A Brief Biography of Norm Ebenstein: United States Real Estate Broker

A Brief Biography of Norm Ebenstein: United States Real Estate Broker

In every generation, there are people who make a mark and leave their footprints on the sands of time. No matter what is obtainable in the times that they live/lived in, they always rise above it to leave a legacy that cannot be forgotten. This piece is a short biography of one of such individuals. 

 This great man, Norm Ebenstein: Founder Capital Commercial Property and President was an icon in the world of business; real estate to be precise. He is widely known as Norm which is a short form of Norman.  His lifetime was spent cultivating his family relationships, growing his business and contributing to making the community where he lived a better environment/place. 

Growing Up and Education 

Norman Ebenstein was born on the 23rd of October in the year 1928. He was born into the family of Samuel and Jeannette Ebenstein who loved their ever smiling and sunny baby boy. Although he was born in the ever bustling city of New York, he grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

His parents moved to this small town of Worcester where he grew to be proud of his heritage which was Jewish. This pride in his cultural heritage remained with him all his life and was also instilled into his children.  

Despite the fact that anti-Semitism was the order of the day when he was growing up, Norm never lost sight of the value of getting a good education.  He went to Phillip Exeter where he excelled in his studies and went further in his education at the Brown University where he studied Economics.  He did not stop at this level but went on to Boston University Law School to obtain a law degree. Some years later, he went on to acquire a Ph.D. degree in history at the University of Michigan

His Family Life 

Norman Ebenstein met his wife at Brown University and it was love at first sight. They got married and spent a blissful 65 years together as husband and wife.  This legend had an understanding of the fact that life was more than just having a successful career/business. He was the consummate family man. 

He walked through life with an understanding that his wife was his partner and it reflected in their relationship and the way they raised their children.  This mind set helped them to bring up children that they were proud of who also raised noble grandkids. 

No matter how the world perceives this icon, his legacy shows that building a strong family trumps building a strong business. This is evidenced in how his children and grandkids have taken over the business he built and are still running it successfully till date. 

His Business Life 

Norman Ebenstien served for 48 years as the chairman of Eden Center incorporated which was a part of Eden Investment. His real estate investment company was founded in 1958 without any prior experience in construction or other business ventures. However, the founder was a visionary who knew where he was going and how he planned to get there.  

You may want to read this article in case you are thinking of starting a real estate firm. This is because even if you do not have personal experience, you can ride on the experience of others. 

One of the most daring things that the chairman did was to invest his personal nest egg into Boca Raton Real Estate Properties. Then through hard work and relentlessness, he grew the assets of his company until it stood as a giant in the industry. 

Its properties are given out for sale through the Incorporated Properties Division of Eden Centre. Till date it is still focused on the development of and investment in real estate. One major achievement of the company is the development of the Boca Raton Waterfront Area. 

Some Of His Contributions To The Real Estate Industry 

Chairman Norm Ebenstein lived Boca Raton and owned many properties there for over 3 decades.  He was a very popular and highly respected member of the community and he contributed a great deal in making the area very respectable and highly sought after by families. One of the reasons why families seek to raise their kids in the area is because of the many educational institutions that are easily accessible to them there. 

The level of respect that he commands in the community make people seek his recommendation on what kind of home to invest in. And his recommendations are never taken for granted because of his wealth of knowledge and experience. 

The properties owned by  his company come at very reasonable prices that are affordable to the average family. These homes are situated on clean and fresh beaches with beautifully landscaped gardens.  Despite the affordable price range, the homes have all that is needed to provide maximum comfort to the inhabitants. 

The chairman made homes not only affordable but highly comfortable.  With his homes, you are assured of great value for money.  Another great achievement was the revamping of the Eden Center which is a shopping district located in Falls Church, Virginia.   You can check out this site for more on Eden center: https://edencenter.com/about-norm-ebenstein/

Volunteer Work And Philanthropy 

Norman Ebenstein was a very active member in the Peace Corps Volunteer Force and he served in India. He was a man who believed in giving back to the society by raising the quality of the lives of those in his community. For this reason, he founded the Norman Ebenstein Foundation through which he carried out his philanthropic work. 

He was also involved in a number of local N.G.Os. One of the most foremost ones is the B’nai B’rith; this is a Jewish organization that’s dedicated to service to humanity.  He died on the 20th of December 2016. 


This article is not comprehensive enough to do justice to the life and legacy of Norman Ebenstein. But one thing that we can take away from the above is that while one is building a successful and strong business, they should also strive to build a strong family.  This is a combination that would allow your legacy to remain solid and unshaken in years to come. 

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