Can College Students Make a Living in Real Estate?

Real estate can be an excellent way for college students to make a living. There are many opportunities in the industry, and it is possible to start on your own without any experience. This blog post will continue to discuss some of the best ways for college students to get started real estate.

1. Be a Landlord

While college life may be overwhelmingly demanding, being a landlord is not. A lot of the work will be outsourced to other professionals. If you go through the information on, you’ll learn that you can even have your dissertation worked on while you manage your property empire.

This isn’t to say that being a landlord is easy-you’ll have to be on call for emergencies and know when to evict bad tenants. But if you’re willing to throw in the work, there’s no reason why you can’t make a killing in real estate while still in school.

2. Invest in Syndication or REITs

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty running the day-to-day operations of a multi-family property, but you still want to invest in real estate, there are other options. You can invest in syndication or REITs:

  • Syndication: the pooling of capital from multiple investors to acquire income-producing properties. You may have heard this term before when looking into Crowdfunding sites like Fundrise and RealtyShares.
  • A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT): an investment fund that owns and operates income-producing properties to maximize shareholders’ value. They’re similar to mutual funds, except they own real estate assets instead of securities in publicly traded companies. Both are great ways for passive investors to get involved with multifamily investing without dealing directly with tenants or property management.

3. Linking Buyers to Sellers

The fact that there are many websites that help with homework means that you can have the time to find potential property sellers. Alternatively, you could start a website that makes the process of linking sellers and buyers in real estate faster. It would be perfect if you kept up with your studies while doing this job.

Linking buyers to sellers can be a great way to make money after school. When people list their property on the internet, you will get an opportunity to contact them and ask if they want to sell it or renting it out. You could even link these clients to other agents who have vacant properties that match what they want.

The idea is finding out how much time each transaction takes before deciding whether this business model suits your schedule as well as your academic load. However, once the initial work of marketing yourself has been done, you should expect many customers to come back for more services because real estate transactions take place every day!


If you thought about getting into the real estate game as a college student, now might be a good time to do it. The market is ever-changing, so you need to stay on your toes to succeed. Remember, the more you know about the field, the better prepared you will be to make money from it. Mentioned above are three top ways to make money in real estate. These are the most popular ways to invest, but you don’t have to limit yourself to these options. 

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