Complete List Of Michelin Star Restaurants in Cannes

French cuisine is known all over the world.

In fact, France is one of the most well-respected countries when it comes to food and food history. 

If we are to be more specific, the part of France which is situated along with and close to the Mediterranean is an especially famous region in France because of the sometimes unique, but also careful selection of local ingredients.

We’re obviously talking about Mediterranean cuisine.

France is considered one of the best food countries in the world, 

As such, it may not come as a surprise that France has the most Michelin star restaurants in the whole world. As such, if you’re looking to enjoy a top-class luxurious, exclusive, and delicious mean, France is the place to go. But what if you want to combine incredible cuisine, lovely weather, a relaxed ambiance, and sheer beauty in the surroundings?

You go to the French Riviera, of course!

Cannes is one of the most famous and exclusive restaurants on the French Riviera, known for its iconic film festival, and for attracting the rich and famous. 

As such, you can expect that the rich and famous who come to Cannes expect nothing but perfection and only satisfy with the best.

So if you want to experience top-notch cuisine out of the ordinary, or if you just want to try out what Michelin-starred food is like, you should go to some of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Cannes.

In this article, we’ve compiled a complete list of Michelin star restaurants in Cannes. In the article, we’ve first listed the restaurants in Cannes with two Michelin stars, which is an impressive achievement and a seal of perfection. But since there aren’t a bunch of Michelin five star restaurants in Cannes, we’ve also listed Michelin guide restaurants in Cannes which haven’t received a Michelin star, but are well recommended by the guide.

Since the Michelin guide is very picky about the restaurants they recommend, you can expect them to be top-notch as well.

Let’s dig right in!

Michelin star restaurants with one Michelin star

Le Park 45

Le Park 45 is the restaurant belonging to Le Grand Hotel. This is a restaurant with great culinary ambitions, and the master chef of the restaurant is the praised Christophe Poard. Poard has been able to reward the restaurant with one Michelin star. That’s quite impressive.

The Grand Hotel has its own garden before the Croisette, and the restaurant is situated on the ground floor with a view over the garden and ultimately the Croisette and the sea.

Le Park 45 is a popular choice by food connoisseur and picky fine-diners. The style of the cuisine is inventive and elegant, and the food is presented beautifully on the plate.

Location: 45 bd de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes 

Le Candille

This restaurant isn’t situated in Cannes but close by – in Mougins.

You can easily and quickly go from Cannes to Mougins within minutes, so we thought we’d include this Michelin starred restaurant here as well.

This restaurant provides its guests with a boutique dining experience. Since the restaurant is situated in the Mougins countryside, it gives the restaurant a certain ambiance.

The chef of the restaurant is the chef Xavier Burelle. You can choose to dine either out in the open, fresh, ”mountain” air beneath the terrace, and enjoy the beautiful views of Grasse and mountains while doing so.

Or, you can choose to dine in the dining room which is beautifully decorated.

This Michelin starred restaurant is open for lunch and evening dinner throughout the week during peak months.

Location: bd C.-Rebuffel, 06250 Mougins

La Passagère

This restaurant is not situated in the heart of Cannes, however, it is well-worth listing since it has acquired one Michelin star.

The restaurant is situated in the beautiful town of Juan Les Pins, on Cap d’Antibes, creating a perfect beautiful surrounding for the restaurant. Aurélien is the main chef of this top-class restaurant and is a chef who has been the executive chef of a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, as well as the Executive Sous-Chef of a restaurant with 1 Michelin Star.

As such, when it comes to the chef, we’re certainly not talking about a rookie, and this can be seen in the food, which has also been rewarded one Michelin star.

The food is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine since the chef wants to pay honor and tribute to the best and finest local Mediterranean products.

The restaurant has a special focus on seafood, so if you are looking to enjoy seafood of top-quality, this is definitely a place worth visiting.

The same designer who designed Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, Olivier Antoine, redesigned the space of the restaurant. This to include contemporary pieces that speak to the restaurant’s sophisticated, imaginative setting while staying true to its Art Deco roots.

Location: 33 bd Édouard-Baudoin, 06160 Juan-les-Pins 

Les Pêcheurs

This restaurant isn’t found in the heart of Cannes, but more so in Juan Les Pins.

Juan Les Pins is, of course very close to Cannes, and the restaurant is too good to exclude from the list.

At Le Cap beach restaurant, you’re served with an amazing complimentary view overlooking the Lérins islands, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is laid-back, relaxed, and gives an exotic feel.

From the beginning of April to the end of October, the restaurant, as well as the beach, are open.

Location: 10 bd du Maréchal-Juin, 06160 Juan Les Pins

Le Figuier de St-Esprit

This extraordinary restaurant can be found in Old Antibes and is yet another restaurant with one Michelin star in the Michelin Guide.

The Figuier de Saint-Esprit is initiated by Christian Morisset,  and the restaurant is built upon tradition and many years of expertise and experience.

Christian Morisset is the main chef of this Michelin starred restaurant, and he is the chef and pastry chef.

The restaurant pays great attention to the products used in their dishes. To ensure the best possible quality and the most locally produced ingredients, they are bought from the daily market. This allows an amazing freshness and tastes the be mediated in the dishes served at this Michelin star restaurant.

The restaurant also (obviously) has a great selection of wines to accompany your mean.

Location: 14 r. St-Esprit, 06600 Antibes 

2 Michelin star restaurants in Cannes

Let’s have a look at the Michelin star restaurants in Cannes that are awarded not one but two Michelin stars, which is a prestigious award and proof of top quality.

La Palme d’Or

La Palme d’Or may very well be the most famous top-class restaurant in Cannes. It is situated right along the Croisette and features two floors, the top floor with a terrace which provides a stunning view over the Croisette and the Mediterranean while dining.

This Michelin star restaurant is integrated with Hotel Martinez and is located just in front of the hotel.

La Palme D'or Cannes

The fact is that La Palme d’Or is the only restaurant in the center of Cannes with two Michelin stars, making it the go-to place for celebrities and food connoisseur alike.

The restaurant was opened in 1985 by the chef Christian Willer. In 1991, the restaurant was awarded 2 Michelin stars.

For obvious reasons, the cuisine is inspired by the essence of the Mediterranean but presented in its most creative interpretation.

The chef Christian Sinicropi works only with the best local and seasonal products to produce fresh and top-quality dishes. The restaurant has an elegant and beautiful decoration, and the terrace features a panoramic view.

Location:  73 bd de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes 

Villa Archange

This is yet another of the few two Michelin star restaurants in Cannes and around Cannes, and Villa Archange restaurant is situated on Le Cannes, just outside of Cannes.

It is led by Bruno Over, who is the chef. The restaurant is set in an 18th-century building which is beautifully decorated.

The chef celebrates the classics of French cuisine 

Location: rue de l’Ouest, 06110 Le Cannet 


Situated in Mougins, which is also quite close to Cannes, you’ll find Paloma restaurant. 

The restaurant offers a skilled team which provides a great service, but most importantly, perfectly crafted dishes which are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious.

The restaurant is focused on creating southern food, which combines tradition and creation.

Location: 47 av. du Moulin-de-la-Croix, 06250 Mougins 


Situated in La Napoule, this restaurant is led by the Raimbault brothers.

The ingredients used in the dishes are decided based on what is available at the local market – the Forville market in Cannes.

Forville market Cannes

The two chefs Stéphane and Antoine create a menu that combines contemporary and Provencal flavors with infinite Asian influences.

The third brother, François, is the patissier,  and he is the one who creates incredible desserts which creates the grand finale of your dining experience.

Location: rue J.-H.-Carle, 06210 La Napoule

Top Michelin guide restaurants in Cannes

These are restaurants which have been ranked as top-notch and well-worth visiting but haven’t received Michelin stars. They are restaurant well-worth visiting, and because they haven’t received Michelin stars, they may or may not be more affordable than the most exclusive and luxurious restaurants.

Da Bouttau – Auberge Provençale

This restaurant offers a great selection of seafood, and the menu has a clear Mediterranean inspiration.

The restaurant uses fresh ingredients and prepares them great.

It was founded by Alexander Bouttau in 1860, and you’ll find the restaurant on the road that climbs up to Le Suquet, the old town of Cannes.

Many of the dishes are traditional, but you’ll find that many of them also have gotten a modernized upgrade and improvement.

Location: 10 r. St-Antoine, 06400 Cannes 


This restaurant is a very traditional one, and this can be seen right from the moment you step in by only looking at the decorations and surroundings.

Le chaperon rouge is very charming, and the old decoration makes sense since the restaurant can be found in the old district/town of Cannes.

The same team, the same boss has worked together for 20 years, making homemade dishes, with the specialty being meat.

The first floor a private dining room with up to 28 seats. This is a perfect place for someone looking to have an intimate dining experience.

Location: 17 Rue Saint-Antoine, 06400 Cannes 

Relais des Semailles

This restaurant has been open for over thirty years in the heart of Le Suquet. The kitchen makes food purchased from the daily market, Forville market, allowing for fresh and delicious dishes. As such, some of the dishes served are seasonal, made with seasonal products.

Location: 9 r. St-Antoine, 06400 Cannes 

Table 22 par Noël Mantel

This restaurant can be found in a tourist area of Cannes, and it is driven by a passionate team who pay great attention to top-quality ingredients and seeking inspiration from Provençal flavors – like so many other restaurants on the French Riviera do – for obvious reasons.

The restaurant is close to the old port of Cannes, and upon entering, you’re welcomed by an intimate and contemporary setting in a beautiful surrounding.

Location: 22 r. St-Antoine, 06400 Cannes 

Le Cosi

Le Cost has three rooms.  The restaurant is all about providing an intimate atmosphere and dining experience, with a warm and welcoming ambiance. 

The restaurant has 110 seats inside and 40 seats outside.

Since the restaurant is situated in the picturesque area of Le Suquet, you can expect the restaurant to be a little traditional.

The restaurant is both chic and casual.

Location: 10 Rue du Suquet, 06400 Cannes

Aux Bons Enfants

Aux bons enfants is a restaurant with a long an rich history.

In fact, after the disappearance of Constant in the 60s, Marie holds the stoves as a true Chef until 1967. Following, one of his children take over Romain seconded by his wife Josette and came to lead the restaurant during half a century until 1998. 

Today, the restaurant is run by the third generation. The restaurant is a Provencal restaurant with cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean and the south of France.

The restaurant has an old-fashioned style, making it very cozy, warm, and welcoming.

The dishes served are made in a spirit of traditional cooking, combining flavor, taste, and pleasure. 

The team buys locally produced ingredients from the local market each morning, the Forville Market in Cannes, where local producers, butchers, fishmongers or cheese makers offer locally produced and fresh products, allowing for dishes with the absolute highest quality.

Location: 80 r. Meynadier, 06400 Cannes 

La Toque d’Or

The beginning of this restaurant actually has its start in Thailand. The founder of this restaurant took a trip to Thailand and was inspired by the Asian flavors and culture, and wanted to recreate that in an own restaurant, and mediate the beauty of top-quality dishes, inspired by the Asian cuisine.
The restaurant uses fresh ingredients, and a meal here certainly won’t be regretted.

Location: 11 r. Louis-Blanc, 06400 Cannes

Caveau 30

This restaurant is created in a 1930s art-deco setting and is a perfect place to stop for lunch or dinner.

The restaurant offers trendy seafood and lots of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, with lots of fish (for obvious reasons). It’s all about traditional cuisine and using top-notch ingredients. It pays tribute to the dishes that you’ll normally find being served at French brasseries – including seafood.

Location: 45 r. Félix-Faure, 06400 Cannes

La Serviette Blanche – Table d’hôtes

A celebrated and top-class restaurant in Cannes. The restaurant offers seasonal menus which the Chef Eliane & her team has made.

The restaurant is founded by Eliane which is a former business management & real estate law graduate who developed a passion for food and cooking at a very young age.

Growing up, she was influenced by the French cuisine, and this is something that she shows with her restaurant in Cannes. Growing up, she was taught by her mother who was a gourmet cook of French origin, wallowing her to gain knowledge and expertise about cooking and the French cuisine in particular.

Location: 4 rue La Fontaine, 06400 Cannes 

Le 360°

This restaurant is one where the view is half the pleasure.

Situated on the top floor of hotel Radisson, the dining hall is situated in the corner of the building int he direction of the Festival place, with giant windows which provide beautiful sights while dining.

Of course, since the restaurant is a recommendation of the Michelin guide, the food isn’t bad either.

Restaurant 360 Radisson Hotel Cannes

The name of the restaurant is quite revealing, since the restaurant offers a stunning view, stretching from the Croisette all across the coastline of Cannes – over to the Lérins islands and beyond.

The chef Reynald Thivet is the chef and “Maitre Restaurateur” at Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel and Thalasso Cannes. At the restaurant, he creates, together with his team, a cuisine with a blend of subtle flavors. The menu is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and incorporates the simplicity and tastefulness of the Mediterranean tastes, looks, spices, smells, and more.

Location 1 bd Jean-Hibert, 06400 Cannes 

LA CHAUFFERETTE Au Chalet de l’Isère

The restaurant is a cooperation between Xavier and Elisabetta.

Elisabetta welcomes you to the dining room and Xavier prepares the delicious food.

The food offers are simple, healthy, and made according to the season. The food made is also inspired by the Italian cuisine – which, of course, is quite similar to the French in many ways.

The food here is all homemade and made with passion and love.

Location: 42, av. de Grasse., 06400 CANNES 


The restaurant is run by two brothers, Ben and Guilhaume.

Chef Yohan is the leader in the kitchen, who make delicious dishes with great expertise.

The restaurant offers an offbeat atmosphere that is festive and relaxed, It’s not your ordinary restaurant since it is a cocktail restaurant.

Location:  14 Rue Venizélos, 06400 Cannes 

Le Roof

Le roof is, as the name reveals, a roof restaurant, and it is situated in Five seasons hotel.

The restaurant has a modern and cosy atmosphere, and due to its height, it offers beautiful views across Cannes.

Top-quality ingredients and hard work and passion make for amazing dishes by the chef Arnaud Tabarec. The menu inspired by the chef’s travels and the places that he holds most dear.

Location: 1 r. Notre-Dame, 06400 Cannes 

Fouquet’s Cannes by Pierre Gagnaire

Situated in the luxurious hotel of Majestic Barriere, you can expect a top-notch dining experience out of the ordinary.

The menu is created by the skilled chef Pierre Gagnaire and embraces a luxury Parisian brasserie atmosphere, combined with the Croisette-style. 

The menu is a tribute to Provence and the Mediterranean, which means a wide menu of delicious dishes, sure to meet everyone’s preferences and tastes.

Location: 743 m – 10 bd de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes

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