How to Choose the Colour Palette for Your Home

When it comes to styling a home, your colour palette selection is one of your most important decisions. Colour affects moods and emotions, so selecting a colour palette that you love will make your space feel like home. The first step is to find your home but once you have found the perfect home, it’s time to choose the colour palette for your home to make it perfect.

In this article, we’ll explore some simple ways to choose the perfect colours for your rooms.

The Attributes of Colour

There are three main attributes of any colour when it comes to interior design:

  • Temperature (warm or cool) 
  • Intensity (it’s saturation) 
  • Value (dark or light)

These three attributes all influence the way a room feels when you walk in. The best way to narrow down what colours you choose for the various surfaces is to consider the function of the room. Even a bland old laundry space can look amazing with the right colour selection.

A warm colour will make a room feel intimate.  A cool colour on the other hand may help a room feel more spacious.

Do Your Research

For some great ideas on colour combinations, it’s a great idea to browse an interior design magazine or websites. Also, take notice of the homes of friends when you visit to see how they have styled their homes.

  • What colours worked well together?
  • What might clash when used together?

You might also choose to visit other properties for sale to gather some ideas. Visit quite a few for some inspiration and take a photograph where you can. You’re bound to find some hidden gems if you take your time to view a number of homes.

Your Complete Home Styling

The styling of your home isn’t complete without considering the furnishings and also the outside appearance. Select colours that harmonise well with your home furnishings to achieve a balanced, complementary colour palette. It may be best to choose mostly neutral colours along with an accent colour that will really ‘pop’. These accent colours may be best achieved with the decor you choose since they are more easily replaced and updated when your preferences and fashion evolve over the years.

Consider Practicalities

For some items within your home, it’s wise to consider the practicalities of your colour choice. Flooring for instance, should be selected with ease of cleaning as a key consideration. Carpet that is either too dark or too light can be a huge challenge in keeping clean which is why taupe is so popular. Some tile and grout colours also show the dirt and grime far more easily than others.

For those with children or pets, a good choice of colour can reduce the potential damage caused by any accidental spillages or smudges that need to be wiped off quickly before they stain.

Ready to Sell?

If you intend on selling your home in the future, a neutral colour palette will make it more appealing to buyers.  Even if you intend on staying in your home, choosing a neutral colour palette will make it easier to update and change the style of your room without needing to repaint.

Use Your Intuition

Don’t be overwhelmed by the options or the interior design lingo. You will intuitively know what feels right to you. It’s your home so you have the right to style it to your personal taste and flair. The more you do your research, the more comfortable and confident you will become in making colour decisions.

What is your favourite colour?  Are there colours that you dislike or find overwhelming? Keep in mind these preferences when choosing the palette to suit your space. It’s your home so go with your own selections!

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