Pros and Cons of an Ottawa Tiny House

Ottawa is a small city located in Ontario, Canada. With a rising population of 1.2 million persons, the area is overcrowding. Housing and accommodation is becoming an issue. However, there is a new house trend that saves space.

Coach houses are the recent building trend in places like Ottawa. The building goes by several names like carriage house or tiny home.

It comes with several amenities and features. However, it has some disadvantages.

What are carriage houses? We can trace the history of coach houses back to the era of horse transportation. Carriage houses were designed in the early 18th century to serve as a home on horse stables. It was a feature reserved for prominent and wealthy families.

Do not be in a hurry to give up on this one. Yes, coach houses but, they do not look like those of 1700. With recent designs and innovations, an Ottawa tiny house is a way to stay in a city that’s becoming overcrowded.

Coach houses are homes built on a garage. They save space while providing you with the comfort and privacy you desire. It comes with other features like a garden at the back of your house. Some are standalone homes, while others might be attached to the main building.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Tiny Home 

There are several benefits and drawbacks of a tiny house. However, taking a critical look at its benefits, you see that it surpasses its setbacks. The following are some of the benefits of a coach house.

Benefits of Coach Houses

They Are Very Affordable

The cost of purchasing a coach home is less when compared to getting a regular one. Since a carriage house comes with a garage built below it, it will cost less than a building with a separate garage. Hence, while paying less for it, you can rent out the garage and make more money. Payless, and save more.

You Enjoy More Privacy

Everyone loves this part. Having a property that enables you to keep your privacy is desirable. However, you may not achieve this if you do not live in a standalone house.

A standalone house is apart from neighborhood buildings. You can click on to read more about the advantages and disadvantages of standalone buildings. Coach homes are mostly standalone houses. Hence, you enjoy the benefits of privacy.

You Enjoy More outside Space and Gardens

In some cases, carriage homes come with more outside space. Compared to regular apartments that have other buildings like a garage by the side, they save space outside.

Since garages are under the coach houses, there is enough space left for a sit-out or playground for your kids. Some developers create a space for a side home garden. It is one desirable feature of a tiny home.

Drawbacks of Carriage Homes

Difficulty in Regulation of the Internal Temperatures

Due to the structure of the building, coaches usually have this issue. Garages are built below the main building and are empty and poorly insulated. It is hard to keep the heat on cold days or to keep it cool on hot days.

It is a complaint amongst carriage house owners. You might spend more on utility costs while trying to regulate these temperatures. However, before purchasing such a building, you might want to visit its garage and see if it is well insulated.

Difficulty in Reselling Them 

You might find this very disturbing. Despite the rising trend of coach houses and the increasing demand, selling the property might be difficult.

Several people still prefer the regular apartment-style and might not be interested in a coach house. So, it might take a longer time to sell off the property.

However, there is an option of fast house sales, but it will require a significant decrease in the property’s value. You might also find it easy to rent the building.

Troubles with Getting the House Insured

Tiny homes are combination buildings. It means that finding complete coverage for the property might be difficult. Several insurers do not cover coach houses.

However, some professionals specialize in this field. You can contact them for your property coverage.


If you love uniqueness, you probably will love a coach home. They come in fancy designs and desirable amenities that make your stay smooth. With the extra outside space, you can grow that garden or have some outdoor gaming with those you love. Though there are some disadvantages, the advantages make up for them.

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