17 Best Restaurants in Cannes You Need to Try

Looking for the best restaurants in Cannes?

Cannes, beautifully situated on the French Riviera, right by the stunning azure blue Mediterranean, and with its many sunlight hours, has long been known as a hideout for the right and famous. It is one of the most prestigious cities on the French Riviera, which screams glitz and glamour.

Since Cannes is known for providing simply the best, it’s not strange that there are many top-class restaurants in Cannes that hold a sky-high standard, some of which even to the point where they have received Michelin stars. We all have to eat, and the availability of restaurants in Cannes is quite large but there is a difference between food and food, and if you want to have a food experience out of the ordinary, you need to be going to the best restaurants in Cannes.

Here, you’ll, of course, find traditional French and Mediterranean cuisine, but you’ll also find dishes from all over the world that are sure to make your taste buds go to heaven. What’s so amazing is that the best restaurants in Cannes might differ a lot from each other in many different ways, but despite this, have the very same goal, which is to produce incredible food.What’s also interesting is that eating on one of the best restaurants don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. While top-class food most often is associated with expensive prices, there are a few of the best restaurants in Cannes that serve top-class food, but at prices that won’t break the bank.

Furthermore, while some of the best restaurants in Cannes offer a luxury experience from start to finish, in incredible settings and locations, other might straight up offer incredible food, without all the other details and luxury furniture In this article, we’re listing the best restaurants in Cannes – in no particular order.

La Palme D’or

La Palme d’Or is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Cannes, and every year, especially during the Cannes film festival, it attracts and serves some of the biggest celebrities and stars in the world.

La Palme D’oris situated right at the Boulevard De La Croisette, and if you get a good table, you can enjoy a magical dinner with a stunning view of the Croisette and Mediterranean. The restaurant is affiliated with Hotel Martinez and is located right in front of the hotel. The restaurant was opened in 1985, but it was in 1991 that the restaurant started to get the reputation it now has today as one of the best restaurants in Cannes. Since then, La Palme d’Or has been awarded a whopping two Michelin stars, as well as four toques Gault&Millau so you can expect nothing but the very best at this restaurant.

However, with great luxury and great quality comes a price. La Palme d’Or has premium prices, and to get a table, you need to reserve first. An “affordable” meal here comes in at about €80, but generally, you’d be looking at more than 100€ per person. The menu is created by the star chef Christian Sinicropi. The restaurant has a terrace, a stunning and luxurious inside, and a second floor with beautiful views of the Mediterranean. In 2017, as complete renovations of hotel Martinez began, La Palme d’Or restaurant was also completely renovated. The restaurant was opened in 2018 again and is therefore very modern and fresh.


Another of the best restaurants in Cannes is L’antidote. This restaurant is situated a bit away from the city center of Cannes and can be found in a white classic villa from the 20th-century. The restaurant is, despite this, located very locally, and just minutes away from the heart of Cannes. The restaurant is run by the top-class chef Christophe Ferré. The restaurant is particularly known for serving traditional French, Mediterranean-inspired dishes, but with a tweak, of course with market fresh ingredients.

The restaurants offer sitting spots in the garden, among the beautiful flowers and trees. The restaurant has a lovely glassed-in veranda where you can enjoy your meal in a lovely calmness. Reservations are advised if you want a table.


This is a family-run restaurant in Cannes, which takes the title as one of the best restaurants in Cannes. It is known for great service and delicious food that is good value for money. This is a restaurant where you can experience top-class dishes but without breaking the bank. Here, you’ll find a €30 set menu with incredible food, and the prices of wine are also quite reasonable.

In terms of food, the restaurant focuses on contemporary French cuisine with slight Asian touch on some dishes. Due to its high quality yet reasonable prices, the restaurant can be quite busy, and therefore, reservations are a good idea if you want to be sure to get a table. The restaurant offers a friendly atmosphere and is sure to give you a wonderful dining experience.

Aux Bons Enfants

This is a bistro that is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Cannes.

The restaurant is extremely traditional and it doesn’t accept credit cards, which of course, in today’s society is quite strange. But don’t let their traditional touch fool you, because it’s the food that counts, and Aux Bons Enfants offers incredible such. If you want to reserve a table, you need to do it in person, because they have no phone.
The restaurant serves local seafood and plenty of traditional dishes. The menu is frequently updated, though, and it is done so based on what is available on the market. You’ll also find plenty of stews here.

Prices: €€

Bobo Bistro

Bobo Bistro is another of the best restaurants in Cannes.  The restaurant has floral wallpaper and retro furnishing. But most importantly, Bobo bistro has some absolutely amazing food, which also happens to be organic. The cuisine is local, seasonal, and fresh.

The restaurant attracts, much thanks to its furnishing and style a hip, bohemian crowd. It has a general very laid-back vibe to it, and the food is French-Italian.

La Brouette de Grand’mere

This is a classic French bistro, taking the place as one of the best restaurants in Cannes.

The restaurant focuses on authentic and traditional French cuisine. It is furnished in a retro style that creates a cozy, welcoming vibe.

It was originally a grocery store which was supplied by a grandmother’s vegetable garden, but since then, things have changed, however, it has maintained the tradition of fresh products.

The restaurant offers a lovely selection of starters, main courses, and desserts, and all of that is accompanied by a half a liter of wine. This costs a total of 38 euros.

The waiters can take your orders in English, Italian, German or Spanish. They also have a lovely selection of wines. The food served here is local, fresh, and is made from the very finest ingredients. Reservations are advised.

Contact: 00 33 493 39 12 10; labrouettedegrandmere.fr
Opening times: Daily, 7-10.30pm; lunch on Sunday
Prices: €€

Chez Vincent & Nicolas

This delightful restaurant, hidden between two narrow side-streets in the old town of Cannes snatches the title as one of the best restaurants in Cannes. It is an old-fashioned restaurant with things like candles in mason jars and red-checked table-cloths. The restaurant focuses on traditional French-Italian dishes, with a Mediterranean touch. The restaurant has a lovely friendly and informal vibe. If you want a table, reservations are advisable.

Contact: 00 33 493 68 35 39; chezvincentetnicolas.fr
Prices: €€

Le Park 45

This is one of the most iconic and best restaurants in Cannes, similar to La Palme d’Or. The restaurant has, just like Le Park 45 received a Michelin star.

The restaurant is attached to Le Grand Hotel and is managed by the chef Sébastien Broda. It consists of a ground-floor terrace which is also a dining area, which means you can enjoy top-class food with a top-class view of the beautiful Mediterranean and Croisette.

This restaurant has all the ingredients for an unforgettable dining experience, and many times, it gets listed as one of the top three best restaurants in Cannes. The restaurant serves dishes made out of local products and that are inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. Reservations are essential.

On weekdays, “Sebastian’s week” menus are served lunch for: € 27.


This lovely restaurant is located between the two main shopping streets of Cannes.
It is not only one of the best restaurants in Cannes, but it is also a café and a wine bar. It has an extensive wine list, which, if you like wine, you’ll love.
When it comes to the restaurant, the food is top-notch. This place can be busy, so if you want to have a table, reserving one is a good idea. At the same time, when it is busy, it can harm the speed of the service, however, the dishes are amazing nonetheless and tend to hold an equally high standard no matter what.
At L’epicurieux, you’ll find amazing pasta dishes and a whole menu of amazing dishes that offer great value for money.
Price: €€€

Table 22

In the old and picturesque quarter of Cannes, known by Le Suquet, just a stone’s throw from the Marché Forville, you’ll find one of the best restaurants in Cannes, known by the name of Table 22 by Mantel. The restaurant offers a great selection of wines, but most importantly, delicious food.

This restaurant is part of the Michelin Guide and has a very passionate team and work with fine traditionally Mediterranean ingredients and provençal flavors

 Reservations are advised.

Rush Gastronomie rapide

As the name reveals, this place is perfect if you want to eat something quick, yet still want fresh, delicious food. It’s not really a restaurant, but more so a little spot that serves everything from healthy juices, salads, and sandwiches. But the reason it is classified as one of the best restaurants in Cannes is that, despite being a place dedicated to food on the go, it takes fast food to a new level and produces high-quality, delicious food. It is not the place that you go to if you want to have a nice dinner and sit for hours, but more so if you want fresh, high-quality food on the go.

The place is situated right by the Cannes gare.

Le Bistrot Gourmand

At this lovely, yet simple bistro, you’ll find simple food but that holds an exceptional quality. The menu is focused on Mediterranean Provençal dishes and ingredients and it is updated several times a week.

If you’re looking to eat at a delicious place with vibrant surroundings and local ingredients, this is definitely one of the best places in Cannes. Their specialty is seafood.

Le Roof, Five Seas Hotel

The setting of this restaurant is half the pleasure, but this does not make the food any worse. Here, you can enjoy top-notch food at a beautiful setting – on the fifth floor, located on the roof of the Five seas hotel. Just one block back from the stunning seafront, this restaurant unarguable makes it to the list of best restaurants in Cannes. It has marvelous surroundings, but most importantly amazing food.

On the menu, you’ll find everything from burgers to traditional Mediterranean seafood

The staff is known to provide excellent service. The restaurant also serves a lovely brunch on the weekend, and it is considered to be one of the best on the Riviera.

For the brunch, you’ll have to pay €45/£39 per person. Reservations are advised.

Contact:  fiveseashotel.com


Here, you’ll find traditional Italian food with flavors from Italy. Here, pasta and panini is all the fuzz, with a wide selection of panini, as well as lovely drinks menu.

On the moue, you can find something for everyone, and if you are a wine lover, you’ll also find a fine selection of Italian wines to accompany your meal.

It is a bistro that combines elegance with a relaxed and simple feel. The restaurant is located in the heart of Cannes. Oh, and the coffee here is great.

Villa Archange

This restaurant can be found a mere 10 minutes from the Croisette, situated in a delightful 18th-century building.

The restaurant has not one but two Michelin stars for its top-notch cuisine by the chef Bruno Oger. You can find a whopping $250 La Tables des Anges menu which certainly offers a dining experience out of the ordinary.

The restaurant only seats 26 guests as it views over a private courtyard.


As one of the best restaurants in Cannes, Paloma, which means ”dove” in Spanish, it offers an elegant baroque-inspired atmosphere.

It is awarded two Michelin stars as it serves contemporary French cuisine, with a special focus on authenticity and rich flavors which make for delicate dishes.


This lovely restaurant in Cannes has a beautiful terrace that is encircled by exotic greenery in a garden. It has two Michelin stars and allows its guests to dune under beautiful trees as they enjoy the lovely French Riviera vibes. The dishes are inspired by French Riviera, Mediterranean cuisine, and has a hint of Eastern influence.

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