5 Reasons To Hire Services For Safe Asbestos Removals In Brisbane

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Have you detected asbestos in the middle of your home renovation project? Well, your project has to be put on a temporary hold until this toxic material is safely removed from your property. 

Many homeowners take charge of the removal process without realizing the potential hazards of asbestos exposure and improper waste disposal. Instead of risking your family’s wellbeing and the health of the environment, you’re encouraged to hire real professionals to perform the job. 

In recent times, there’s an increasing number of asbestos removal companies, equipped with the necessary tools, experience, and training for handling such hazardous material.

These are the top five reasons to hire such services. 

Prevent severe health problems

Homeowners are strongly advised against trying to remove asbestos from their properties due to the highly toxic nature of this material. Improper removal is likely to result in released fibers, which linger in the air and travel around the house, eventually finding their way to the ventilation system. Consequently, the long-term exposure to these fibers might trigger a series of serious diseases, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer, pleural plaques, and pleural thickening. Read more about the causes of malignant mesothelioma. 

Additionally, the symptoms of these diseases aren’t likely to manifest shortly after your initial exposure to the poisonous minerals, as it takes many years of breathing in asbestos fibers for the first signs to show. For instance, most individuals develop the first symptoms after a minimum of twenty years of being exposed to the material. 

The most common disease that results from long-term exposure is asbestosis, which is named after the toxic asbestos fibers. It refers to a severe lung inflammation that worsens over time, eventually evolving into mesothelioma, pulmonary heart disease, or lung cancer. Asbestosis manifests with chest tightness, coughing, and shortness of breath.

Moreover, mesothelioma is known to be the most common type of cancer caused by the lodging of asbestos particles into the pleura, otherwise known as the lining of the lungs. Apart from mesothelioma, these particles can also trigger the development of lung cancer and colorectal cancer. 

Therefore, it’s of essential importance to hire the professional assistance of an asbestos removal company whenever you engage in a home renovation project or suspect exposure to such fibers. Reputable asbestos removal contractors, such as irwinasbestos.com.au, specialize in the safe removal and proper waste disposal of this toxic material. These professionals employ the right techniques to contain the material, hence preventing the fibers from dispersing into the air. 

Bear in mind that young children are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of these particles, as their lungs aren’t sufficiently developed to resist the constant inhaling of such fibers. It’s paramount for homeowners whose properties are built with products that contain asbestos to perform regular house inspections in order to protect the health of the entire family, especially the children. 

Ensure effective removal

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring professional assistance is ensuring an effective removal process. Removal technicians are armed with proper training in handling this type of toxic material, which makes them licensed for the job. These professionals use the right equipment, wear protective clothing and footwear, and employ effective techniques to impede the fibers from lingering in the atmosphere. 

Furthermore, the removal technicians are experts in proper containment of the material, which is crucial for preventing its dispersal both in the interior and exterior of the property. When homeowners take charge of the removal process, the material is usually disposed of in a garbage bin, thus posing threat to the entire neighborhood and the environment. In contrast, professionals contain the material in special bags to minimize the potential level of risk. 

Proper disposal

Another major reason to hire an asbestos removal company is properly disposing of this hazardous mineral. The process of disposal is supposed to be handled with maximal attention and caution so as to prevent cross-contamination within properties, as well as outdoor air pollution. These professionals make sure the material is sealed-off properly and safely transported to a special waste facility. 

Keep in mind that asbestos isn’t supposed to be disposed of at local dumping grounds due to the high risk of polluting the environment. However, the removal technicians abide by the assigned protocols to ensure all regulations are properly followed and no damage is done during the process of removal.

Rigorous inspection

Apart from providing removal services, asbestos professionals are proficient at conducting rigorous house inspections to assess the hazards. This material is used in shingles, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, insulation, old boilers, furnaces, pipes, and other household products, but it doesn’t necessarily pose a threat to the health of residents. 

The purpose of these house inspections is to determine the approximate risk, by inspecting the condition of the above-mentioned products. Asbestos becomes a potential hazard from the moment some of these household products show signs of deterioration and starts releasing toxic fibers. Most of the houses built prior to 1980 are more likely to contain asbestos than newer homes. 

Nevertheless, these technicians assess the risk by sending a sample of the potentially hazardous material to a laboratory for testing. The laboratory report reveals whether a removal process is required or the silicate minerals present no threat yet. 

Lower costs

Despite the general opinion of homeowners, hiring professionals to handle residential asbestos removal is more cost-effective than taking care of the process on their own. In order to complete the job successfully, you’ll be required to either purchase or rent the necessary equipment, as well as pay for multiple fees for cleaning, waste disposal, and hazardous material inspection. 

On the other hand, when hiring professional assistance, the above-mentioned fees are already included in the price. Licensed contractors are obliged to charge fixed fees, determined by the government. Consequently, by hiring a licensed company, you’ll no longer be concerned about paying additional charges.

Final word

Hiring such services is vital for preserving the health of your family. 

Hesitate no more!

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