How to Get the Most Out of Above Ground Pools During Summer

Summer is one of those seasons in where most of us just want to hang around, enjoy the sunlight and possibly play around with water, either from a pool or a beach. However, there are definitely enthusiasts out there who take a step further beyond to make sure the family is enjoying their time and purchase a pool for its sake.

There are many different types of pools, and traditionally speaking, in-ground pools are the ones most people own. However, for those who just want to ensure the family is going to have a blast during summer, above-ground pools are possibly the best option.

They do have their advantages, but the main one is being far cheaper than your regular in-ground pool. If you check out Watson’s above ground swimming pool, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

They are great for families that just want to have a good time, and overall, much easier to handle, quicker to install, and generally safer as well when it comes to kids. The problem with them is that they might be a little smaller and less deep in comparison to your regular in-ground swimming pool, but for most people out there, they work just fine.

However… When it comes to enjoying them, not a lot of people have the necessary creativeness to come up with ideas and games for a great pool day. This is fairly normal, considering that pools are not very common amenities. 

That is why, in this article, we will cover some of the things you can consider when planning a day, whether you are doing it with your friends or family. 

First of All, Get to Know your public

Knowing what people will join the event is definitely important. However, there some rules of thumb you can follow, like the ones showcased over here. Making sure everyone keeps themselves hydrated, for example, is one of those rules. Still, some things indeed change depending on the people involved.

If you and your family want to have a great time, just think about your and your family’s needs. Maybe you can get to drink some beer or wine with your significant other while your children get to enjoy juice or coke, and snacks, as well as food, should be a staple.

If you are adventurous, maybe going for a barbecue could also do the trick. Since is your family we are talking about, things can be a little more simple and personal, so you shouldn’t fuse too much about it.

With that said, when we talk about a reunion between friends, making sure everyone has fun is very important. Here’s when things might get a little bit more specific.

How to Enjoy a Great Pool Party

Some of the things that a pool party should absolutely have included are things like drinks, snacks, food, music, and of course, inflatable toys. These are the biggest aspects of any pool party, so make sure they are present during the experience. 

The summer is usually really hot and the sunlight tends to be more intense, so you might want to have a place where people can put on some sunscreen and cover from the sun. To do that, a couple of parasols with a table where you can place the sunscreen is more than enough.

Prepare the Pool

Pools require maintenance, and that is something a lot of people don’t know. The intensity and frequency of the maintenance depend entirely on the type of pool you are dealing with and of course, its location. The more debris and dirt it accumulates, the more intense the maintenance will need to be.

If you want to perform deep maintenance on your pool, you can check out this article at However, you need to know that, to perform maintenance by yourself, you will require specific equipment to do so.

The great thing about above-ground pools is that they can be easily emptied and refilled, so cleaning them up is much simpler. Another thing is that even if you don’t empty the pool, accessing certain areas of the pool becomes much easier, and you might not need certain tools to do so.  However, if you don’t want to empty it, you should run a pH test and see if it needs any sanitizing chlorine tablets. 

If you want to, you can also equip with some stuff. Stairs, for example, might be a good addition, but because of the size of most above-ground pools out there, they are not usually necessary. Besides that, a simple volleyball net might be a great addition, and there are some which are specifically made for this type of pool, so if you and your family or friends are up to it, getting one should definitely liven things up. 

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