Promotional T-shirts in marketing, an overview

It’s crucial to consider the effects of branded garments and gifts as one of the plans for communications, both inbound and outbound. To foster teamwork and raise staff morale, they might be included in the company branded clothes. They can be dispersed to leads, customers, and the broader population as an advertising strategy or marketing movement to affect purchase intent, increase company recognition and advance product perception.

T-shirts today are now known as fashion statements, lifestyle displayers and an element of day to day usage that has been incorporated into marketing and advertising.

Usage of Promotional T-shirts in marketing

With the invention of “screen printing,” promotional t-shirt manufacturing techniques may be dated directly to ancient China of the late 13th Century. Other countries of Asia, particularly Japan, adopted the display engraving technique as a method for putting images or patterns on textiles.

The development of numerous screen printing techniques in the early twentieth century spurred the creation of display t-shirts as works of art. Unintentionally, it took until the late twentieth century for labeled t-shirts to become widely used as mementos, art, advertising, fashion, and marketing objects.

Advertising through Promotional T-shirts

Promotional t-shirts are frequently referred to as the “Best Probable Advertising Gift”. It’s a citation to the influence created on people’s lives through them. As corporate promotional gifts, clothing items play a huge role in advancing political movements, recommending a commodity, boosting sales, and reinforcing a company’s goal and vision.

These corporate tees are inexpensive but useful giveaways that are frequently used in marketing efforts since they provide a variety of branding options for printing marketing-related messaging and artwork. They are often enthusiastically welcomed and appreciated by the general population, especially if they are given away as freebies or included with purchases.

Promo shirts are also useful as labeled corporate attire to spread an industry’s value proposition, improve workplace morale, and stoke staff excitement. This effectively communicates the vision and goal of the team.

Points to note while choosing a Promo T-shirt

Durability and utility are the prime factors that will influence your decision while choosing promotional t-shirts. People are also typically influenced by colour, pattern, material type, texture, weight, and embroidery. However, a quality promotional T-shirt ought to be capable of helping you reach your marketing goals by creating a positive impression on your intended target of people. The better ones would need to be captivating and that initial impression should also have a lasting effect on your audience, which is driven by how frequently and for how long they use it.

Cotton t-shirts are the most chosen promo tees because they are natural, come with a cozy usage, are ideal for most of the weather conditions, and simple to maintain.

Also, particularly when working with cotton, you should think about choosing t-shirts which don’t lose their shape or measurements readily. Make sure to get promotional T-shirts that have been processed using cutting-edge “no-diminish” technology. If you are unsure of the approximated sizes you want, prior to buying one, stretchable material is expected to help you. Your shirt’s design is important as well because people need to find it appealing so that your marketing goals are also fulfilled.

Colour, as observed, also plays a big part because it may either help or hurt your promotional activities. It’s usually best to choose the colours that are preferred generally when setting up your tees for custom business clothes or retail as you want to reach your marketing or advertising goals.

According to studies, basic shades like black, white, brown, and grey are the most popular since they are commonly accepted and are frequently purchased by the general public. The background of your logo, artwork, printing, and embroidery will look nice against these neutral hues. Additionally fashionable, trendy, adaptable, and simple to wear are these hues.

The weight should be taken into account while choosing T-shirts, just as the colour and quality do. A shirt’s heaviness is measured in GSM, which reflects the concentration of the fabric. A high-quality promotional t-shirt ought to weigh between 150 and 180 grams. The t-shirt shouldn’t be too heavy or shallow, which will possibly reduce its durability, thus this is an appropriate range. If the promotional t-shirt is too thin, it can easily tear, is vulnerable to shrinking, fades quickly, becomes translucent, and over time, the user or consumer will stop wearing it.

On the contrary, if the branded tee is too thick, people won’t wear it as frequently because it will be heavy and uncomfortable and lead them to sweat profusely a lot on warm days. Therefore, for distributions during special promotions and home sales campaigns, a mass of 150GSM-155GSM is advised for customers who participate in activities as well as the general public, while a mass of 160GSM-180GSM is advised for your branded corporate attire.

Best tees to display graphics through Printing and Embroidery

Since you are choosing a Promtional t-shirt, hence displaying your intended message, quote or company branding can never be left out. Choosing a t-shirt whose quality is appropriate to display the graphics is thereby inevitable.

  • Choosing tees for Printing

When it comes to choosing Cotton, polyester, and mixed textiles are the top 3 recommended fabrics.

For screen printing and impressive colouring, 100% normal or 100% ringspun cotton is strongly advised. Polyester, cotton-polyester blends, and Tri-Blend (50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, and 25% Rayon) are all excellent options if you want distinctive branded tees.

  • Choosing tees for Embroidery

In addition to printing, embroidery or stitching is another effective method for personalising or branding t-shirts for commercial use. The craft of embroidery entails decorating a material with decorative designs either by hand or with a machine using thread, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins.

The best options for printing and embroidery include Gildan, Roly, Sol’s, Anvil, and Kariban since they are high-quality and provide a variety of embroidery options.


Here we have tried to assist you in knowing how promotional t-shirts have been used effectively as marketing tools over a diverse period of time. In order to make your promotional campaign successful and gain the maximum out of it, you will also need to choose the perfect promotional tee which will appeal to your target customers in terms of colour, style, comfortability and also must promote your brand. But, do not stay in doubt about the effectiveness of t-shirts as marketing tools, they stand out from many other commonly used promotional gifts.

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