The Smart Way to Buy Storage Buildings in Tennessee

If you want to purchase a new storage building in Tennessee, there are some factors you should consider. The obvious factors are the cost and size, and probably, the style or color. But it should not end there. Your storage shed is a huge investment; you will keep seeing it and depending on it for about 15 to 20 years. 

Therefore, you have to be smart about your purchase. Asking some questions before making your budget will enable you to make the right choice. Keep reading to learn how to buy a durable storage building.

Important Considerations for Buying a Shed

When buying a shed, consider the following factors:

1. Flooring and Foundation

Some sheds come with floors while others are open. Typically, the floors of wooden sheds are framed with plywood. But for some plastic and metal sheds, you need to buy the flooring separately from the building itself. In that case, you can either build it yourself or get it from the manufacturer.

Whichever one you choose, just know that you will spend extra cash in addition to the cost of the building. But whether the building comes with a floor or not, it is better to make a foundation before installing the structure. It will keep the flooring off wet ground or soil. You may want to watch this video to see how to install a foundation.

This foundation may be concrete blocks, compacted gravel beds, or wood timbers that were pressure-treated. A well-draining and elevated foundation will ensure that your storage building’s materials do not corrode or rot.

2. The Structure’s Design

Structures that stay outdoors are not just for stashing things away. Your storage building’s appearance is as good as its useful life. It can also impact the overall appeal of your home. Ideally, the structure you buy should complement your home’s style.

For instance, if your home features country style, the shed should come with rustic designs, something that has a batten siding and board. If your home is a bit more formal, choose a structure that has formal features that will match it. Also, if you want the shed to match certain features in the house like the door or arched windows, then use a similar one for the shed.

3. Siding and Wall Materials

The main materials for storage buildings are plastic, wood, and metal. Plastic sheds are often vinyl (PVC or polyvinyl chloride) or another plastic-type. Their color or style is characteristic of the material. Therefore, you do not need to think about coating or painting them.

Metal sheds come with a less complex metal framework. The roof and walls are covered with vinyl-coated or factory-painted metal. Both metal and plastic storage buildings come as kits that you can assemble by yourself.

Furthermore, wood storage buildings come with walls that are stud framed. They are more like garages or houses that are sealed with plywood sidings. An upscale wooden shed may have sheathing instead of a stud. The roof of wooden sheds is made with standard roofing units like shingles.

Also, you must be prepared to maintain wooden sheds like your house. This activity involves refastening any loose part, repainting, and repairing rot or damaged parts. However, plastic and metal structures require little maintenance as you don’t need to repaint them.

But you need to know that metal will corrode or rust if the protective coating or paint damages or scratches. Also, the metal doors, as well as other parts will wear with time. Among all three options, plastic storages require the least form of maintenance. 

4. Homeowners’ Association Rules and Zoning Laws

Ensure you inform the city officials before buying storage sheds in Murfreesboro TN if you want to be smart about your purchase. They will tell you if there are zoning laws that restrict the use of sheds. In most areas, the law allows up to 120 sq. feet storage buildings without initial approval. However, there are restrictions on where to place the structure. 

Additionally, if you are a member of an HOA, you may want to check if there are bylaws regarding sheds. For instance, you may need to install the structure a certain distance away from the property line. Most local zoning rules require a minimum distance of 3 feet.

Another issue of concern is the structure’s overall height. You need to check the accepted height to avoid buying an expensive structure only to discover that you broke the law.

5. Blending with the Landscape

You need to consider how the structure will fit into the landscape. You can use plants to help it blend well with your yard. Just establish some garden beds and plant some perennials or annuals around the shed. If the structure has wood siding, install trellises against its walls for growing vine plants.

6. Decorative Details

A little touch here and there makes a big difference. Some sheds have cupolas or French doors. You can equally add your personal touches like weathervanes, window boxes, or shutters. Remember, you will keep seeing this structure for a very long time to come. Therefore, adding some decorations can draw the line between eye-catching and an eyesore.

7. The Method of Installation 

If you want someone else to install the shed, then select from a home improvement store, get it delivered to you, and the professional installers will assemble it. But if you prefer doing things by yourself, you can save yourself some cash and order a building kit. It comes with instructions for assembly.

Building a wooden shed requires carpentry tools and skills. Plastic and metal sheds are made for ease of assembly. On average, two homeowners can build it in one day.

8. Quality vs. Price

We decided to place price as the last factor because it should not be the sole determinant when you want to purchase a storage building. Some people may be drawn to cheap prices and forget the other important considerations. But you must know that buildings with high-quality materials will last longer. They even have better aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, paying a few more dollars for your storage building is a smart decision. If you are considering your budget, which is most likely the case, you can choose a simple, well-constructed shed that is built with basic materials. This is better than going for premium materials or fancy details that may not last.

Final Thoughts

Your outdoor storage is a great place to keep items you may not need after a season has passed; for instance, Christmas and Easter decorations. You can also store your camping gear there. Therefore, the type of shed you choose is particularly important. Ensure you consider the factors we discussed so you can get a high-quality structure that will blend with your yard.

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