Best Things To Do and See in Cannes, France

Glamourous and beautiful Cannes certainly have fascinating places that will take your touring experience new levels with incredible museums, beautiful architectures, islands, beaches, boutiques, cafes. While we’d like to highlight Particular areas that are the main tourist attraction and best things to do in Cannes, France.

1. Le Suquet

It’s an original and ancient hillside settlement and the street has been preserved for years. It’s best if you go out in the evening and spend some quality time in the hilly areas, which mesmerize you with its beauty.

2. La Croisette

It is the perfect place for the people that always find the beaches and luxuriousness as an ideal combo. Enjoy any of La Croisettes private beaches have to offer, and the best time to visit them is in the mid-summer. Even though you have to pay a bit, it’s worths every penny.

3. Palais des Festivals

The place got the world recognition due to hundreds of reasons. You can visit the grand auditorium, and pursue the four steps of the famous personalities. You will have to walk the red carpet to go and visit the Gran audotorium.

It’s the best and transformable place to Cannes and brings charm, and distinction to the city. It can be declared as the world largest market for the filmmakers, where distributor, filmmaker, and other persons come together and make contracts. If you are into the film, then this is the perfect place for you to visit.

4. Marché Forville

Throughout your stay, this place deserves every visit in a day. South of France has given it full coverage of seasonal products, which you can’t find in the wealthy city. You can enjoy the live music on Saturday and Sunday. Moreover the hundreds of natural herbs, handcrafted things, fragrances, and other items.

5. Île Sainte-Marguerite

The perfect island, having the highest potentiality to make your trip rememberable and great. It has the stone piles accompanied by the aromatic forests. When you are exhausted with the routine, it’s even better to try and explore the real beauty of the island.

6. Rue Meynadier

Its place that has many beautiful and charming houses around, it has everything that you can take with you as a memory of Cannes, most of the tourists say that it is the place that does not deserve to be missed. It has many historic restaurants and luxurious hotels and shops to make your experience even more exceptional.

7. Île Saint-Honorat

The place that has vast and beautiful history has been covered with many deadly raids, and expulsions. Besides that, there is a still Cistercian community that sells the wine and traditional homemade honey. If you have time, get to know more about the history as there are many old roots of historical incidents associated with the place.

8. Musée de la Castre

A highly diverse museum, there is a vast variety of art pieces and city collection of various countries. If you manage to go 109 steps to the top of the square, then the view of the bay gets more beautiful and fascinating.

If you have more tips on what to do or places to pay a visit to in Cannes, please leave a comment and we will add it!

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