Cannes Gyms: a List of Gyms in Cannes, France

Exercising is something that has proven to have many benefits for our body and soul.

And just because you’re on vacation in Cannes, or staying in Cannes for a period of time, there’s no reason that you should give up your training.

The French Riviera offers some delicious food, and if you want to stay in shape, while also enjoying the delicious food that Cannes and the Riviera have to offer, exercising and working out is a good idea.

There are several gyms in Cannes, and in this article, we’ll be listing a long list of the most popular ones.

Gyms in Cannes

The most popular way to exercise in Cannes is to simply go out and jog and run. During summer, especially during mornings and evenings, you can see plenty of people running along the Croisette and along the Mediterranean. The scenery is stunning, so it’s easy to see why running in Cannes is so popular. While this isn’t gymming, it’s a wonderful form of exercise. If you are going to do it, make sure you do it in the morning or evening, as the weather is very hot during the day in the summer – especially when the sun is out.

If you include the gyms that each hotel has, you’ll reach quite a high number of gyms in Cannes, but since most of those gyms aren’t available for the public, they won’t be listed. But as a rule of thumb, all five-star hotels have great gyms, which you may or may not be allowed to use in exchange for a payment.

Cannes – Fitness Trail – La Croix des Gardes

If you go a bit further up the mountains, above Cannes, you’ll find an outdoor fitness trail where you can exercise. It is located in:

Avenue de la Croix des Gardes, Les Jardins de Babylone, Pierre Longue, Cannes, Grasse, Maritime Alps, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Metropolitan France, 06400;06150, France.

Running and Jogging in Cannes

Jogging is the most popular form of exercise in Cannes, but you don’t have to go jogging at random, though. In fact, Cannes has multiple of jogging, running, and walking trails, known as “pistes, almost like a ski slope.

These pistes have different lengths and difficulties, so every runner and jogger is sure to find one that suits them.

Mace Beach

In Cannes, you can exercise on Mace Beach free of charge every Saturday morning from 10-11am. To join, you need a mat or towel, shoes, and of course water. All ages are welcome, and the trainers are provided by the town of Cannes since it wants to be known as “Capitale du sport en plein air” – The capital of sport and clean air.

Bocca Cabana

The Bocca Cabana has been opened since July 2017 and is a wonderful outdoor sports area. Starting at the Morana roundabout, you’ll find a 700m coastline that is created with a special focus on sport and exercise, dedicate to walking, jogging, cycling, and workouts. It has a particular fitness area and kiosks if you need some snacks. There’s a free bus transfer during the summer.

Circuit Training – Croix des Gardes

This is a 3.1km route that mixes cross-country with open-air gym equipment. The location has three water fountains if you ever get thirsty (which you’ll probably be when exercising).

Fitlane Cannes gare

Fitlane is one of France’s largest gym chains, so the standard is quite good. If you’ve ever been to a Fitlane gym before, you can expect the quality and equipment to be fairly similar. Fitlane in Cannes is located on a great location, in the same building as the Cannes train station, making it easily accessible.

Fitlane Cannes La Bocca

There are two Fitlane’s in Cannes and the second Fitlane gym in Cannes is located in Cannes La Bocca.

Both Fitlane gyms offer daily rates and monthly subscriptions.

Soft Fitness Cannes

This gym is located at 5 Impasse Saint-Paul. It is a gym that offers great value for your money, with both daily and weekly payments. It also offers several classes, such as Jazz dance-fitness, Pilates, and more. The gym closes at 9 PM. They offer personalized gym programs to help you succeed in the gym, as well as personal trainers and instructors.


This gym in Cannes is located at 51 Rue Georges Clemenceau and closes at 9 PM. It has access to personal trainers, Wi-fi, changing rooms, nutrition advice, and more.

The gym offers following classes:

  • Abs
  • Dance
  • Pilates
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Zumba


This gym in Cannes is located at 56 Avenue du Maréchal Gallieni. It is open until 8 PM. It offers private coaching, cardio, muscle training, biking, sauna, and much more. 

Fitness Center

Located on 10 Boulevard du Moulin, this Cannes gym is open until 8 PM. The gym is calm and is set up a slightly older design.

KEEP COOL Cannes La Bocca

Located at 232 Chemin de la Bastide Rouge, this gym has a slightly longer open time than many of its gym competitor, closing at 11 PM rather than 8 PM which is the usual.

The gym is located in Cannes La Bocca, which means it isn’t located in the center of Cannes, but outside it.

Keep Cool is a major gym chain in France, with tons of gyms throughout France, meaning the standard will be quite similar to other gyms from the same chain.

Cannes Pilates

Cannes Pilates is, as the name reveals, a pilates center, located at  28 Rue Hoche. Similar to most gyms in France, it closes at 8 PM. It’s important to point out that this isn’t a gym with gym equipment and machines, but instead, it is a pilates center with equipment for pilates, including professional trainers.
 Fitness Cannes Mougins
As the name reveals, this fitness center is located in Cannes Mougins, more specifically at 2146 Avenue du Maréchal Juin. It is open until 9:30 PM.

La Salle – Cannes

La salle is a gym in Cannes, located on 7 Rue Alliee which offers an array of different courses and training styles. This means that it is a gym that is sure to suit everyone’s needs, no matter if you prefer to do Zumba, body balance, muscle training, and much more.

Body Energy

The gym is located at 18 Boulevard de Lorraine, in the centre ville of Cannes.

Gyms in Cannes
Vita Freedom Cannes La Bocca
Among gyms in Cannes, this is a gym that closes later than the majority: closing at 11 PM. It is located at 148 Avenue Francis Tonner, 2 Boulevard Astegiano in Cannes la Bocca.
The gym is part of a network of low-cost gyms, giving you access to a ton of different bodybuilding and exercising equipment you may need when working out.
The gym offers a number of activities, such as Zumba, biking, yoga, pilates, and much more.
It is a gym for both men and women, open at all days of the week – including public holidays. It also opens early – at 6 am. It offers a professional staff that will help you with your exercise needs. It offers showers, locker rooms, personal lockers, relaxation area after exercise, and more.

Evelyne Frugier

This gym in Cannes is located on 20 Rue du Commandant André, right in the center of Cannes.

It offers lots of different classes including pilates, senior coaching, outdoor training, gym for kids, and much more.


This gym in Cannes is located at20 Rue du Commandant André. It closes at 9 PM.
Azur Pilates
The name reveals it as a pilates center, and that’s exactly what it is. It closes at 8 PM and is located at 32 Rue d’Antibes, the largest shopping street in Cannes.
It isn’t a gym, but it is a place for you to practice pilates with the help of experts. So if pilates is something for you, this is the place.
Elancia Cannes – Le Cannet-6/23h-7j/7 
This gym, located in Le Cannet, a bit further inland from Cannes. More specifically, it is located at 48 Chemin de l’Aubarède and opens at 9 AM and closes at 8 PM.


This gym in Cannes is located at 14 Avenue du Dr. Raymond Picaud and closes at 7 PM. It offers professional trainers that can give you advice and help you take your exercise to new heights.

They also offer several programs which you can take part in.


Located on 56 Avenue du Maréchal Gallieni, this is a gym in Cannes located not in the center of the town, but a bit in.

Proform fitness club

This fitness club is located at 55 Avenue de Cannes. It closes at 11. which is very good compared to other gyms in Cannes and France. The address might be misleading, as the gym is actually located in Antibes – Juan Les Pins. They want to offer a personalized approach to help you meet your fitness and exercise goals.


There you have it!
There are more gyms in Cannes, however, the ones listed are the most popular gyms in Cannes that are used the most by tourists as well as locals.
Are you using any of these gyms? Are you planning on using any of these gyms?
Let us know in the comment section below!

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