Best bars in Cannes? 21 Bars You Need to Visit

Cannes is a city of great prestige which has built for itself a reputation of glitz and glamour, much thanks to its iconic annual Film Festival which attracts some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Cannes is a classy city which tends to attract people of wealth who are looking to live the good life on the Riviera. As such, Cannes has plenty of great bars and places to enjoy a drink or two. For the French, champagne, and wine tends to be the popular drinks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a chilling beer or a glamorous cocktail.

Being a city of glitz and glamour, when it comes to the bars in Cannes, clubs, and places where you can enjoy a drink, there’s something for everyone. But overall, Cannes has a very high lowest standard. No matter if you’re looking to enjoy a fancy glass of bubbly on a rooftop, or have a beer in a traditional and picturesque French bar, you’ll be able to find bars in Cannes that match your preferences.

In this article, we’re listing the top bars in Cannes and places where you can enjoy a delicious drink. The bars in Cannes are listed in no particular order. We won’t be listing straight up nightclubs but pubs in Cannes, bars in Cannes, and other top places to have a drink in Cannes, France.

Top 21 bars in Cannes


This is the perfect bar in Cannes if you want to enjoy delicious wine. As the name suggests, it is all about wine, and with the French culture and Riviera lifestyle in mind, don’t be surprised that there are plenty of bars in Cannes which focus and are specialized in wine.

Le bar à vin is a traditional wine bar serves snacks that perfectly accompany wine and contribute to an even better wine experience, in particular, different cheeses. At this wine bar in Cannes, you’ll find about 100 wines. It has a lovely outside seating which is perfect to sit and just relax and watch people pass by while exploring new tastes or sipping your favorite wine. It has high stools as well as tables which are made from old barrels which contributes to making this place even more traditional and unique. 

This wine bar is quite popular among the locals, so if you are looking to converse with some Frenchmen and women, it’s a great place to go to.

LE BAR L’AMIRAL – The Admiral Bar – Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Set in one of the most luxurious and iconic hotels in Cannes, the Hotel Martinez, you can expect this bar in Cannes to have quite a high standard and offer a great service in a fancy setting.

Martinez hotel Cannes

Le Bar L’Amiral ranks among the best piano bars in France, and it is interiorized in an Art Deco styling, with plenty of photos of celebrities on the walls in case you’ve forgotten all of the celebrities that have visited Cannes or lived in the hotel.

What’s most special about this bar in Cannes is that it arranges live piano and singing on the terrace every evening during the summer season which contributes to making your bar experience in Cannes absolutely unique.

With the live music, you can sit back, enjoy a cocktail, and feel like a true classic star.

As the winter comes, don’t worry about the live music, because the musicians still play every day except for Monday. The quality of the cocktails at this bar is also sky-high as the barmen regularly win awards for their beautifully crafted cocktails. In fact, the team has won more awards than almost any other team from any bar in France.

This bar will take you into a new atmosphere, away from the large crowds and sometimes stressful atmosphere of the street, into a new ambiance and calm, in a surrounding that reminds of a glamorous lifestyle. Unlike many bars in Cannes, this bar is all about glamour, so if this is your cup of tea, it is the place to go to. Especially. We can promise that you won’t hear any high-beat, rap, hip-hop etc. music here. Instead, it’s all about jazz, set in a beautiful location.

Many of the world’s biggest stars have sipped cocktails at this bar throughout the history.


Another glamorous and exclusive bar in Cannes is one set in one of the most, if not the most iconic and luxurious hotels in Cannes, the Carlton Intercontinental. This is the place that stars come during the Cannes Film Festival, and if you want to feel like a true rockstar, Carlton bar is the place to go. As you would expect, the bar is pricey, so be prepared.

Carlton hotel Cannes

The bar is set in a stunning Belle Époque atmosphere and surrounding and welcomes its guests to a bar that feels modern and exclusive.

Carlton bar is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious cocktail of the highest standard, accompanied by some snacks.

Morrison’s Irish Pub

The Cannes bars are actually made up of quite a few Irish bars, and Morrison’s is one of them. Among the Irish bars in Cannes, Morrison’s is the oldest.

If you want to escape from the loud rave and electrical music and relax at a bar in a more traditional pub setting, this is the place to go.

The bartenders speak English which is very helpful. Inside, sports is showed on the televisions, in English, of course, and to make the pub experience even more interesting, it has live music from Tuesday to Sunday. 

Throughout the year, this pub holds numerous events which can be interesting to attend. You’ll find it right off the main shopping street of Rue d’Antibes. If you want to get away from all the glitz and glamour of Cannes and relax at a more laid-back and traditional place, Morrison’s is a great place to go.

When it comes to the interior, think traditional English and Irish bar. This means s a rustic environment of dark wood tables, whiskey barrels, lanterns, and a TV tuned to sports.

You’ll find plenty of Frenchmen here, despite the fact that the French tend to stick with what is traditionally French.

When important games are on, you’ll find a ton of locals and sports fans packing the lower floor of this pub to join the spirit. If this is the case, but you aren’t interested in sport, you can walk up the stairs to the second floor. Here, you’ll find an old bookshelf lined with Irish novels and poetry. Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the action below.

When the sports fans don’t the pub, you can listen to live bands playing rock, jazz, and Irish music.  If you’re lucky, you might be able to experience the Guinness-chugging crowd.

If you want to go to a more stylish and ”hip” place, you can go to Morrison’s Lounge which is situated right next door. This bar has a similar décor but it is a younger and better-dressed congregation. The key difference is that you can listen to DJ-spun house music

In Morrison’s bar, most of the people here are in their early 20s+. The crowd mainly consists of expats, sports fans, travelers, and regulars.

The bar offers Happy Hour daily from 5-8 pm. As for the prices, a beer costs €6, wine €4+, and mixed drinks and shots €5+.

There isn’t really a dress code, but you’ll find that people are more casually dressed here. On the weekends, it tends to be a little more dressed up.

Zoa Bar

On the opposite side of Cannes’ Palais du festival et congrès, you’ll find Zoa Bar.  It’s a restaurant and bar which serves sushi and other local dishes and Asian delights. 

It has a live DJ and is open until 2.30am. Since you can eat at the same time, you can have a dining experience out of the ordinary. Zoa bar tends to get busy, so make sure you reserve a table. It offers great service and has a cozy atmosphere.

Le Cercle Bar

Le Circle bar is set in the glamorous hotel of Le Grand Hôtel. As such, the bar belongs to the hotel bar and is a nice spot for enjoying drinks. 

On most evenings and nights, the bar has live music provided by a resident pianist. The atmosphere of this bar in Cannes is relaxed,  warm and cozy, and outside, it offers stunning views of the sea and the Croisette.

Le Circle bar is one of the oldest wine bars in Cannes, so you can expect a great wine list.

Cotton club

Cotton Club is a jazz lounge in Cannes which is situated within another bar, the Auberge Provençale da Bouttau. The jazz lounge has jazz on weekend evenings and is a great place to enjoy a glass of wine in a relaxed and laid-back environment. It is also a wine bar, so the wine list is quite good.

72 / “The Gutter Bar”

Mostly known as Croisette 72, the Gutter bar is the restaurant’s ”alter ego” which appears when adland heads to Cannes. It is said that the Gutter Bar was given its nickname by journalists many years ago. 

The 72 Croisette is a restaurant, but during the ad festival, it is turned to one of the most popular bars in the evenings and nights, all the way to the morning.

The Quay’s Irish Pub

Situated a block away from the beach, cross the street from the old port, the Quay is another of the Irish bars in Cannes. It is everything you would expect from a  typical Irish bar. It also offers a great view and has a laid back, open, and relaxed atmosphere. As such, it is a great spot to meet new people.

Traditionally Irish bar decorated, the bar has dark wood décor as well as a paddleboat hanging from the ceiling. Furthermore, it has a collection of foreign currency, paying tribute to the pub’s international regulars. As you would expect, it also has barstools and rustic whiskey-barrel tables where a lot of people, of course, enjoy Guinness.

The Irish bar in Cannes has an enclosed terrace. As you would expect from an Irish bar, it ha a great variety of whiskeys. Like most bars, it is busy during game nights when a ton of sports fans crowds the bar, but this bar tends to have a good, crowd any night of the week.

You’ll also be able to enjoy live music on Thursdays and Sundays at 11 pm. It doesn’t serve any food except for bar snacks. 

Considering it’s Cannes, the prices are generous. A beer costs €4+, mixed drinks €6+, shots €5, and top shelf whiskey €8+

It has a casual dress code, and it is especially on Thursdays and Sundays that the bar welcomes a lot of visitors.

The Kingdom Pub

Not an Irish pub and bar, but an English one. Situated in Cannes city, they describe themselves as ”The most authentic ” English Pub” in Cannes”.

It has 2 rooms and 1 large mezzanine with a total area of 250 m2 which can host up to 350 people. It also has a terrace in season.

As you would expect in an English bar, it has a giant screen showing major sporting events, and as such, during big games, the bar is very crowded.

It also has a lounge area which is equipped with 5 private rooms. Furthermore, it has a DJ and Live Stage.

The 360 Lounge Bar

This lounge bar is situated on the top floor, the rooftop of the Radisson hotel. If you’re looking for a glamorous and exclusive, yet chill and relaxed bar experience, 360 lounge bar is the place to go. Located on the rooftop, it offers a 360 panoramic view, as the name of the bar reveals.

Best Bars in Cannes

Situated on the 7th floor, it gives a stunning view over Cannes, the Mediterranean, and the surrounding areas, including the Lérins Islands, and Esterel. Classy cocktails, wines, and champagne is what you’ll find most people enjoying here. The list of drinks is quite good.


Chrysties is a bar, a restaurant, and a nightclub.

It is a late-night place and not a bar which you simply sit down and relax at. It is a place for people looking to spend their money and party until the early hours.

It has a circular bar where people congregate for ‘after works’. This is what is also known as happy hour. This Cannes bar has a cabaret feel, and the dress code is more dressed up than casual. It has a lively atmosphere, great cocktails, minibar snacks, and a great energy.

It has a world-renowned bartender, so you can expect to be served drinks of the highest standard. Since it is also a restaurant, as far as the food goes, it is of the highest quality. New flavors and textures crafts a menu that will take you on a voyage of discovery. It is run by the chef Laurent Beaumont’s, and the menu is made up of inspired dishes to awaken the senses and bring us the unexpected. 


Bâoli restaurant and nightclub is unarguably the most famous, iconic, and luxurious place in Cannes. It is where all the top celebrities regularly go when visiting, which includes the Kardashians and many more.

It is a luxury restaurant which is set in the heart of Port Canto. it is a place unlike any other in Cannes or the French Riviera. 

It is divided into two sections and is bar Cloud Nine welcomes you from 7 pm. It is a rooftop bar which overlooks the harbor and offers you a stunning luxury experience.

Cloud 9 is highlighted by an exotic and elegant design, and at 8 pm, the main restaurant, which is eventually turned into a nightclub opens the doors.

It is an outdoor paradise in a tropical setting where you sit among the palm trees.

Baoli has something for everyone, with amazing colorful cocktails as well as delicious Asian and Mediterranean inspired cuisine.

Since Baoli is a bar and nightclub of a very luxury standard, it’s all about champagne and wine, and the list is never-ending.

Do know, however, that since this is the most prestigious bars, nightclubs, and restaurants on the Riviera, it is expensive.

Ma Nolan’s Irish Pub

This is yet another of the Irish Cannes bars. It is just one of several bars belonging to the Ma’s family. 

The bar strives to be a true local pub. It is situated just a stone’s throw from the Palais des Festivals. Here, you can enjoy delicious food, party until dawn, and watch sports on large screens.

Just like your traditional Irish bar, Ma Nolan’s is a contemporary Irish pub with lots of elements that you’d expect in a bar of this nature, including lots of wood, iron,  ship lights, and more.

For a relaxed and warm atmosphere, while enjoying a nice drink, this is a great place to visit.

Le Sun7

Le Sun7 is a night bar situated in downtown Cannes. It is open every day, offers happy hour, has a Dj Set, and a Dancefloor. This is one of the bars in Cannes which offers a Peaceful atmosphere and cool prices.

The Station Tavern Pub

As the name suggests, this Tavern Pub faces the train station, the Cannes gare. It is a traditional British pub run by a Franco-British family.

It’s a great place for karaoke and football fans in particular, but it is welcoming to anyone who wants to enjoy a nice drink, whether beer or a cocktail.

On their many giant screens, you can watch up to 4 games at the same time.

When it comes to sport, it’s all about soccer due to the fact that it is a British bar, which means a focus on Premier League, the Champions League, and are, but you’ll also be able to watch rugby, basketball, motorsports and more.

Every summer evening and from Thursday to Sunday during the winter season. you can indulge in karaoke.

As entertainment, you can also play a game of dart with your friends.

In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, simply sit down, relax, and enjoy a drink.


This is the perfect bar in Cannes if you’re looking to sit down, relax, and people-spot.

Charly’s bar is an intimate venue in a small cave-like setting. 

It is a former sheepfold but is now decorated with palm trees and lights.

Different from what you may think, the DJ doesn’t play electronic music, but instead, they play hits from the ’60s through to the ’90s. 

The bar has very picturesque low cavern ceilings which contributes making this bar feel like something very special from a fantasy film. Among the many bars in Cannes, this one is very unique and different, and a great contrast if you want to experience something different and out of the ordinary.

Le Vogue

Le Vogue is another bar in Cannes. It takes reservations but also welcomes walk-ins. It’s a great place for groups and also offers outdoor Seating.

For an evening with friends with delicious cocktails in a lovely atmosphere with great live music, cabaret, and karaoke, this is the place to go.

Le Bivouac

Le Bivouac is much more than your regular cocktail bar. It is a sensory experience. Here, you’ll find classic cocktails but you’ll also find homemade creations as well as original beers, selected wines and gourmet plates.

This bar is a warm and welcoming bar in a lovely atmosphere with great service and friendly staff. Apart from drinks, they have wines, cheeses, cold meats, and desserts.

Their large terrace makes this a perfect place in the summer, and during the winter, they have a fire, since this bar I open all year round.

La Chunga

La Chunga has been open for decades in Canes and is a bar and a restaurant. The food is a bit expensive, but you’ll find the drinks reasonably priced compared to Cannes in general.

La Chunga has a friendly staff and offers live entertainment. here’s a reason why this bar has lasted so long, so try it yourself! It is open until 5 am.


Byron is a pub and restaurant. It has Happy Hour on pints of beer and cocktails. To accompany, they also offer tapas.

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