A Complete List of The 18 Best Cannes Restaurants on The Beach

Looking for the Best Cannes restaurants on the beach?

Cannes. One of the most iconic cities on the French Riviera, located right next to the azure blue Mediterranean sea. Recognised and loved by people all over the world, and attracts an endless number of celebrities and stars every single year.

Cannes is known for its glitz and glamour, but it is especially loved by people from all over the French Riviera for its beautiful sandy beaches, magnificent Croisette, and beautiful coastline.

Cannes, being a city located by the Mediterranean, offers some stunning views, and so, when being there, you want to take advantage of these incredible views as much as possible, and to bring your restaurants experiences to a new level in Cannes, eating on one of the many Cannes restaurants on the beach is a good idea.

Cannes beach restaurants

Along the Croisette, right on the beach of Cannes and next to the stunning Mediterranean are numerous restaurants situated. Most private beaches have their own restaurant that offers a large array of food, and then there are restaurants that only serve snacks and drinks.

Eating at one of the Cannes restaurants on the beach is a delightful experience, but when walking along the Croisette, knowing which you should settle for is a tricky and overwhelming task.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll be sharing the best Cannes restaurants on the beach based on ratings from various review sites, but we’ll be listing them in no particular order.

La Plage 45

This is one of the most famous Cannes restaurants on the beach. It is owned by the popular Le Grande hotel, offers magical white, soft sand, and is located away from the crowded public beaches.

It is a fashionable beach restaurant on the Croisette, just a few minute’s walk from the Palais des Festivals, and not surprisingly, located just across the street from the hotel itself.

The private beach has everything you may need for a delightful day on the beach, but most importantly, their restaurant serves high-quality and tasty food, with inspiration from the Mediterranean cuisine. You’ll find simple but refined dished, and furthermore, they have a 100% Beefbar menu. The restaurant offers a calm and relaxing ambiance.

Do note that the private beach and restaurant is open from mid-April through to late September (except from June 18th to June 23rd, on July 1st and September 1st), closed all other times.
45, La Croisette 06400 Cannes 0.36km

BFire by Mauro Colagreco

B stands for Barrière, and fire for the restaurant’s specialty, which is dishes cooked over a wood fire. The name reflects a new dining concept which was conceived by the chef Mauro Colagreco for the Barrière group which has been inspired by his roots. This means Argentinian birth and an Italian family. This results in the marriage of unique yet amazing tastes that create a beautiful culinary combination.

The menu also focuses on season products, and as the name suggests, cooking the dishes using a wood fire. 

This is one of the more unique Cannes restaurants on the beach for several reasons, and another is that the menu is changed three times a year in line with the seasons. This allows for a great variety in the dishes served and ensures that you can eat at this Cannes beach restaurant without ever getting bored. Furthermore, it also allows guests to choose individual dishes as well as plates more suited for sharing.

The restaurant is laid out in two separate spaces. The BFire restaurant offers gourmet à la carte dining in its restaurant which also has a special beach menu which the beach guests can enjoy.

The restaurant is exclusive and luxurious in nature, so the prices will be a little higher than average.

10, boulevard de la Croisette Cannes 0.26km

Plage Soleil

This is one of the smaller Cannes restaurants on the beach, both in terms of restaurant size, but also by beach size.

The beach restaurant can be found at the eastern end of La Croisette. Since the beach is situated a bit from the city center, you can expect the price to be slightly cheaper than other places located on the Croisette, but generally, the prices of food anywhere on one of the Cannes restaurants on the beach will be a little pricier than other restaurants in Cannes.

The restaurant is located close to Port Canto and has a parking lot nearby, and this is great if you come by car as it makes access much easier, as opposed to trying to find parking in the middle of the Croisette.

Boulevard de la Croisette 06400 Cannes 2.31km

Plage de l’Hôtel Gray d’Albion

Just like the other Cannes beach restaurants, this restaurant comes with a complimentary beautiful view of the Mediterranean.

In the summer, the beach has a DJ, adding extra vibe to the place.

The restaurant offers delicious food based on Mediterranean flavors. Being on the beach, you can enjoy a meal with your feet in the sand and the sea breeze in your hair. The restaurant has a great selection of fragrant grilled fish dishes if you want to enjoy some Mediterranean cuisine.


This beach is beautifully situated on the Croisette, just a short walking distance from the Palais des Festivals.

The restaurant is open 7 days a week, from 9 am to 6 pm from the 1st of March until the 31st of October, with Congress and Film Festival excluded.

If you want to be sure that you get a table, bookings are advised. You can call at 04 93 38 14 59.

Long Beach

Like most Cannes restaurants on the beach, Long Beach is situated on the beautiful Boulevard de la Croisette, neighboring iconic Carlton hotel and JW Marriott Cannes.

Long beach restaurant has a selection of top-class cuisine. The team working int he kitchen has years of experience, and if you want to arrange an event here, Long beach got you covered. They have years of experience in the event management and organization, can have receptions, serve cocktails, and buffets for up to 700 people, arrange business lunches/dinners and private events, weddings and other celebrations, and much more. And due to the restaurant’s delicious food, this beach restaurant regularly host privatized events.

The restaurant operates throughout the year, including during the congress periods in Cannes (MIDEM, MIPIM, MIPTV, FILM FESTIVAL, LIONS, MIPCOM, …).  

It has a wide-ranging menu for all tastes, from grilled fish to pizza, hamburgers, salads, and much more, so everyone can find something that suits their taste. 

Furthermore, the restaurant also offers a three-course daily menu priced at €29.50. Oh, and they also offer free Wifi.

Annex Beach

This Cannes beach restaurant can be found on the Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes and is the perfect place to eat and chill late in the evening.

It is a beach club and restaurant that offers a sophisticated atmosphere. The restaurant serves gourmet dinners, which also comes with dinner shows of international artists on different dates.

The restaurant offers free Wi-Fi as well as the possibility to charge your devices from the beach. It is a perfect place for private parties or business events, offering an array of services for every occasion.

In the restaurant, you’ll find a top-notch gourmet cuisine with a much sought after wine list of Italian and French wines. 

Carlton Beach Club

Cannes beach clubs

Carlton Intercontinental hotel is undoubtedly the most iconic and recognized hotels in Cannes, and accordingly, you can expect their private beach and beach restaurant to hold an equally high standard.

The restaurant is looking to maintain a certain idea of luxury and French-style. Going by the name of Restaurant de la Plage Carlton, the restaurant offers an authentic gourmet experience between the azure sky and the calm sea.

As you would expect, the food is amazing, and the service equally so, which isn’t always the case in France. The view complements your dining experience and helps make it unforgettable.


The Vegaluna beach is located right on the beach o the Croisette, facing the luxurious hotels of Cannes

The restaurant is run by Chef Antoine Regnault and his team, and every season, the menu is renewed.

The menu has a special emphasis on dishes that are made of fresh ingredients which contribute to great flavor and freshness. As such, it is in osmosis with the stalls of the markets of Cannes, such as the Forville Market.

The terrace of the restaurant is equipped with foggers which refreshes you and brings down the temperature during the warm temperature in the summer, making your restaurant experience much more pleasant. The menu has a special focus on dishes of traditional Mediterranean flavors, apart from using fresh and locally produced ingredients.


This is one of the oldest, if not the oldest Cannes restaurants on the beach. In fact, L’Ondine is established for over 30 years on the famous Croisette in Cannes, and it wouldn’t have been so long-lived if it wouldn’t offer amazing food. As a result of their top-notch cuisine, L’Ondine is considered to be one of the best beach restaurants on the French Riviera, frequently cited by the big names in French gastronomy. 

Located on the marvelous Croisette, right next to the grand palaces of Cannes, L’Ondine has an ideal located for a beach restaurant, and due to its location and great reputation, it has played host to many celebrities. Distinguished and elegant, the beach restaurant is beautiful and offers a lovely atmosphere.

To ensure high-quality ingredients for its dishes, L’ondine works with a range of fishermen in the Mediterranean, as well as a number of local livestock farmers and agriculturists. 

The restaurant also sources much from the local Forville market to ensure the best possible freshness, such as seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The menu offers fresh, simple and delicious Mediterranean cooking, and in a magnificent beach setting. The beach club restaurant is open all year round, and for the colder months on the French Riviera, the restaurant is covered and has a heated terrace. It can accommodate up to 200 guests indoors, and outdoors up to 500 guests for a cocktail.

It is one of the Cannes restaurants on the beach that are perfect for, and offer to arrange private parties, weddings, beach parties, birthday parties, events, and more.

Cannes restaurants on the beach: La Mandala

The chef at this Cannes beach restaurant cooks food based on the season with ingredients that are grown locally and fresh.

The chef Jean-Pierre Caula and his team creates dishes around these ingredients and create everyday authentic dishes of great quality and inventiveness.

The restaurant can also offer you specific menus on request according to their event service. On the beach, you can enjoy food on a shaded terrace in a relaxed atmosphere and harmony.

Miramar Plage

Miramar place is highly popular during the summer and often packed with people. The restaurant is often crowded, and this because of their magnificent food.

The Chef Florian Cano and his team create dishes made with carefully selected local products every day, which combines creativity and simplicity, creating a menu that is elegant and inviting.

The Average à la carte price is €50.00, which quite expensive, but nothing out of the ordinary for à la carte when eating on one of the Cannes restaurants on the beach. This à la carte price is based on a two-course meal excluding drinks.

Miramar plage website

Plage Croisette Beach

The dishes on the menu of this restaurant can be enjoyed on the terrace or at your deckchair in the sand in a more relaxing manner, without having to leave your sun chair. The food here combines a mixture of traditional French cuisine with a blend of worldwide flavors creating a delicious result.

The ingredients used are locally produced and fresh straight from the local market so you can enjoy fresh and delicious food that reflect Provence with every dish served.

Plage Juliana

The Juliana beach restaurant in Cannes offers a unique culinary escape to the Italian and Mediterranean flavors and the scents of Provence. The cuisine is distinguished by freshly produced ingredients, home-cooked food and a wide array of dishes to choose from. The chef here has created a menu that is varied and pleases most people’s taste buds and preferences. In the dishes, you’ll find an explosion of flavors that will satisfy and impress even the best of gourmets.

The plage Juliana is yet another of the Cannes restaurants on the beach that put a special emphasis and focus on creating dishes inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine and using locally produced ingredients. The dishes pay tribute to the sea and will offer a unique experience in your mouth.

Bijou Plage

Located in the little corner between the Port Canto and Palm Beach, this beach restaurant is located on the more calmer side of the Croisette. It is a popular meet restaurant for the locals, and thus a more relaxed and calm restaurant and beach as opposed to the more touristy beaches on touristy side of the Croisette, and it is just a few minutes away from the heart of Cannes.

The restaurant has year after year been regarded as one of the best Cannes restaurants on the beach for fine dining.

Its stunning location offers beautiful views out over the Mediterranean all the way over the L’erins islands. It is open all year round, 

Tamaris Plage

This is a Cannes restaurant on the beach which is located at Pointe Croisette in Palm Beach. The restaurant and beach faces the Lérins Islands and the bay of Cannes, providing a stunning complimentary view to your meal. It is a wide panorama view. A relaxing musical atmosphere on the sand in the shade of the tamarix. The beach restaurant has a private pool and terrace where you can also enjoy a marvelous gourmet moment from their menu made up of Mediterranean flavors.

Info and reservations: +33 (0) 7 83 87 52 62 // contact@tamarisplage.com

Plage du Goéland

This is the first beach located on the Croisette when coming from the Palais des Festivals. It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and is the perfect meeting spot for convention and festival-goer.

The restaurant is open all year round 08:30-19:00.

Enjoy relaxing on a beach chair or lounger with an umbrella and friendly staff to cater to your every need. This is a delightful private beach and restaurant, open most of the year. Also the beach is open in the evenings in July and August and for private receptions.

Gotha Beach

This is a restaurant and private beach/beach club with a great energetic atmosphere. The food holds a top-notch standard but is generally a little bit pricier than many of the other Cannes beach restaurants. The sushi here is incredible quality and is definitely a recommendation if you decide to have a meal here. Gotta beach is one of the more luxurious and prestigious private beaches and restaurants on the beach in Cannes, and it is the beach where many celebrities and other personalities come to relax.

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