The Benefits of Moving to Dubai

Dubai remains the largest metropolitan city in the country, famous for the pace of economic growth and comfortable climate. Housing here is in demand as an investment, often chosen by those who plan to move to a permanent place of residence. The steadily high standard of living and safety, the sea coast, and the absence of drastic fluctuations in temperature make the region a popular place for recreation and life.

When considering real estate in Dubai, it is crucial to be able to move quickly in a rented car so that you can explore all the options. That’s possible if you rent a car chosen from a great assortment. So you not only get around the city quickly and comfortably, but you can also immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Dubai after renting Lamborghini in Dubai!

Great opportunities for foreigners

The Emirates is home to around 10 million people, and 70% of them are expatriates. Citizens of other countries are open to the prospects of finding a job and getting a decent wage, for example, here well earn specialists of the highest level. It must be noted that the average salary in the UAE is about four to seven thousand dollars a month. In addition, each employee in the Emirates gets a favorable medical insurance


The UAE ranks second in the world on the list of the safest countries for life. And it is felt in everyday life.

More than 300 thousand cameras have been installed in Dubai, both on the streets and inside buildings. So you should be careful if you rent a car in Dubai. Artificial intelligence-based surveillance systems are also used. Drones are also used to patrol the streets and public places.

It is also common among the population to report any irregularities to the police. This is encouraged by the authorities, and residents consider it their civic duty to report. Because of the widespread surveillance, there are few people willing to break the law.

Residence permit

When you buy property in the UAE, you can get a residence permit, which allows you to live fully in this beautiful city.

Loyal tax policy

In the UAE, unlike most European countries, there are no property and income taxes and fees. In other words, the fact of owning a property or renting a car in the UAE and its subsequent letting does not oblige the owner to pay any fees to the state in the UAE.


A wide choice of everything all year round. No sanctions, respectively, and the availability of quality products from all over the world.

There are stores of different price categories. Choice of cafes and restaurants – from street food, where you can eat for five dollars to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Health Care

There is a huge amount of money allocated for it in the UAE, so doctors use the latest developments. Therefore, the medical care in the country is one of the best in the world, and it is free for the natives. Foreign citizens working here take out insurance annually, the cost of which depends on what is included in its package, but whatever the price, the doctors in the Emirates treat everybody equally.


Service in the Emirates is generally decent. The complaints of the residents often relate to the work of local mobile operators, but that is a separate topic.

But, for example, delivery services work perfectly. In Dubai, the average meal delivery time is half an hour. There are no interruptions with electricity, gas, or water.


The beauty of life in Dubai: you can spend your free time on vacation – on the beach, on a yacht, in a resort hotel, or drive your Lamborghini on the night streets. There are a lot of amusement parks and water rides for children and adults. There are sports and cultural events all year round, which become more numerous with the arrival of autumn when the heat subsides.

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