4 Things to Know Before Buying Property in the Mountains

There are around 73,301 named mountains in the US, which are found in 38 states. 

From Colorado to California, homeowners want property in the mountains as it promises a slower pace of life, unbeatable views, and much-needed privacy. Perhaps you’re planning to move, but you’re worried you’re overlooking an aspect of mountain living.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four things to know before buying a property in the mountains.

1. Consider the Commute 

Before moving to the mountains, factor in the commute as you may have limited access to highways or larger roadways.

It’s wise to take several trial runs to your workplace during rush hour to see how long it will take. You should also check where the nearest gas station, grocery store, and hospital are so you’re not spending hours driving around.

2. Cell and Internet Service

Mountain living often means a dodgy internet or cell connection. If this is the case, install a WiFi or cell phone booster as the antennas can capture signals from towers that are further away. No luck? Then install a landline, so you’re still accessible to loved ones.

Further, invest in a generator for backup power should an emergency arise.

3. Expect Weather and Seasonal Issues 

When living in the mountains, be prepared for the weather and seasonal issues. Because you’re located in a sloped area, torrential rain and heavy snowfall could cause mudslides. Plus, if rocks or trees get caught, they could inflict serious damage to your mountain property.

You must also be mindful when driving during winter as the roads will be covered in snow and ice. So before buying the property, have a look at the area and ask the realtor if there are any preventative measures or emergency protocols during periods of extreme weather.

Or, if you’re in an arid area, the mountains may be prone to droughts, so store extra water in tanks, so you’re prepared. And if you’re near a forest, find out whether there are fires as you’ll have to be evicted. To be safe, contact the local fire department, and they’ll give you tips. 

4. Wildlife

Buying a house in the mountains means you’re surrounded by diverse wildlife. Although you’ll catch magical glimpses of deer, there is also a risk involved. For instance, there are bears, coyotes, and foxes, so leave garbage cans in a dedicated area to prevent animals from encroaching on your property. Lastly, you also want to make sure that you have the right cottage insurance so that your home is covered in the case of any issues.

That’s Everything to Know About Buying Property in the Mountains

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know everything about buying a property in the mountains.

During house viewings, make sure there’s a good cell signal, a decent commute, and ask the realtor what to expect about extreme weather conditions. You should also consider the wildlife and ensure that your home is safe. Good luck!

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