size creates a lively atmosphere but is small enough to feel like a comfortable home.

Many come to Marbella for its gorgeous climate- expect highs in the low 80s in the summer and the mid-50s in the winter. Its populations enjoy being active year-round in the mild weather. Check out property for sale in this region, and be on your way to an amazing vacation life.

Enjoy the Best Provinces in Spain

Thank you for reading about the best provinces in Spain to buy a vacation home! Spain is a favorite of people all around the world as a vacation destination, and the culture is inclusive of foreigners from all over. You will enjoy a simplified life by eating gourmet healthy foods, enjoying daily exercise, and leaning into a daily siesta.

Choosing a vacation home can be a daunting process, and it is crucial to find the right destination for your needs! We hope this guide helped you to learn about a possible area in Spain to find that vacation home.

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